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Halo 3: Spanish Edition  (Xbox 360, 2007...
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Halo 3: Spanish Edition (Xbox 360, 2007)

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Halo 3: Spanish Edition (Xbox 360, 2007) New Sealed Game
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Halo 3: Spanish Edition  (Xbox 360, 2007) New Sealed Game
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Halo 3 (Xbox 360, 2007)
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Halo 3 (Xbox 360, 2007)
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Halo 3 Xbox 360 COMPLETE
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Halo 3 Xbox 360 COMPLETE
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Halo 3 (xbox 360) Complete! Ships Fast!
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Halo 3 (xbox 360) Ships Fast!
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Halo 3 (xbox 360) Ships Fast!
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Product description

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Product Information
After two chartbusting efforts on Xbox, the enigmatic, genetically enhanced Spartan soldier known as Master Chief makes his highly anticipated Xbox 360 debut in Halo 3. The sci-fi shooter picks up where Halo 2 abruptly left off: The Covenant is continuing its plans to activate the Halo super-weapon and obliterate the galaxy; Earth is in utter disarray with only a few remnants of its armies intact; and the Flood grows stronger and more aggressive with each passing day. Your mission, as Master Chief, is to repel the Flood's advances, save Earth, and stop the Covenant -- no matter what the cost.

Halo 3 offers a solo campaign, cooperative play, and multiplayer action via Xbox Live, system link, or split-screen display. The cinematic storyline introduces new characters, weapons, and mission objectives, with the enemy AI offering distinct fighting styles, tactics, and even personalities, all while trying to rip your armored space suit into pieces. Familiar weapons such as the Needler have been upgraded and are joined with all-new armaments, including massive support weapons (such as a missile pod or turret) that switch the default perspective to a third-person view, chargeable lasers, and a gun that shoots out metal spikes. Players can also protect themselves with bubble shields, reach high places with portable gravity lifts, disrupt motion tracking with radar jammers, and more.

Vehicles are also a big part of the action, with redesigned favorites and new class types entering the fray, such as the speedy but fragile Mongoose. The matchmaking service introduced in Halo 2 will once again bring similarly skilled Xbox Live players together, albeit with more customization options and a new streamlined interface. Players can still enter multiple lobbies, veto certain maps or game types, and so forth, but now they can instantly form parties with people they've just met for future matches, watch videos of completed games to learn techniques of the top Halo players, view detailed stats and rankings updated in real-time, and squelch certain voices from being broadcast to their headsets.

This edition presents the complete game in Spanish.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
PublisherMicrosoft Game Studios
GameHalo 3: Spanish Edition
UPC0882224482417, 882224444477, 882224508056

Key Features
PlatformXbox 360

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorBlood and Gore, Mild Language, Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-4
Release Year2007
Game Special Features
  • Final game in the Halo trilogy offers new weapons, vehicles, level types, and other surprises

  • Multiplayer game types include Assault, Capture the Flag, VIP, Territories, King of the Hill, Rumble Pit, and more

  • Compete in games over Xbox Live to improve your overall ranking, then watch video replays of completed matches

  • Game SeriesHalo Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID53698689

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    Created: 04/13/08

    **Awesome Halo 3 In-Depth Review**

    After stowing away on a Forerunner spacecraft, the now iconic figure of the early 21st century pop culture, Master Chief, must make his way back to our neck of the woods - planet Earth. He must stop the army of alien zealots, known as the Covenant, who converge around their spiritual leader, the Prophet of Truth.

    Let's play a little game called "Lob A Grenade!"

    "We go left." Right. "Left." Right.

    This chapter in the Halo history reaches its climax as Cortana, Spartan's ethereal female companion, is held captive by the Flood's intelligent embodiment, Gravemind. The Arbiter, leading the "freed" aliens alongside Master Chief must stop the Prophet from firing the Halo rings. Together, they must also eradicate the Flood infection once and for all.

    After finishing the single-player campaign in Halo 3, one cannot help but feel as if we've come to the end of a trilogy. Was this the plan after the first Halo came out? I am not sure about that. Has this been the plan since the conception of Halo 2? One can be absolutely sure of this.

    And so, with the cliffhanger ending in Halo 2, Bungie deliberately left a lot of things unsaid. They left the players guessing for three years almost. In Halo 3, you can sense that the team had a strong desire to complete this chapter, to let it come full circle.

