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Halo: Combat Evolved  (PC, 2003)
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Halo: Combat Evolved (PC, 2003)

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NEW Microsoft Halo: Combat Evolved v.1.0 M61-00032
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NEW Microsoft Halo: Combat Evolved v.1.0 M61-00032
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Halo: Combat Evolved 2003 Microsoft Windows PC Computer Game Complete w/Key CIB
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Dayton, OH, USA
Halo: Combat Evolved 2003 Microsoft Windows PC Computer Game Complete w/Key CIB
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Halo: Combat Evolved (PC, 2003) Complete
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Halo: Combat Evolved  (PC, 2003) Complete
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Product Information
Halo is a futuristic first-person shooter that casts you in the role of a genetically enhanced super-soldier known only by his rank, Master Chief. The game includes a ten-level campaign playable on four difficulty settings and three multiplayer options: two-player cooperative, four-player competitive via split-screen display, and four-player competitive via System Link. Notable features include rechargeable energy shields, allowing soldiers to quickly recover from enemy damage, and the ability to drive or pilot four types of vehicles. Master Chief will also be able to use ten types of weapons on the battlefield, from assault rifles and rocket launchers to plasma grenades and shotguns.

In the most obvious sense, the "Halo" is a space station built in the shape of an enormous rotating wheel. As the wheel spins, it creates centrifugal force that mimics gravity on its inner rim. An entire world exists inside this wheel, with huge developed structures and vast, open landscapes. But something else exists in the Halo as well - something mysterious and powerful. All that is really known is that a force of alien invaders is desperate to find it and they are leaving death and destruction in the wake of their search. This mystery of Halo must be solved and the aliens must be vanquished, before they find what they are looking for and destroy us all.

Some of the basic themes and plot points in Halo may be familiar to gamers who have played Marathon, Bungie's successful first-person shooter which was released in 1992 for the Macintosh platform. Among other elements, Marathon is known for intelligent level design and a deep, intriguing story. Though Halo should not be considered a sequel to Marathon, the two share common plot elements and have related back-stories. Initial development of Halo was done simultaneously for the Macintosh, the PC, and the Xbox.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameHalo: Combat Evolved
UPC0805529466173, 805529466180

Key Features

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorBlood
Control ElementsKeyboard, Mouse
Release Year2003
Game Special Features
  • PC version of the hit Xbox game includes online multiplayer support for up to 16 combatants

  • Embark on a story-driven campaign spanning ten missions

  • Battle alien enemies or rival players in graphic resolutions up to 1600 x 1200

  • Master new weapons and vehicles, including a rocket-launcher Warthog and a flying Banshee

  • Wage war on a choice of 19 multiplayer maps, six of which are new for the PC

  • Game SeriesHalo Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID6792

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    Created: 04/13/08

    **Halo: Beginning Review **

    When you get past all of the chatter about the potential of Halo looking better on a PC, and all of the yip-yap about Halo being "just another" first person shooter, and all of the lip-flapping about Halo not being able to compete with the very best games on PS2 or GameCube and you actually sit down and play the game on your Xbox...you're in for one hell of a game.

    The only thing people need to be concerned about when it comes to Halo is how soon they're going to get it and where they're going to find the time to play. With a story good enough for a full length novel, audio and visual elements as detailed as any you've ever seen and excellent pacing, Halo is the reason for Xbox and vice versa. Bungie has brought to the Xbox the game that will prove hundreds of thousands of naysayers wrong (about the system and thegame) and bring sweet relief and joy to those who've been biting their nails and pacing in circles waiting for Microsoft's machine to arrive. Hype is one thing; reality is another; Halo on Xbox is one of the best things to happen in videogames.


    * Situational First and Third Person perspectives.
    * Role-based, cooperative multiplayer team game
    * Play story mode as a single player or cooperatively with another player.
    * Choose from a variety of conventional human and powerful alien weaponry
    * Vehicles include marine jeeps and tanks to alien flyers and hovercrafts.
    * Squad based combat.
    * Enjoy the action with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Widescreen playback features.

    The Story

    Halo takes place in the far future where mankind is locked into a brutal war against a race of aliens known as the Covenant. These dudes are seriously evil. They wipe out entire planets at a time, and they are so fast at doing so that we poor humans are unable to get much information on them before they nuke us into oblivion.

    The horde of aliens is getting closer and closer to Earth with the clock quickly ticking down before they completely annihilate our race. Finally the line is drawn. In a massive battle near a human planet, only one ship survives: Pillar of Autumn. The commander of the ship decides to lure the Covenant as far away from Earth as possible so she programs the ship's AI to jump to some random location in the opposite direction of the home system.

    Eventually the ship arrives at a distant area or space where they find both a gas giant called Threshold and its small moon known as Basis. This wouldn't be so strange except for the fact that they find a giant ring construct floating between the two objects, which is about 10,000 miles in diameter. Unfortunately for the small ship, the entire Covenant battle fleet had followed them and arrived in the system shortly before.

    When you boot up the game, you're knee deep in the middle of the Autumn being evacuated. That giant ring construct is Halo and the secret that it holds is the part of the story that will be up to you to discover.

    Before we get into the nuts and bolts of how Halo plays, I'd like to share a few of the quotes blurted out in and around the IGN offices and other places as passers-by were enraptured by a glimpse of Bungie's first person superstar.

