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Final Fantasy III  (Nintendo, 1994)
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Final Fa...
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Final Fantasy III (Nintendo, 1994)

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Final Fantasy VI 6 Super Famicom SNES SFC Nintendo US SELLER!
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Final Fantasy VI 6 Super Famicom SNES SFC Nintendo US SELLER!
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Product description
Product Information
The third edition of Square's treasured Final Fantasy series. This game was only released in Japan on the NES -- the game released as Final Fantasy III in the US was actually part six renamed to avoid confusion from the missing titles of the series, and it wasn't until the PlayStation remakes that FF fans got to see the unreleased versions of their favorite series under their original Final Fantasy names.

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GameFinal Fantasy III

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Number of Players1
Release Year1994
Game Series3D Ultra Pinball

eBay Product ID: EPID56211464

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Created: 05/24/11

I Can't Think of Anything That Sounds Better Than Final Fantasy III

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

There are not many video games that come to mind that can be better than Final Fantasy III (VI). I am a gamer who did not adventure into RPGs until later in my gaming career, but despite FFIII being released in 1994, it has stood out to me over many if not all titles released since it's inception. The story line is wonderful filled with numerous colorful characters that everyone will love and one particular character you will love because of how much you hate him. The Villain of FFIII is one to fear for all of life. The fighting is my favorite of the FF series. Every character has a very specific fighting style. It's not just simply attacking the enemy or swapping abilities, but developing the style for each individual character. It's impossible to just pick a party of Four, you'll always miss not having someone's abilities. It may not seem how passionate I can address the story line, but trust me it's a tale you will never forget. The only thing that can assist a story line this well written is the most beautiful score you will ever hear written for a 16 bit console. If you are someone who seems discouraged to try FFIII due to is older graphics (I believe this is a tough argument with lots of modern day gamers), Your views of older games may change the instant you begin to play this game. The visual creativity put into FFIII will set it apart from any other game of its time. FFIII is a game that pushed the bar to make games what they are today. As a gamer who loved the run, gun and quick action games most my life, I definitely felt a change of pace the moment I place FFIII into my SNES console. This is a game you can not miss. You will fall in love.

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Created: 07/08/11

What are you waiting for?!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Okay let's get a couple things out of the way really quick. This is the best RPG on the SNES, maybe even the planet. The only real contender for me is Chrono Trigger, and since they are possibly tied for 1st, let's talk about why that is. The story is absolutely amazing. Square pulled no punches in creating a rich character driven story, and actually translating it so it holds up to us english speaking players as well. With the main story, side quests, extra characters and level up system, you can spend between 30 to 60 hours getting through this game. The sprites are fantastic and the backgrounds and scenery are so detailed it's a sight to behold. Just as Final Fantasy II (IV) revolutionized character sprites by introducing 16-bit back in 1991, this addition to the franchise raises the bar even higher with sight and sound. You would think every tune in this cartridge is blessed by whatever god you believe in, while in fact it's just composer Uematsu doing what he does best. I love this game, and understand why it is such a strong contender for FFVII (which has won multiple best game of all time awards) but you must keep in mind. FFVII has inspirations and direct themes from FFVI and VI has some themes from IV. That his how a franchise works, and that is why we love these Final Fantasy games so much. They are constantly building while remaining unique and independent games of one another. If you like FF at all and have never played this, you need to pick it up without hesitation. If you play modern games and RPG's with CG cutscenes that take up half the disc, you also need to pick this up. You can find it for 20 dollars sometimes while other times it sells for 50. Personally I payed 30 for it, but even 50 isn't a terrible price. FFVI(III) for 50 compared to CoD for 60, or any new game for that matter? I'd take FFVI every time.

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Created: 07/28/09

Fun, but way too easy

Back in 1995, I watched 2 friends struggling with this game during the Lete River and and house fire events. I first played FF6 (since this is actually the sixth in the series) under "Final Fantasy Anthology" but there were frame rate problems making it hard for me to experience the true speed of my top favorite spell effect: meteor. Wanting to see the true speed of the game, and find out what changes were made from the true original, I got this game.

