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Garmin nuvi 1490T
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Garmin nuvi 1490T Automotive Mountable GPS Receiver

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Garmin 010-11305-04 Case, Universal Carrying Case (0101130504)
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99.2% positive feedback
Garmin 010-11305-04 Case, Universal Carrying Case (0101130504)
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Garmin Nuvi 1490T 5" Touchscreen GPS with Lifetime Traffic Updates 010-00810-05
Manufacturer refurbished
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New York, NY, USA
Garmin Nuvi 1490T 5" Touchscreen GPS with Lifetime Traffic Updates 010-00810-05
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Garmin nuvi 1490T Automotive Bluetooth GPS Receiver Bundle with Traffic Charger
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Naperville, IL, USA
Garmin nuvi 1490T Automotive Bluetooth GPS Receiver Bundle with Traffic Charger
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Product description
  • 3.5-inch WQVGA color TFT touchscreen
  • Up to 3 hours of battery life
  • Disables the device in case of theft
  • Creates customized POIs
  • Preloaded street maps

Product Images

Manufacturer ImageManufacturer ImageManufacturer Image
Manufacturer ImageManufacturer ImageManufacturer Image
With the Garmin nuvi 1490T Automotive GPS Receiver, keep your travel woes at bay! The 5-inch widescreen on this Garmin GPS receiver displays bigger, brighter displays of maps and photos of your destination. With enhanced pedestrian navigation, multiple-point routing, lane assistance and free lifetime traffic updates, this Garmin navigator lets you travel smart. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free calling and voiced turn-by-turn instructions towards your destination on the Garmin nuvi 1490T. The downloadable cityXplorer on this Garmin GPS receiver helps you receive transport information of bus routes, trams and more. The preloaded City Navigator NT street maps on Garmin nuvi 1490T provide clear illustrations while ecoRoute lets you know the most-fuel efficient routes towards your destination. This Garmin navigator also features free lifetime traffic updates, downloadable Garmin Connect Photos, free Garmin Garage and Garmin Lock.

Product Identifiers
Modelnuvi 1490T
MPN010-00810-05, 010-00810-06, 010008100C, 1000810, 100081005, 3026310, 3026311, 35823, 457127135601, 81098, 902618, NUVI1490T, NUVI1490T 902618 457127135601 NVI1490TREFURB NVGAB294 3026310 3026311 81098 35823 1000810 NVI1490T 010-00810-05 010-00810-06 010008100C PN1490T 100081005, NVGAB294, NVI1490T, NVI1490TREFURB, PN1490T
UPC053759094356, 457127135601, 5052217001733, 753759094355, 753759094362, 753759097257, 753759100162, 753759103293, 753759105181, 753759105662, 837654974278

Key Features
UsageAutomotive Mountable
System TypeFixed, Portable
Screen Size5"
User InterfaceTouch Screen

Display Size4.4 in. x 2.5 in.
Display TypeColor Display
Resolutions480 x 272

Technical Features
FeaturesCalculator, Converter
Audible FeaturesSpoken Street Names
Trip calculatorLane Assist, Points-of-Interest (POI), Route Recalculation, Shortest distance
Included Software/MapsEurope Maps

Battery Life3 Hours

Weight0.49 lb.

Other Features
PC InterfaceBluetooth, USB
Expansion Slot Typemicro-SD slot

eBay Product ID: EPID78655348

Reviews & Research

CNET Editors' reviewGood


    The Garmin Nuvi 1490T's 5-inch touch screen greatly increases road visibility. Bluetooth hands-free calling, free FM traffic data, and a fuel-saving EcoRoute function further increase this Nuvi's value. Garmin's interface remains one of the easiest to understand.


    The bigger screen doesn't get an increase in resolution, resulting in jagged edges on some of the graphics. Ad-supported traffic may be a turn-off to some users.


    Anyone who wants a reliable and simple navigation device with a bit more screen real estate won't be disappointed by the Garmin Nuvi 1490T.

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Created: 02/08/11

Garmin Nuvi 1490T: Accurate, Easy to Use - RECOMMENDED

I decided to upgrade to the 1490T because of the larger screen and thinner form factor. I've owned many Garmin units over the years (nuvi 350, 265W, 750, 755, tried 1260T, 1350).

GPS devices are are complicated and many different things can go wrong. This is not surprising to me in the least - and my guess is that users with negative experiences are most moved to air them, especially given the fact that this is a high ticket item. This seems to explain the abundance of negative comments for GSP units in general. However, in my experience this is a well designed and thought out piece of equipment and has a rugged and substantial feel in the hand. It sports a very large screen that's easy on the eyes and comfortable to look at even on the most sunny days. The graphics are also very well done and easy to pick up with just a glance. The thinness reduces bulk and allows for easy placement. I also appreciate the easiness of the controls and touch screen menus. I'm even positive that you will not have to refer to the manual - it's that intuitive. The voice prompts are clear and pleasant and bluetooth calling is a pleasure. I would really like to complain about something - but for the life of me, I just can't come up with single one. The 1490T is impressive and highly recommended for the first time buyer or a seasoned user. And, it is well worth the money for its set of features.

