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Hasselblad 500C Medium Format Film Camer...
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Hasselblad 500C Medium Format Film Camera

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Hasselblad 500 C Camera Body with Waist Level Finder
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Hasselblad 500 C Camera Body with Waist Level Finder
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Product description
Product Information
The Hasselblad 500C film camera is dubbed the professional-grade workhorse camera. Zeiss optics and electronic flash synchronization accompany a one-piece all aluminum body for durability and strength. This Hasselblad medium-format film camera offers fast shutter speeds of up to 1/500 of a second. It serves as a manual and mechanical camera and uses a single-lens reflex system for consistency throughout the project at hand. Some of the key features on the Hasselblad 500C film camera include compatibility with six different film types or packs, a mechanical leaf shutter system, a mechanical shutter release, and flash synchronization. Some of the technical attributes on this Hasselblad medium-format film camera include PME metered viewfinders, a depth-of-field preview lever, EV values, and multiple exposure capabilities. Additional technical information for this Hasselblad medium-format film camera consists of manual film winding, a helicoid focusing system, mirror locking, and shutter release, as well as a weight of 7.11 lbs.

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Key Features
Camera TypeMedium Format
Film TypeMedium Format

Focus TypeManual

eBay Product ID: EPID73228840

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    Created: 02/06/11

    Legendary and easy to use, Hasselblad 500C

    This camera is legendary picture machine from Sweden manufacturer, from his creator Victor Hasselblad.
    The first version of V-system (interchangeable parts, 6x6, large overview finder of a rotating mirror-a big reflex, with exposure in the lens )
    the V-system as been used on a 500 camera with a motor drive by Nasa during Apollo 11 for taking the famous pictures of landing and exploration of the moon.

    A camera for those who really like taking quality photos in medium format (6x6) as roots as possible.
    A very strong body, with a excellent Zeiss Lens - one of best camera with one of best lens for me.
    Typical and simple way of use reflex. Very easy settings (if you know basic rules about taking photos : Focus, aperture, Exposure value, exposure time).

    4 steps How-to :
    1-set the EV in front of the red triangle (an external meter could help),
    the Aperture will be linked to exposure time, aperture blades and expo-timer are both in the lens.
    2-Just choose your aperture or exposure time
    (waist level viewfinder on a large focus glass -frenel- with a collapsible magnifying lens for perfect focus)
    No complicated settings.
    Add : you still have to do ordinary things like turn the advancing film crank, pull-off the security plate, push the release button.

    The magazine film loading may need a demonstration or an external how-to file, the first time.
    Even if this camera is old, it's very often perfectly working, rarely out of order.
    The back (film magazine) can be changed for a Polaroid (cropped picture) or a digital one.
    The original lens (Zeiss Planar 1:2.8 ƒ80mm) can be changed easily, as the viewfinder.

    Just, this camera may be too big to follow you everywhere, even with a strap it's a bit heavy.
    It's more a studio or shoot session camera.

    Reporters who need a smaller and more discrete qualty film camera may choose a 35mm rangefinder from an other legendary camera brand from Germany.

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    Created: 03/10/14

    The legend, a must-have for serious phogotaphers

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    When you buy a vintage "Hassie," qualifiers like ease of use, weight, features, are irrelevant. It's one of those purchases that you need to educate yourself into before you do it. It's all about fantastic medium format film photography. When you buy them in the $700 to $800 range like I did, it normally means they'll need a little TLC and time in the shop (preferably your local Hasselblad-authorized service shop). This one was no exception, but the diagnostic said it only needed some minor adjustments. If they're in the $1,000+ range, I would make sure they're functions work impeccably. In this case I bought two to make the best one out of them and sell the rest. I got a 1983 model as you can tell by the serial no. (http://www.hasselbladhistoric​al.eu/HT/HTDating.aspx) and this one was a 1969 500C model. By recommendation of the service shop (parts availability) I ended up reluctantly selling this one, the oldest 500C (I only needed one Hassie) to a fellow grad school student and he loves it. By what he tells me in school it would have given me as little problems as the newer one. The camera was in shape mechanically, the leatherette like new, serial numbers in magazine and insert matched, etc. Actually one didn't but works ok. Don't settle for beat up ones, unless you pay less than $700, IMHO. Normal issues: a little dirty, backs needed light seals, focus ring and aperture control needed replacements. I'm a happy camper with it. The light leaks still need a little work (sold the camera, but kept one of the backs that came with it). But after simplifying it and getting it to the basics, the images are just beautiful. It's a 20yo camera. But I love the way it feels, handles, photographs and (bonus) get a lot of compliments on it. Sometimes I just like looking at it. It's beautiful

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    Created: 05/09/12

    Doesn't get better than this

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Best deal out there! A real workhorse with everything needed to get started in MF photography, I couldn't be happier. The fact that Hassy lenses on eBay are only 10-20% their retail price new is a BIG advantage...now all I need is a darkroom....!

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    Created: 02/08/13

    rugid, reliable retro

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I've been an "Imager" since I first started working. I was a Photographers Mate in the NAVY and most of my ill spent youth was in a darkroom. Recently I've gotten unhappy with the B&W images I was getting with the digital camera so I decided to go back to my first love. I've been very happy with the rolls that I've shot and developed so far and plan to start taking scenic photos when I retire. Hasselblad has always been the "Work Horse" of the camera world and when I was starting out, I just dreamed of having a Hasselblad. Now with the reversal in cost, I can finally have my dream camera.

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    Created: 04/06/13

    It is agood product, only regreat I have is that I didn't ask more question

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I bought this camera to use for specific photos, it is true to Hasselblad standards. It has some mileage on it and needs a little attention {repairs}

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