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HTC Tilt Tilt
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HTC Tilt...
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HTC Tilt Tilt - Black (AT&T) Smartphone

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HTC Tilt 8925 - Black (AT&T) Smartphone
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Sunnyvale, CA, USA
HTC Tilt 8925 - Black (AT&T) Smartphone
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Product description
  • Straight talk
  • Speak out when it matters
  • Speakerphone innovation
  • Conference calls - made easy
Product Information
The HTC Tilt is a compact and powerful smartphone suitable for people on the move. Running on the Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS, this HTC cell phone supports installation of a wide range of applications. You can compose messages easily and quickly on the HTC Tilt, thanks to its slide-out QWERTY keypad. Stream your favorite movies, videos, and music at high speeds, as this phone supports 3G. Surf the Internet on the move with the Wi-Fi connectivity support on this HTC cell phone. Additionally, this Windows smartphone has built-in GPS receiver that offers navigational assistance to help you reach your desired destination. What’s more, you can capture actions wherever you go using the 3 MP camera of this HTC cell phone.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
MPN 1060009
Family LineHTC Tilt
UPC821793000585, 899794003942

Key Features
Storage Capacity256 MB
Network Generation3G
Network TechnologyGSM / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA / GPRS
BandGSM 850/900/1800/1900 HSPA/WCDMA (UMTS) 850/1900/2100
Camera3.0 MP

Supported Flash Memory CardsMicroSD

Battery TypeLithium Ion Polymer
Battery Capacity1350 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 240 min
Battery Recharge Time3 hour(s)
Battery Standby TimeUp to 192 hr

Display TechnologyLCD display
Diagonal Screen Size2.8 in.
Display Resolution240 x 320 pixels
Color Depth16-bit (65000 colors)

Other Features
Touch ScreenYes
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardYes
Email AccessYes
Internet BrowserYes

Height4.41 in.
Depth0.75 in.
Width2.32 in.
Weight6.7 oz

Release Date2007

eBay Product ID: EPID99982982

Reviews & Research

CNET Editors' reviewGood


    The AT&T Tilt features a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard and a tilting screen. The Windows Mobile 6 smartphone also offers the full gamut of wireless options, including 3G and GPS, push e-mail, a 3-megapixel camera, and support for AT&TMusic and Video.


    Speakerphone quality wasn't the greatest, and talk-time battery life was on the shorter side. The Tilt was sluggish at times, and picture quality was subpar. We also had problems acquiring a GPS fix.


    The AT&T Tilt promises to be the carrier's most powerful smartphone for business users with its full range of wireless options, Windows Mobile 6, and innovative tilt screen.

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Created: 01/29/11

Best smart phone ever?

After the frustration with the Hero, I wanted a better android phone, since I'm pretty familiar with the HTC sense and interface, therefore , I decide to look for another one from the manufacturer of HTC,after read all the reviews of the EVO 4g , also, my nephew , also have one,and then later I found out , his brother also have one, since it's long way till our contract expired from Sprint,which doesn't qualified for a upgrading, hence this purchase from ebay.I did, want to refused the purchase, but it's only fair and to all ebay users, that both sides agree.I should never have done that, because this is probably, the greatest gadget , phone, toy , etc, you will see today, until some others come along.Why, compare to the Hero, which slow and momentarily freeze sometimes(unless you only use as a phone),stock or rooted.Well, it has to beexpected, because this baby, have almost twice the power , and the 2.2 update, I meant is almost a micro netbook in disguise, pardon my expression !This thing even faster than my 3 gig desktop, for surfing on the net! and that big screen, that's why I didn't go for Iphone, no matter how prettier, or more responsive it is, bigger screen, that is, is better.As for the rating , well, this thing gobble on batteries, unless you don't play around it too much, but with all that power, it is too be expected.Also, the control touch screen is less responsive than the Iphone, but only a tad less and required a soft touch, from my experience.By the way,even 4g not available at my area, somehow, it seem faster! weird!

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Created: 04/08/11

Everything I expected is there.

I had HTC Touch Pro with Windows Mobile 6 before so it was like a quantum leap to another era. I am amazed of in how such short time, phones can develop in such a fast pace. Even though I liked my previous tiny "fatso" alot, the HTC I had before had serious overheating issues, with WiFi on it lasted about an hour, GPS signals were a headache and screen sensitivity was not even comparable.
The new G2 (or Vision/Desire Z) impressed me from the start. I had never used Android system before but within days I had all set up I needed. For travelling Google maps is a joke for a mobile person in Europe unless you want some huge phone bills so I use Sygic. I get a fix in seconds, see the direction I am facing and finding places is so easy. For sports I have Runkeeper and love how the phone now is my everyday companion in tracking my speed and results and does not run out of juice or into problems while doing so. To make the battery last though I had to tinker the processor to run in low speed while screen is off, so it does help alot. All depends of how much you use the phone, it can last in my case for days if I only use it for calling. Once you start surfing heavily or playing, the stock battery wont last till the end of day. For those who wish more battery life, there are Mugen batteries with same size as stock batteries but give you an amazing battery life boost (1800mAh compared to stock 1300mAh).
It is a bit heavy though I have to admit, but qwerty keyboard is a must for me and a compromise I am willing to accept. Since I use Nordic letters alot, by long pressing a key you get the extra key options by default, so there was no worries I actually purchased this one made for the US market.
The screen sensitivity is excellent, have had no issues with reception so far in Europe also and got my 2G/3G also configured fine in Belgium. So all in all, very pleased with my new tiny amusement centre.