    "Are those guys fighting with you?"

    "Drive the Jeep! I wanna see the Jeep!"

    "Damn, this feels like a movie!"

    "I thought the fun part happened already."

    "How come the enemies speak English?"

    Lol it's pretty funny and entertaining.
    Overall Rating- 10/10

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    Created: 02/21/11

    Hell of a Halo

    I never had any idea how good this game was. I'd heard about it. Downloaded the free demo. But I never really tried that hard to beat the demo. I finally beat the demo but at the "easy" level of difficulty which is hard enough. Most of the other levels of difficulty are for masochistic suicidals. Anyway, I finally beat the whole game, played it straight through, at the easy level of difficulty, and encountered only one disappointment. The Sergeant takes the Lord's name in vain when they reach the mothership. Was that really necessary. Shame on you Microsoft. I wish there were some add-on or hack that would eliminate any cursing from the game. This might not bother anyone else but it does bother people more sensitive to this sort of thing. I cannot move on to other releases like Halo 2 or Halo 3 for this reason, I know I'll only get more of the same. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. So, now that that is said, I'll discuss the game itself. The music is truly great. When the action is about to pick up you'll hear it thundering getting you psyched up for an wild encounter. There are so many levels I wondered when it would end. Just when I thought the game was over it went in a whole new direction, taking me by surprise. And I never ever expected to be "flooded" by creatures beyond description. Well done, boys, great story-telling. You have convinced me that yes, movies are now over, and the future is indeed gaming. I can see now why games are making more money than films. I would never have understood the ending of the film "Doom" if I had no played the game. Fatalistic to perfection. When you reach the last level of the Doom game, the ultimate surprise -- surrounded by more demons that you can possibly beat. And I learned that about Doom by playing it at its easiest level of difficulty (of course). Leave me alone. Anyway, in Halo, you get to shoot creatures off their flying vehicles and fly the vehicle yourself, you get to ride hogs, which are super-duper military jeep with gun turrets, you can grab alien weapons and use them against the alien enemy. The sets are excellently designed, the creatures are fantastic, some cute others scary. There are creatures that run around like Predators using invisibility shields, you can see their edges if you're not moving too fast. But don't worry, you'll know they are there when they try to kill you. The trick is to sweep the area in front of you until you hear them scream with pain, or their invisibility shield flickers a bit, or they just shut off and you see them drop dead in front of you. Man you won't believe the wild ride ahead of you. When you get to that final tunnel at the end, it's almost impossible to figure out how to traverse it. You'll get a surprise right out of the movie "Aliens", I won't say what it is, but it'll make your heart sink like the Titanic and your hope will fail, taking a nose dive right into hell. But don't give up hope. Keep trying. You can beat it. It's possible. At the easy level of difficulty that is. You'll love the quips, the wisecracks your comrades in battle speak. Some even speak with Spanish accents. They are both clever and funny and remind one of things said in Aliens. "A one way roller coaster to hell!" "You want some more of this?" "Marines, we are out of here!" It's lines like that last line that really creep me out, and get my nervous energy rolling. I don't like being told I don't have much time left. Don't rush me. It's not polite.

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    Created: 04/17/10

    Great Game!

    The interface is great. The in the action feel makes for some intense game play. I really enjoy the fact that each level provides a new setting and new experience. The controls are easy enough for my kids yet provide full control over the weapons and vehicles. The PC interface is actually better than the XBOX controls.

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    Created: 07/18/09

    a classic and still holding its own

    well this is a re buy for me i wore out my first copy!! the fact that i bought it twice says a lot for this this game! just cant be without a copy when i need to go replay the original, it was a masterpiece for its time and even today its well worth playing, the campaign is great with a rich story line and exciting game play! the online is also a blast i highly recommend you buy this in particular if you have not yet played it, and on the pc you get the extra precision of mouse and keyboard, but halo ce did bring shooters to a controller better than ever before, also it will run nicely on even a modest pc buy today's standard
    and the price is dirt cheap for what you get! if you like shooters and halo2 & 3
    your not going to be dissapointed snag a copy see you online!!!

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    Created: 12/10/07

    PC version - review 1

    Hello I'll be reviewing Halo: Combat Evolved for Xbox and pc.

    This is one of the few epic games that have been released ever. This game has good a.i., story board and game play. Halo was announced in 1999 as a 3rd person shooter (with more weapons) on the pc and Mac but because it took so long to make it, it was ported on the Xbox in 2001. Fans were pleased. What most made this game one of the best was multiplayer mode, which people with Xbox live could battle each other via the internet. The campaign mode was also one of the best because of 4 different difficulty levels, easy - for first timers, normal - for people who want a little bit of a challenge, heroic - for people who want to be brave and legendary - for people who want to play in a heck like difficulty. About half way through the game when people were fighting the covenant they encountered a new foe, the flood. When I saw this I was amazed at what halo had done. Then in 2003 came the pc port for Halo which included 6 new multiplayer maps and you didn't need Xbox live to play online. The a.i. is good too, because when an enemy sees you, you might want to take cover because he'll call his buddy's to come and fight too. The story is one of the best also because it has sad & awesome moments and oh no what happened moments.

    That is what makes this game one of the greatest anyone has ever played.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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