    In that sense, even though the campaign starts in medias res so to speak, the tag-line "Finish the Fight," truly becomes the main theme of the third installment in the series. In fact, once you've completed the story, "Finish the Fight," changes into "Finished the Fight," on your Halo 3 menu screen. As if to accentuate even further that things will come to a climactic resolution.

    Additionally, there are a few notable signs that have happened "behind the scenes" that serve as further proof of this. Many of you have surely heard Halo 3 being referenced as Halo 2.5. When we look at the player models and even the AI, technically, it's clear that Bungie hasn't built a new engine from scratch. Halo 3 quite certainly uses a modified version of the Halo 2(1?) code, and although it carries many technological improvements, one cannot escape the feeling that the programmers have just about squeezed the last drop out of a code that's getting a little long in the tooth.

    Don't get me wrong though, we are talking solely about the technical side of things, and even on this front, Bungie has done a lot to make this game feel next-gen. To start with, the levels with dense jungle vegetation show off just how far they've pushed the tech. Fancy soft body physics are at work here, coupled with a clever use of advanced pixel shader effects. On the other hand, the character models look dated, with rigid facial animation that offsets the advancements made in the rendering of the environment, and especially in the lighting.

    Speaking of which, the HDR lighting is put to amazing use in Halo 3. Bungie does the most spectacular job of leading the player through dimly lit and narrow indoor areas and then overwhelming us with sprawling, sun-lit landscapes since Valve's Half-Life 2.

    Furthermore, the physics calculations and all they entail become an integral part of the gameplay; as you would expect in any next-gen shooter.
    Overall Rating- 13/10 (Oh Yeah!)

    6 of 6 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 12/09/07

    Simply stunning.

    Halo 3 lives up to every bit of its ever-expanding reputation. However, a few small disappointments chip away at the game’s shot at perfection.

    Every enemy type from the first two Halo games returns here smarter than ever, especially on Legendary difficulty. Since Elites are now your friends (the Arbiter and two generic Elites fill out a four-player co-op team), you won’t be fighting this classic enemy. Brutes do take on some Elite traits, like cloaking and their own answer to the Plasma Sword – a Gravity Hammer. However, an advanced form of a certain enemy group near the end proves to be the most challenging adversary.

    Almost all of the old weapons are back (assault rifle ftw!) in addition to more new guns than ever. I especially like the detachable turrets, even if they do slow you down a little. A new power-up slot spices up the traditional melee, guns, and grenades mix. The Mongoose and Chopper complement previous Halo vehicles well, but the best addition is a powerful UNSC answer to the Banshee.

    Halo 3’s multiplayer has really outdone itself this time. Countless modes and variants always keep the 11 maps fresh. In addition to standard modes like capture the flag, deathmatch, and king of the hill, several new creative modes abound – an especially cool one makes 25 percent of players “zombies” with plasma swords who must “infect” the remaining players.

    The Forge is basically “modding lite” and makes the already expansive multiplayer even more unlimited. At any time during these unranked matches players can turn into a Monitor and add, move, or remove any object in the game. This can be a collaborative creation process, or you can have just one person with editing capabilities serve as a multiplayer DM of sorts. Think of what can happen during a heated battle when the editor decides to drop a Scorpion tank right in the middle of the fray.
    Four-player co-op is fun as hell. Playing on Legendary is definitely a must, but even this extreme single-player challenge is severely watered down when you introduce other players. There’s also an unlockable campaign scoring system based on kills, headshots, and difficulty setting that can be enacted in single player and co-op. Online leaderboards provide a great incentive to come back to the campaign again and again like never before.

    I also really dug the new Theater feature. It basically auto saves your last 25 campaign levels or multiplayer matches and allows you to watch them from any player perspective or from a floating camera, edit clips, take screens, and send them through Xbox Live. After playing around with this you’ll want it in every game.

    However, Halo 3 does have a few small problems that are primarily located in the campaign. First off, full on boss battles are noticeably absent. Sure, you’ll fight a few massive enemies, but none of them really feel like a true boss. And the last major fight is more like a quick interactive cutscene than a knock-down, drag-out fight. This is especially disappointing because there is one obvious candidate Bungie could have used and didn’t. Also, there is plenty of trudging back and forth through the same environments in addition to the whole “Okay, we deactivated this tower. Now let’s take care of the next one with the exact same layout.” There are a few other nitpicky issues I have, but these are all relatively minor when you look at the big picture.