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Created: 03/27/10

HTC Tattoo Android Phone

I have to say this phone is the easiest phone I have ever had, being that it is the 1st Smartphone I've owned and is so much easier to use than my old Flip and Bar phones etc.
The texture and feel when holding it is great, fits wvery well in the palm of my hand and thankfully I can use my Stylus from my old Palm Pilot to tpe and make my way htrough the screens, without leaving finger marks all over.
The ability to customize the home screens is great and I do enjoy the various widgets for functions, instead of having to go through menu's all the time to do things, like turn on and off the Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc.
I use this on the T-Bobile network although it is unlocked and originally meant for the UK Vodafone system. The programs that come with the phone are great, despite there being others of similar types in the market to choose from. I have downloaded some aps, but not gone crazy.... yet....
the display is crystal clear, the sound both in calls and through the speaker on calls and listening to the music is fantastic. the app that came with the phone to be able to make your own ringtones from your own music is great and easy to use.
Love the fact that I do not need to flip or slide to use a keeboard, the touch screen is great as is the assumed words and dictionary for texting. so easy to add more words and flip from qwerty to # keyboard and back.

No flaws at all, definitely worth every penny for this phone, can't understand why the critics call it a low end HTC..... compared to other HTC that friends have, this is far better than the ones made for the T-Mobile network.

Less chunky, lighter and fits some great carrier cases and belt holsters.

Comes with a USB charger, which you can get a Car adapter with USB to use with... AND if you are going from Motorola or Blackberry, the HTC can use the same chargers for the wall socket. No need to buy additional adapters with special ends.

Great phone.

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Created: 06/10/10

HTC Desire Simply Magnificint

I have read alot about the Android OS, but have been hesitant. After many years of using Symbian phones (Siemens, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson), then both iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 3GS. I decided to give away my beloved iPhone and try something new. After reading multiple reviews about smart phones of 2010. It was obvious that Android is the fastest developing OS of the new era. And HTC?! What does that Taiwanese company know about smart phones? Well quite alot it seems. Though it's true that the iPhone is still the current crown holder of the smart phone market, Android is definitely gaining up. Maybe slowly, but steadily.

I agree with many reviewers that HTC does a great job beautifying and enhancing the Android 2.1 firmware with their lovely UI Sense experience. But again the Android OS is still a getter with its flexible modifiable seven walls. Not only can you add program icons, like you see on an iPhone. Better though, YOU CHOSE the program icons that you want to be displayed, instead of being forced to have them like in the case of the iPhone. Moreover, some programs come with a widget option that enables you to post a bigger icon, often functional, to the wall. I'm not a big social net work fan, so I simply remove the friendster app, and instead post small widgets of my favorite net radio and TV programs.

The performance of apps and games have been flawless, never had a crash or a problem starting a program or doing a task on this phone. Though the iPhone is supposed to be flawless, I have experienced in the past in multiple occasions some app crashes and dysfunctional programs. iPhone fans always brag about the number of apps and games available in Apples app store, but the truth is no one will ever need ALL those apps. Especially all those goofy ones that fart and whistle! It's true Android market doesn't place a lid on Adult games, but hey it's a free world, and everyone should be responsible for their choices. After getting my phone I downloaded many of the same programs that I had on my iPhone, and I don't feel sorry for the ones I didnt find. Because I still found an alternative app that did the same thing!

Whats even bettr? I'm not tied up to iTunes any more!!! Yes I know! Everyone say that don't they? But seriously, after few years of being tied to the rigid clunky iTunes, now I can just attach my HTC Desire to my computer and drop my music files to the SD card! It's that simple! As long as the file has a picture of the album, then it will be displayed as album art as you play it. No more need for grouping, renaming, and managing everything to the tip by iTunes.

Now I know why they say Android is the next King of the smart phone OS, and with the upcomming upgrade to the 2.2 OS it will get even better. Some might drool for the new iPhone 4, but for me nothing is more satisfying that the sense of freedom and unmatched performance of the AWESOME HTC DESIRE.

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Created: 01/06/11

Quite possibly the greatest Android Phone ever!

I purchased my HTC Desire on e-bay for USD$400.00. It came unlocked and unbranded.
The HTC Desire is a very comfortable size and weight, closely comparable to the Iphone 2G. The camera is really nice, it's a 5 mega pixel, but the motion blur caused when taking a picture does suck in low light conditions. There is an LED Flash which is bright enough to also double as a fairly effective flashlight. It also came with an 8Gb SD Card and about 600 Mb internal memory. The internal memory I would say is not nearly enough and poses a serious problem as you have to install apps to the internal memory, which runs out very quickly! With Android 2.2, some apps can be saved to the external memory after installing, but other can't. This means the internal memory runs out quickly. Of course, if you root your device i.e. jailbreak it, you can install apps directly to the SD card, but I don't look forward to rooting. The HTC Sense UI is bloody brilliant and provides an awesome, user friendly interface for the phone. The button layout is fantastic and provides great functionality, although the physical buttons won't see much use. I think most everything else has already been said in the reviews (Techradar's was particularly useful). One last thing: the phone is very quick and the touchscreen is as responsive as the Iphone's. THere is a slight lag when switching to landscape mode but this can be easily overlooked.

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