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HTC Touch Pro 2
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HTC Touc...
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HTC Touch Pro 2 - Black (Sprint) Smartphone

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HTC Touch Pro 2 Black Clean ESN For (Sprint) Windows Smart Phone Full Keyboard!
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HTC Touch Pro 2  Black Clean ESN For (Sprint) Windows Smart Phone Full Keyboard!
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Product description
  • Straight Talk
  • Speak out when it matters
  • Speakerphone innovation
  • Conference calls ... made easy
Product Information
Powered by 528 MHz ARM 11 processor and Qualcomm MSM7200A chipset, the HTC Touch Pro2 is an excellent combination of speed and performance. Shoot your memorable moments and share them with your friends instantly with the video messaging feature of this HTC 512MB smartphone phone. Featuring a 3.2 mega pixel camera, this HTC cell phone lets you capture amazing pictures with crystal clear clarity and detail. The high resolution touchscreen of this HTC 512MB smartphone ensures easy navigation and access to the application. The QWERTY keyboard of this HTC cell phone makes typing on the screen easy and convenient. With 3G connectivity, the HTC Touch Pro2 offers instant access to the internet, thus making it easy to send messages and e-mails.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Family LineHTC Touch Pro
UPC4000001302, 4710937329636, 821793034030

Key Features
Storage Capacity512 MB
Network Generation3G
Network TechnologyCDMA2000 1X, EVDO
BandCDMA2000 1X 1900/800
Camera3.2 MP

Supported Flash Memory CardsMicroSDHC

Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity1500 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 240 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 336 hr

Display TechnologyLCD display
Diagonal Screen Size3.6 in.
Display Resolution800 x 480 pixels

Other Features
Touch ScreenYes
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardYes
Email AccessYes
Internet BrowserYes

Height4.57 in.
Depth0.67 in.
Width2.32 in.
Weight6.28 oz

eBay Product ID: EPID100047518

Reviews & Research

CNET Editors' reviewExcellent


    The HTC Touch Pro2 features a sharp, spacious touch screen and an easy-to-use full QWERTY keyboard. The Windows Mobile smartphone also includes conference call management tools for business users and offers good call quality. It also has 3G support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.


    The smartphone is heavy and bulky. Onboard memory is low, and we would have liked an upgraded camera. It's a bit pricey.


    Though hefty in size and price, the HTC Touch Pro2 offers T-Mobile's business customers a powerful smartphone with robust messaging, voice capabilities, and a slick user interface.

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Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 05/25/10

Dream device

What I am extremely pleased with the phone, it is the fact that he almost cast. The only thing that stands out - a removable cover that conceals slots for SIM cards and memory cards. Oh, and battery, of course. At the touch - the body, a nice plastic rear cover - metal. Lies in the hand like a glove, but people with small hands is unlikely to be the phone easy to use with one hand. We'll have to use the HD2, as Sony PSP. It seems to me that the size of the phone is already greater than those that are convenient for most users.

However, it is more geared to men with large hands and toes. Either it should be regarded as a working tool, which because of its large work area is just more convenient. In general, before purchasing the phone to decide what you will do with it. If only for the calls - it you do not need (and costly it is). But if for multimedia, mobile network use for reading mail and document processing - it's the best option of those that are currently on the market. Phones with bigger screens are not, but carry a netbook, or, worse, the laptop - not always convenient. And the possibility is not always there.

The body does not mark, in contrast to the screen.

You understand that the screen diagonal of 4.3 inches - is a great boon for young rangers. Screen Mara, modern, "almost besknopochnyh, phones there's no escape, unfortunately.

But the rest - the screen went out just enchanting, and, incidentally, is the first phone in the world with a capacitive screen on operating systems, windows phone. Screen HD2 has excellent color and contrast (bright and juicy colors). Eyes from the screen does not get tired, even if you look at it for several hours without a break (to test, so test - is not it?). It may not look compressed video without experiencing the problems that will be missed some small details (for example, the most common dvd-rip a weight of 700 megabytes - the truth is to recognize that this is not only the merit of the screen, of course). He played very well. Believe me, the usual maze (well, on gyroscopes which tied) brings much more fun at a big screen. Large control buttons, just below my fairly meaty fingers. With a comfortable read (very comfortable, it is worth noting - he, though not completely, but it is quite capable of replacing the single-reading room).