    Overall, Bungie has crafted another masterpiece that serves as a fitting end

    8 of 9 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 01/30/09

    Finish the Fight... And enjoy it!

    HALO 3 Review
    >>> Gameplay: SP:(9.75/10) / MP:(10/10)

    >Singleplayer: 9.75/10
    Enemies are smart, numerous and fierce. For players brand new to First Person Shooters, easy difficulty will enable them to quickly get acquainted with the game, while Normal, Heroic and Legendary provide varying levels of challenge for more experienced players. Taking down certain enemies is something like a more complicated version of rock, paper, scissors, as most are resistant to certain armaments and weak to others, providing a wonderful wealth of variety throughout. The only complaint I can hope to level at this section of the game is that most of its truly large scale battles are vehicle heavy, rather than infantry engagements.

    >Multiplayer: 10/10
    With the massive variety of maps and gametypes in HALO 3's Multiplayer, it's no wonder that an average of more than 300,000 gamers are online, facing off against and alongside each other on its virtual battlegrounds. Players are provided with both ranked and social matches, each including team and free for all playlists.

    >>> Controls: 10/10
    Halo 3's controls are as smooth as butter. Though slightly different from most FPS control schemes, the position of each control, be it reloading or jumping, rapidly becomes second nature to most people.

    >>> Sound: 10/10
    HALO 3's masterful sound library was assembled largely under the watchful eye of Martin O'donnel. Dialogue lines are delivered in a convincing manner, many of which are intentionally humorous. Sound effects allow you to pick up on subtle cues, for instance, a seasoned player can tell the difference between each weapon being reloaded, purely by its sound. The game's soundtrack is also fantastic, setting the perfect mood at nearly every point.

    >>> Story: 10/10
    HALO 3 has one of the most creative and intricate plot-lines of almost any game I've ever seen or played. Obviously, the story will be far more meaningful to those who have played the first two games, but raw recruits to the series can still pick up on the goings on.

    >>> Additional aspect: Forge: 10/10
    While some have leveled the complaint that the forge isn't a map maker, it should be understood that it was never intended to be. Bungie designed the forge as a map editor. However, with a little creativity and the help of some rather fortuitous glitches, many people have been able to turn the forge into an actual map maker, check out the HALO 3 community, 'Forgehub' to see a few examples.

    >>>Additional aspect: Theater: 9.5/10
    Pretty much the only problem I can think of with HALO 3's Theater feature is that you cannot rewind saved films of campaign missions. Every multiplayer and forge film can be rewound, however, and players can save clips of events funny, spectacular or mundane. Players even pause the film and fly their camera around to take screen shots.

    >>>Graphics: 9.75/10
    (unless the graphics of a game are either superlatively terrible or unspeakably fantastic, I do not average this score into the overall total)
    Halo 3's visual component is subtly stylized. Environments, weapons, vehicles, and characters are all fantastic to look at, with a few human faces and even fewer textures being below the game's overall visual character.

    >>>Overall: 10/10
    Bungie's latest masterwork is triumph among games. From its gorgeous visuals to its fluid gameplay, HALO 3 provides an excellent, adaptive challenge at every turn. Don't miss one of the finest experiences in gaming.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 03/29/11