My observations:

- The display is 5 in diagonal, that may not seem much bigger than the 4.3 but it is. The resolution is the same as the 4.3 wide-screens units but the extra space is well worth it and noticeable! It also makes it easy to hit the right button on the touch screen.
- User interface has received some minor updates, mostly in the cosmetic department. The font is new and contributes to a refined feel, everything is "smoothed" and looks very good. It's also VERY responsive and doesn't feel like it's lagging.
- I like the new menu organization, they didn't bury as many of the options and settings in sub-folders.
- You can change the map display so that the data fields are stacked along the right side as opposed to being in the corners. I like this view a lot. With this stacked view, you can see 4 data fields (3 are customizable) versus the two in the normal corner view.
- The unit is about half an inch thick, it's very easy to carry around, even pocket-able in a pinch.
- (updated) The speaker on this unit is MUCH better than on my 755, 1260, 1350; perhaps they had room to add a larger speaker. The spoken directions sound not only louder but fuller and do not distort at high volume.

- The mounting cradle is a two-step/two-handed affair, unplug the mini-USB then unmount from the two point cradle. The older, better quality cradle is literally one click grab and go from a nice powered cradle. Don't know why they removed that (cost savings?).
- A common complaint: less detail shown on maps. The newer nuvi's show fewer street names at the same zoom level as the older units. The argument being this reduces clutter. I'm not happy with it, but it's not a deal breaker. Garmin has added alot of other information to the map display and I can understand they don't want to overwhelm the user with text.
- The latest firmware is 2.7 and it seems to be quite buggy. Issues with Bluetooth, saving favorites, thats all I've experienced.
- Note, this comes with version 2010.10 maps. Garmin just released version 2010.20 maps. You only

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Created: 01/31/11

Good Value on Large Display GPS

The display is useful at this size, anything less is really tough. The touchscreen is very easy to use and interface is intuitive. The features are excellent for the price point, turn by turn voice command, bluetooth for your cell phone, points of interest to find restaurants, gas etc., 3hr. Battery capability to take it out of the car if hiking or mount to your motorcycle or quad, voice active calling. The bluetooth was real easy to sync and it pulls up your phone list so you just turn it on and link it once, then every time you bring your phone in the car and turn on the GPS it's ready to push a button and say the name you want to call!

Could use a larger selection of in-car mounts, The ability to leave "bread crumbs" to back track your trail, audio apparantly sounds a little distorted to those listening to you thru the bluetooth connection.

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Created: 06/10/10

AWESOME Navigation System

First of all Garmin navigation systems are one of the best customizable navigation system in the market. I have relied on my initial decision to buy a navigation system through a lot of net research and Consumer Reports reviews. I have used one of the old Tom Tom systems before, but didn't like it's color screen contrast or it's clunky routing system. I have initially used a nuvi 560 with much satisfaction until it was stolen from a rented car I had. I decided then to move to the newer, then, nuvi 650. It was a nice upgrade, but had always gave me problems when I miss a turn and need to slow down to wait for the system to reroute!! Now with the need for a second GPS nav sustem for my wife. I have decided, with no hesitation, to get the nuvi 1490t.

The nuvi 1490t is extremely pleasant to use. With it's XL display, and great color contrast, its hard to miss your next turn. The right side display of information adds some useful data while driving. What I like best is the new turn by turn help, which is displayed in the top left corner, and the new eco future, that calculates and estimates gas usage. Then when you reach your destination, it shows a summarized info for gas use, actual trip distance, and gas cost during that trip. The kids get a kick out of the customizable animated car graphics and sounds. We can't wait to try using one, or all, of my kids voices as a guiding voice for our next trip!.

In this new version I like the different choices when deciding your route, and I have already noted a difference in navigation quality and response when I make a wrong turn. The older nuvis had to take their time to do their "re-calculating". This one, almost does it instantly, that leaves me even more amazed.

Though this nuvi model does not have an MP3 player, like the other two models I had. But I don't miss it much, especially that iPods, and other MP3 players are readily available and can be hooked to the car easier than ever. In place of the MP3 player, this model have the Bluetooth option, which I didn't think would make any difference in the previous nav systems I had. But it really does!! Now it's so much more convenient to be hooked directly to the GPS unit, to receive calls or easily call your next destination point to ask for their closing hours, or to make your next restaurant reservation. Pairing to the unit is extra simple, and I have paired an htc desire, and an iPhone with no problem. The voice quality is amazingly clear, that some callers hardly notice the difference. Now every time I set my foot in the car I just activate my phone's bluetooth and VUA LA (excuse my French)I'm ready to go!!

I have had the new unit for a bit less than a month, but have already had it in several road trips. It sure beats the old 4.3" screen models, and it's fast responsive processor makes it a sure choice for the next one. All in all,

39 of 40 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 11/20/11

The best GPS units on the market ... Great Features and Outstanding Support

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Garmin makes the most reliable, accurate, and convenient GPS units on the market.
They are also the best value for the price, and an even better value here on eBay.

