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Green Smoothie Revolution : The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health by Victoria Boutenko (2009, Paperback)

Victoria Boutenko | ISBN-10: 1556438125 | ISBN-13: 9781556438127

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Product description
Thanks to processed and fast foods, being overworked, and feeling stressed while eating on the fly, it is increasingly difficult for most of us to eat anywhere near a balanced diet. We may not be obviously sick, but may suffer from lack of focus, insomnia, sluggishness, or any host of symptoms caused by nutritional deficiency. Green Smoothie Revolutiontakes aim at this silent epidemic by restoring balance to our diets. Combining nutrition and know-how with recipes that pack a powerhouse punch, Victoria Boutenko reintroduces long neglected fruits, vegetables, and greens in the most persuasive style for our busy lives: with fast prep and delicious results. Featuring 200 recipes, Green Smoothie Revolutionoffers both simplicity (4 ripe pears, 1 bunch parsley, 2 cups water; blend well) and enough variety to keep taste buds happy and nutrients coming from a wealth of options.

Thanks to the advent of processed food, people who live in industrial countries, especially those whose families have done so for several generations, often have symptoms of multiple nutrient deficiencies on a very high level. Green smoothies provide a way for us to correct these persistent imbalances and begin to discover what health actually feels like. Green Smoothie Revolution offers a wide variety of smoothie recipes as well as the nutrition and know-how behind the drinks. A molecule of chlorophyll closely resembles a molecule of human blood. According to teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, consuming chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion. Many people do not consume enough greens, even those who stay on a raw food diet. By drinking two or three cups of green smoothies daily you will consume enough greens for the day to nourish your body, and all of the beneficial nutrients will be well assimilated. When consuming your greens in the form of green smoothies, you are greatly reducing the consumption of oils and salt in your diet. While fresh is always best, green smoothies will keep in cool temperatures for up to three days, which can be handy at work and while travelling. With 150 easy-to-make recipes offering an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and greens to choose from, Green Smoothie Revolution provides an important diversity of nutritional sources as well as enough variety to keep taste buds happy.

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AuthorVictoria Boutenko
Number Of Pages184 pages
Publication Date2009-08-04
PublisherNorth Atlantic Books

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Copyright Date2009

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"In more than thirty-five years of practice as a psychiatrist affiliated with the Harvard Medical School, I have learned one thing very well: Human behavior is very hard to change. Now Victoria Boutenko is persuading me otherwise.... Thirty days of green smoothies will change how you feel, and how you feel about yourself. That's no small achievement for one small book." A. William Menzin, MD, Harvard Medical School "Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Toward Natural Healthis one among many naturopathic books available that attempt to get people eating healthily again... Filled with easy, quick recipes that combine familiar and unusual fruits, vegetables and greens, Victoria Boutenko serves up an excellent book to readers who will all be hungry for more." "This book is groundbreaking and needed by a population whose health is threatened by its own processed food supply. From a naturopathic perspective, the most important constituents of healing are here in these new recipesenzymes, amino acids, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and much more. Victoria Boutenko has an intense sense of curiosity combined with a brilliant mind. . . . Join the Green Smoothie Revolution! You may not buy a more important book this year!" Ariel Policano, ND "It is clear that Victoria Boutenko did her homework, because I found myself highlighting sentences on nearly every page. Though Victoria includes ample science in her book, the tone is very conversational and easy to read...This book has truly inspired me to get back on track with more green smoothies." Basil & Spice "I rarely say this, but I am a big fan of this book. I would recommend readingGreen for Lifeand then picking up a copy ofGreen Smoothie Revolutionto launch your new understanding of health and nutrition to the next level." Ridgefield Wellness

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Created: 07/19/10

Green Smoothie Revolution

It has a lot of delicious recipes that are quick, easy and promote good health. There were a few recipes that had ingredients in it like lambsquarters and some others I can't remember that I never heard of and when I asked people at the health food store, they told me they never heard of it either. Worth it just for the recipes and information about promoting a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommend this book.

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Created: 03/22/11

Green Smoothie Revolution

I love this book. It is the best raw smoothie recipe book ever. Excellent health is your reward if you become a green smoothie maker for life.

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Created: 10/30/13

Very happy with my purchase of this book. It was quickly expedited. I def

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This bookhas helped me to take my juicing to a whole different level. I love it.
It is informative and makes perfect sense. I love the recipes and have started using a lot more different parts of some fruits and vegetables that I didn't realize had any nutritional value at all.

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Created: 05/06/11


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Excellent book - there are some wonderful smoothies in here. You can also have the chance to learn about new ingredients that you've never heard of before.

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Created: 04/02/10

Loving the Green Smoothies

I love this book and have asked everyone in the family to read it. It is a very easy read and very informative. I bought my Vitamix right after I read Victoria's book and I am so happy with the green smoothies and the Vitamix.

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