The operating system itself adjusts the brightness of the screen, if displayed corresponding checkbox in the settings. Or you can force yourself to cool fire phone to show himself in all its beauty. The reason, in fact, very banal. With the active use of the phone, or rather the screen, battery lives a little less than a day. If you reduce the temperature by placing the maximum brightness, for example, 70-75%, the lifetime of the phone is increasing almost at times.

But the maximum brightness, so surely, will come in handy when using the navigation software, in particular pre-package of "Navitel", which I also used a bit (gave me a key). But more about that later.

In the car phone on the charge, and maximum brightness is not excessive, in sunny weather, for example.

By my calculations, the battery life of the following conditions:
1. Brightness - 70%
2. 30-35 minutes of talk time a day;
3. 10-15 SMS per day;
4. 40-70 twitter messages per day;
5. Two hours of listening a day;

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Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 05/06/11

Touch Pro 2 - A Work Horse. Not The Fastest But Still Pulls A Load.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This full physical QWERTY Windows phone is still a good choice even years after its initial release. Powered by a Qualcomm 7200A 528 MHz processor backed up with 256 MB of usable RAM this device is ready to handle your communication chores. It makes excellent use of what it has.

The key is the full physical QWERTY keyboard. I have struggled with the keyboard on the Nokia N900 for a year and a half. I fell in love with the HTC implementation of this feature almost immediately. Large keys, good travel and excellent feedback make it stand out. Having a full five rows also makes it stand out. Visual indicators of use of the Shift and ALT key - super!

Next cool feature - The screen tilts up at an angle so you can look at it comfortably. The hinge has a solid feel to it and the screen stays put when you adjust it. The screen has a 480 x 800 resolution. It looks good. It is plenty bright, at times too bright. I had to adjust it down for some uses.

The basic phone functions are all well attended to. Solid microphone and ear piece. Noise cancellation on the speaker phone. A mute button on the speaker phone is also cool.

Office Mobile is one of the best features of this phone. I am able to e-mail files from work to my phone and then review, edit and save them at my leisure. There is a free upgrade to Office Mobile 2010 available once I loaded the Marketplace app.

Internet Explorer Mobile is a disappointment. At 480 x 800 I expected better rendering of websites with a lot less scrolling about to read. If anything is crying out for improvement on this device it is IE Mobile.

The touch screen is the main interface for the phone. I have used more sensitive touch screens. This one is resistive which means it is stylus friendly, fingernail friendly and fairly accurate. Portrait and landscape on-screen keyboards are available for most programs that need input. I find most of my frustration with this device comes from having to double or triple touch an icon to get some action. (This does not apply to the keyboards.) Sometimes that leads to activating the subsequent icon and then you have to navigate backward to get to what you wanted to do in the first place. The screen is flush to the sides of the device making scratches and mars inevitable. This is the second weakest point on this device.

The weakest point on this device is headphone jack, data port, charging port. They are all the same unprotected port. To listen with headphones while hooked up to the charger or computer you need a dongle about the size of a matchbox that plugs into the multi-port and then you plug into the dongle. The port also takes a proprietary 11 pin miniUSB cable. A regular miniUSB will do for charging and data transfer. The extra pins allow you to do all the stuff that should be on separate ports through this one port.

Internet Connectivity is easy via WCDMA Band IV or via wireless g connection. Most encryption schemes are supported so you can browse via your home or work network securely. Entering the passkey via the full keyboard is a snap. While you are on the Internet you can download your e-mails from work, or home, gmail, AOL, Yahoo and any SMTP/POP e-mail provider.

The camera is passable, as is the media player. I am used to the Nokia N900 so the size and heft of this was no surprise to me. If you are adapted to a Galaxy S you will notice the weight and thickness immediately. The battery cover is too easy to remove, falls off at times.