    Halo 3

    The gameplay of Halo 3 builds upon the previous iterations of the franchise; it is a first-person shooter which takes place on foot, but also includes segments focused on vehicular combat, with the ability to change between the two at will. The balance of weapons and objects in the game was adjusted to better adhere to what Bungie Studios Multiplayer Designer Lars Bakken describes as the "Golden Triangle of Halo". These are "weapons, grenades, and melee", which are available to a player in most situations. Halo 3 contains the ability to dual-wield, where a player forgoes grenades and melee attacks in favor of the combined firepower of two weapons simultaneously. Most weapons available in previous installments of the series return with minor cosmetic and power alterations. Unlike previous installments, the player's secondary weapon is visible on their player model, holstered or slung across the player's back. Halo 3 introduces "support weapons", which are exceptionally large, powerful, and cumbersome two-handed weapons which drastically limit the player's normal combat options and slow them significantly, but offer greatly increased firepower in return. In addition to weapons, the game contains a new class of usable items called Equipment; these items are found in the game world and have various effects and functions, ranging from defensive screens to shield regeneration and flares. Only one piece of equipment can be carried at a time. The game's vehicular component has been expanded with new drivable and A.I.-only vehicles. Halo 3 also adds new features not directly related to gameplay. One such feature, known as Forge, is a map-editing tool that enables players to insert and remove game objects, such as weapons and crates, into existing multiplayer maps. Almost all weapons, vehicles, and interactive objects can be placed and moved on maps with Forge. Players can enter Forge games and edit and manipulate objects in real time. A budget limits the amount of objects that can be placed. Another new feature are 'Saved films', which allows players to save up to 100 films of gameplay to their Xbox 360's hard drive, viewing the action from any angle and at different speeds. The Saved Films are only game data (not an actual video) and this allows the file sizes to be smaller than a true recording. All games are recreated in real-time on the Xbox 360 using the Halo 3 engine. Halo 3 offers a form of file sharing, where items such as saved films, screenshots, and custom variants can all be uploaded to the 'File Share'. Anyone can browse user created content that has been uploaded to Bungie's website on a personal computer and tag it to automatically download to their console next time they sign into Xbox Live on Halo 3.
    Over its nine levels, Halo 3's campaign concludes the storyline of the Halo trilogy. The campaign can be played through alone, with two-players on one Xbox 360, or played cooperatively with up to three other players locally or via Xbox Live or System Link. Instead of having each player be an identical Spartan as in previous Halo games, the first player plays as Master Chief, the second player plays as the Arbiter and the other two players control two other Elites; N'tho 'Sraom and Usze 'Taham, each with their own backstories. No matter which character is played, each player has identical abilities, though their starting weapons vary.

    Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 09/26/07

    Halo 3 - The game every XBOX 360 owner should have

    Graphics: Breathtaking 9.5/10
    The graphics great. The rumors of an upgraded Halo 2, or Halo 2 like graphics is not true. With smooth framerates and stunning effects, you will be taken aback. Take some time to watch the backgrounds and environments and the detail of that went into these levels. This is after you clear everything that moves.

    Sound: Amazing – 10/10
    The sounds, music, effects, and voices take you immediately into the game. Surround sound is a must so you can hear the shots, shouts, and footsteps of the your opponents in this game. The score for this game heightens you senses, and truly brings you into the game.

    Gameplay: Spectacular – 9/10
    Smooth animations, large levels, smart enemies and A.I., big battles, and 4-player co-op = awesome. Without giving anything away, this is some great storytelling that gives way to some genuine wow moments.

    Replay Value – Amazing 10/10
    Multiplayer. That is all I have to say. This game has high replay value. Choose which way you would like to play online, but with the achievements, future downloadable content, 4-player co-op, and with over 1 million copies pre-ordered, and 4 million copies on retailers shelves in the first week, there will always be someone to play with.

    Overall – Perfect 9.5/10
    I am a fan of First-Person-Shooters (FPS) and all that is associated with them. I enjoy the emersion, and critique them heavily. This game allows you to “finish the fight”, but this game is so much more. The campaign brings closure, but it is the multiplayer aspect that will revolutionize XBOX Live and online gaming as we know it.

    Halo 3 is Bungie’s 3-year project and baby, with unlimited resources from Microsoft, that was made to send Microsoft’s XBOX 360 to the next level, and it was worth the wait and money. With over 1 million pre-orders, this epic tale concludes with the highest pre-orders of a game to date. This game in campaign feels, and plays near perfect, and allows veterans and newcomers alike to enjoy and truly experience this game. The story line finishes up the previous two games, and is just long enough to make it feel right, and not dragged out. It took approximately 8.5 hours to beat it on legendary difficulty. It may be a bit shorter, though this was played immediately after a midnight sale of this game. The co-op was well done, and creates a new feel for campaign FPS games. I look forward to the future where this will be the standard in playing games.

    The online is well done. Halo 3 has once again set the standard of what an online matchmaking/playing system should be. Putting together fun maps, objectives, and customizable Advatars, this game will appeal to the “newbie”, as well as the everyday online Halo player. With the Halo 2 system being overhauled, and the Bungie stat-tracker updated, this game will quickly become the number one game on XBOX Live.

    I could write a five page review on this game, the battles, the enemies, weapons, and AI, but it still would not do it justice. If you have an XBOX 360, you should buy this, and buy it now. If you have thought about getting an XBOX 360, this would be the reason to get one. Does it live up to the hype? I don’t think anything could have lived up to the hype that is game received. This game was praised as the second coming, but what it is one of the best games of 2007, and is beautiful and fun to play.

    49 of 65 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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