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Good Luck Chuck (DVD, 2008, Canadian; En...
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Good Luc...
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Good Luck Chuck (DVD, 2008, Canadian; English Version; Pan and Scan; Uncut)

Mark Helfrich, Dane Cook, Jessica Alba | Theatrical release: 2007 | Rating: R (MPAA)
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Movie synopsis
Standup comedian Dane Cook (EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH) stars in this romantic comedy as Charlie Logan, a successful dentist cursed with the affliction of having the women he dates fall in love with the next guy they meet. After a 1985 flashback reveals how, as a child, Charlie came to be hexed, the film finds the grown bachelor taking advantage of his predicament. Because he's never really loved any of the women he's dated, it doesn't hurt much when they leave. But when rumors start circulating that sleeping with Charlie is a lucky love charm, Charlie's popularity reaches new heights that even he, an experienced ladies' man, cannot keep up with. And this luck couldn't come at a worse time, as Charlie's just met his dream girl, penguin zookeeper Cam (Jessica Alba). Perhaps in Charlie's favor is the fact that Cam, despite her beauty and brains, happens to have a hex of her own--extreme clumsiness. Everywhere she goes, minor disaster quickly follows. Will Charlie be the next casualty of her accident-prone charm?While GOOD LUCK CHUCK revolves mainly around a sweet and simple romance, it contains enough one-liners to amuse fans of Cook's standup routine. Though conversations between Charlie and his plastic-surgeon best bud Stu (Dan Fogler) are almost all about sex, the dynamic between Cam and her brother (played by 30 ROCK's Lonny Ross) is slightly more offbeat. The film's sex-driven humor leads to a surprisingly graphic sex-scene montage between Cook and a string of women eager to sleep with him if it means they'll find true love immediately afterwards.

Product Details
  • Edition: Canadian; English Version; Pan and Scan; Uncut
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rating: R (MPAA)
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 057373178447

Additional Details
Display Format:Canadian; English Version; Pan and Scan; Uncut

eBay Product ID: EPID70969269

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Created: 01/09/08

Very Funny, Very Worth It - Just Shy of Apatow Material

'Good Luck Chuck' (UNRATED) is a hilarious raunchy romantic comedy; bred from Judd Apatow-style design. In the films attempt to mine comic gold from a high-concept premise (like Apatow's success' - '40 Year Old Virgin' & Knocked Up' & 'Superbad'), first-time Director Mark Helfrich and Screenwriter Josh Stolberg resort to usual, gross-out slapstick gags, (i.e., fart jokes, obese women, sexual pratfalls), and execute them with flair and ingenuity. Embedded in this (definately entertaining) comedy we uncover stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba; a very very likeale team.
In the most recent bid to the big screen; following noted success with 'Employee of the Month', "Tourgasm" stand-up comedian Dane Cook plays the title character, nice-guy Dentist Charlie Logan, who's been suffering under a particularly nasty curse since childhood: 'every woman he sleeps with always finds everlasting love with the next guy she dates'.
While his sex-obsessed, foul-mouthed Plastic Surgeon buddy Stu (Dan Fogler) envies Charlie's "Gift" — women are lining up to sleep with him to find their "Mr. Right" immediately after. Charlie is tired of being nothing more than a means to an end. So when he meets the gorgeous, down-to-earth, and endearingly klutzy Cam (Alba), (a penguin specialist at 'Aqua World'), Charlie's determined to break the curse.
Hilarity ensues.
Commence the "laugh 'til you hurts"....
According to the press notes, Stolberg originally envisioned 'Good Luck Chuck' as a PG-13 film; but Helfrich persuaded him to turn it into an R-Rated Raunchfest; because of the success of Apatow's 'The 40 Year-Old Virgin' and 'The Wedding Crashers' (amongst others previously noted). And to be fair, a few of the filmmakers' racier ideas are extremely amusing, like a Kama Sutra-inspired montage sequence.
With Helfrich and Stolberg's slapdash, bottom feeder approach, the laughs are generated at a striking pace and alarmingly (borderline-offensive) outright hilarious. A primary casualty of their ruptured raunch execution is Fogler ('Balls of Fury'), playing Cook's "perv" sidekick, who does unspeakable things with a grapefruit in a bit that should turn people off all citrus fruits for a long, long time., and have you pressing pause until you somehow stop laughing and wiping away the shock.
As for Cook, his character mutates into a manic who understandably repels the object of his desperate affections. Alba fares very well also, and looks stunning throughout; while frankly generating some eye-popping comic (near slapstick - but more abrupt) clumsy humor.
Overall, 'Good Luck Chuck' (UNRATED) is a guaranteed funhouse. A hilarious cast and a promising night of great laughs. It's only (1) star fall; is maybe just the timing of the films release....because after we have luxuriously laughed ourselves into a frenzy with Judd Apatow's brilliance; this film is just barely under Apatow's radar which is all 5-Star.
Enjoy !!

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