We have 10 drivers (including parents, aunts, children, and grandchildren) in our family; plus 4 friends; that all use Garmin GPS units. They include a 6 yr old C330, 1 Nuvi 255Ws, 2 Nuvi 265WTs, 4 Nuvi 1490Ts, 3 Nuvi 765Ts, 1 Nuvi 2597 & 1 2797.

The 7xx series, 1490Ts, 2597 & 2797 are great for trips … they support multiple stops en-route, and they store up to 10 different routes - that you can create at your desk … while you plan your trip.

The only bad review I saw on eBay included a comment that Google Maps route was I-5 to “the 610” to Whittier,CA; while Garmen used I-5 Exit 120.
One omission and one problem: Google said the Exit 120 route was 20 minutes faster in traffic … and “the 610?” may be I-610 - the Houston, TX Loop, I-605 goes past Whittier, CA.
This same reviewer claimed they couldn’t send Google Maps to either Garmin they tried.

If they had searched on “Google Maps to Garmin” they would have found at least four references that tell you to:

Download the FREE “GARMIN COMMUNICATOR PLUGGIN” from Garmin first

You Can Send Google Maps Data To Your Garmin GPS In Less Than 3 Minutes

1. Connect your Garmin GPS to your computer with a USB cable
2. Open Internet Explorer
3. Enter the address or business name, with the city and state, in the Google search window
4. Click on the center of the displayed map to enlarge it
5. Click on the Icon in the center of the map to display the information
6. Click on more (lower right) to open the data options
7. Click on Send to select a destination device email, Phone, Car, or GPS
8. Click on GPS to display the supported products
9. Select Garmin
10. Click on the Send box … Garmin Communicator opens automatically and displays your device
11. Click in the box next to your device to select it
12. Click the “Send To GPS” box to save the information in your Garmin “Favorites”

When you get in your car:

1. Connect your Garmin car cable
2. Press “Where To?”
3. Press “Favorites”
4. Scroll down to your destination
5. Press your destination to select it and display the name and address, you assigned or the business name, address, and phone number. (You can even press “Show Map” to preview the destination area.)
6. Press “Go!” to start getting directions

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Feature ratings

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  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Overall Value
Created: 11/23/11

Great options for the price.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This is the first GPS I've owned. I've been using it for about a month and it's lived up to my expectations.

I bought this for traveling out of town because not all rental cars have a GPS option.

PROS: Things I like
I like the screen being a little larger (5" instead of 4.3")as it makes it easier to press buttons. Even though the resolution is the same as the smaller units.

The 1490T will also show the junction view and lane assist. I was very surpized at how helpful the junction view is. About a mile before the junction a screen will appear showing an actual photo of the turn ahead and suggested lanes to be in to stay on route.

I also liked the Bluetooth option as it will connect to your phone and allow you to call "Points of Interest" (POI) directly by pressing a "Call" button when viewing the POI.

The traffic updates are also a nice feature. The unit must have the traffic receiver plugged into the car charger to get traffic information if it is available in the city. When you are stopped, little ads will appear while traffic is enabled (because it is a free service).

The voice directions have TTS (text to speech) which give clear instructions. They seem to announce at good times also with a short "turn right" announcement just before the turn to remind you.

The ability to have different Vehicle icons and custom POI files is very nice too. You can change the voice, but custom voices do not have TTS, however they can be fun (for a while).

ecoRoute is nice to see average fuel economy, fuel usage, cost of trip, and driving "score". Better driving gets better economy. This helps to see how well you drive.

For the price (just over $100) it's very good compared to other nuvi units and has most of the options anyone would need. Double the price and you only get things like 3D building views, speach recognition, better resolution, or portrait views from other nuvi products.
CONS: things I'm not too happy about

The audio volume for the spoken directions cannot be different for when answering Bluetooth calls. A call seems to be rather quiet and I have to turn the volume up during a call, then turn it back down for the spoken directions. Two volume settings would be nice.

The internal memory only has 2 Gig. For 2012.30 maps: The USA map is 1.3 Gig. Canada 126 Meg. Mexico 133 Meg. Europe West 1.8 Gig. Europe East 486 Meg. I downloaded updated maps and now I need a 4 gig SDHC card (SDHC cards will work) to hold the maps. The USA Junction view file is 757 Meg so it is on the SD card too. (JCV file goes in \Garmin\JCV folder for it to work). Multiple maps can be stored on an SD card too in a \Map folder. My only complaint is the low internal memory. Other units have more. See http://www.poi-factory.com/nod​e/33586 for internal memory sizes.

It would be nice if it had the "services at next exit" feature that some GPS units have. You can search for POI "food" or "gas" but it does not tell you which exit they are on, only the distance to them.

Changing the map view from 3D to 2D mode requires stepping through numerous menus (Tools> Settings> Map> View). It would be nice to toggle between the views quickly.

This unit does not display 3D buildings, only 3D map.

Does not have an mp3 player. Custom POI alerts must be made with .wav files instead of .mp3 files. I'd rather play mp3 files using my existing mp3 player and save the SD card space.

Speed limits are sometimes wrong. Watch signs

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