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Created: 03/02/10


Very happy with this phone as I bought it for use with T-Mobile and did not want a data plan (WiFi to me is a must). And the fact that it has Windows 6.5 with Microsoft Office is another superb feature of this phone. The superb pros outweigh the cons, hence my 5 star rating! Below I list the Pros and Cons:
1) WiFi (a must have when you do not want a costly data plan).
2) Wonderful FM radio with great reception.
3) Perfect size - compact phone but not too small.
4) GREAT 2.8" screen, clear and easy to read.
5) Wonderful Google maps.
6) Screen has lots of "bounce" easy to scroll up and down on the Internet.
7) Love Windows 6.5!
8) Friendly home screen with easy menu bar at the bottom.
9) Like the zoom feature at the bottom of the screen.
10)Peppy and zippy smart phone!
11) You Tube app, Google Maps app that is awesome, Facebook app!
12)Best of all: 3.5" headphone jack! (About time HTC)!
13) Just add any sim card and this phone is ready to go. I added my T-Mobile card and the phone works just perfectly!
14) User friendly phone with a built in onscreen QWERTY keyboard.
15) When on the internet, there is a zoom feature up to 200% for easy viewing of standard web pages and super viewing of mobile web pages.

1) Somewhat low screen resolution, however, the screen is bright and detailed and very clear and easy to read.
2) Wish the screen was 3.0" to 3.4", but still I like the compact size of this phone and the fact that it is pocket/purse friendly and very lightweight!
Superb phone, I love it!
*Be prepared to purchase another home adapter for USA as mine came with the European adapter, however, I had an extra HTC Micro home adapter on hand so no problem.

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Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 02/17/13

Powerful Smart Phone!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: HTC Touch Pro 2 - Black (Sprint) Smartphone

The good side: I loved the size! I am into big things, big car, big phone, big bicep (I own one haha) The HTC Touch Pro2 for Sprint offers a huge gorgeous touch screen, a spacious keyboard, and a 3.5 millimeter jack. The Windows Mobile device also features world-roaming capabilities, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. It's extremely high-resolution for the size. The keyboard is awesome. HTC also did a spectacular job of making Windows Mobile usable with your finger by way of the TouchFLO 3D interface. There is a stylus included that slides nicely into the bottom of the phone, but I've found that I rarely need to pull it out.
The bad side: The phone is kind of expensive. GPS was a bit slow. It doesn’t do a very good job of streaming videos. I hear lots of people saying it’s bulky and doesn’t fit in your pocket and all that stuff. That is kind of right but it should not be considered as a pain in the back. The other bad thing about the phone is that I don’t have it anymore
The bottom line: Despite the jaw-dropping price tag, the HTC Touch Pro2 is a powerful smartphone that delivers in performance and features to make it one of the best devices for Sprint's business customers.

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Created: 05/27/11

great features for the price

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: HTC Touch Pro 2 - Black (Sprint) Smartphone

I have 4 of these phones. Most from eBay. The great thing is that with Sprint you can get a "data pack" for only $15/month that gives full Web access and other things. But you do not get TV or car navigation for that price.

If you look on YouTube, there are good sections on how to disassemble the unit and replace the parts. My son and daughter have really hurt these units before they started using the LCD protectors. So I have had to replace keyboards, glass panel (known as the digitizer) and am currently waiting for an LCD screen to get the backlight to work. The neat thing is that with Voice Recognition Input that I can say the same or number in the Contact List and have it auto dial the person when the display or keyboard stops working. This really helps extend the life of the unit until I can get a replacement part. The camera on this unit has full auto focus and really helps capture business cards so I don't need to enter the info myself. That is a great timesaver.

I am working on getting the GPS Lat.,Long. out of the system so Google Maps can see where I am and direct me to my desired location. That will save $10/month in navigation fees. Only wish the unit had capacitive input so you could zoom in on Web pages easier than using the zoom bar at bottom of screen.

Bottom Line: a great unit which can normally be had used on eBay for around $105 these days.

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