Graphics (5/5):
The 3D effect while on the world map is what amazed me the most about this game. I didn't think 3D existed in games for the SNES, except isometric. The character graphics are also well-done and impressive.

Sound (4.5/5):
Sound effects are kind of weak but the music is excellent. I especially love the music for the world map during the first half of the game - it holds the record for the longest continuous play of 52 1/4 days. The battle music is also very well-done and easily fits the theme. The music is also very well-done during story events, setting the mood very well. The sound effects are also good, but they are only weak during battles. Kefka's laugh is well-done and... meteor. The meteor spell's sound effects are what made me prefer it over any other spell, even cure and life.

Game play (4/5):
At first, magic usage is limited to a select few, but after this, I love the fact that you can change espers right before a level up to boost the stats however you want. For the most part, I find strength and magic attack of greatest use (depending on the role that character will have) and speed (to strike first with meteor). The others don't seem to have any noticeable effect and HP and MP have such tiny increases that they are essentially useless. Level 99, as is, already means nearly maximum HP and MP and you can't have more than 9999 HP and 999 MP. This is where the major downside to the game play comes in - the damage limit is so easy to reach that its annoying. Fire3 on a single mantodea could very well do nearly 50,000 damage and I'd love to see a white "50000" popping out of it. The worst thing about this game's game play is that it is way too easy. It's the easiest of all the FF games and this makes the game quite boring. Normally, I'm a heavy grinder (grinding: reaching and maintaining an abnormally high level throughout the game by fighting a lot of battles; think: level 99 on disk 1 on FF7 or having meteor and ultima in the first world (from level 98 Celes and 99 Terra)), but this game is so easy that I don't even need to grind. I was surprised as to just how easy it was and why those two friends even struggled with it. The only challenge spot I ever had was figuring out how to get out of South Figaro with Locke alone. This took me 8 hours to figure out when I first played the game. This game also has the fastest leveling I've ever seen - gain 2 levels in one battle at level 45 and get level 99 from 40 in just 2 hours all without taking any damage).

Controls (5/5):
The contrains are easy to work with. For the most part, just the directional buttons, A, and B are all you really need, rarely L or R (for casting a spell on all targets of a type). Other controls are rarely used. The hardest of all is Sabin's blitz's - the right column. I have about a 1 in 20 chance of getting aura bolt (top right corner) to work and with 70 tries, I have yet to get the one below to work at all.

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Created: 12/06/11

One of the best games of all time and one of the best FF games of all time.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Final Fantasy III for the SNES is probably one of the best Final Fantasy's ever created. It is known as the japanese Final Fantasy 6. The gameplay is the traditional ATB system (Active Turn Based) in that the players bars charge and then a turn is allowed to be executed. The game mechanic which distinguishes this from the rest of the FF's is the Esper magic system. The player finds Espers through the game which are equipped and the characters in the game learn magic from the Espers. There are roughly 15-20 Espers to find, and there are about 16 characters (my numbers may be off, but those are rough estimates). Each character has a well-developed back-story and the player never truly feels overwhelmed by the number of characters in the game. It flows smoothly and is considered one of the best games of all time for the SNES system.

Additional games to consider would be Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Mario RPG, on this platform.

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Created: 12/08/09

Great game!

This was a great addition to the FF series. It was the most in depth one yet with so many characters to be had and so many stories to be told. It had so many twists and turns that it really kept you going. I actually still have this game eventhough I had it stolen from my garage at one time from some punk kids along with almost all the rest of my SNES stuff. But the game was so good I had to buy it again just to have it in my library. The graphics and music were also pretty awesome for its time. I actually still prefer this game over most of the games they make today. It seems the market has really lost its personal thought in games ever since they had good graphics to fall back on. They really knew how to make great stories during this time. If you've never played this one, you should. And if you don't have a SNES, just get Final Fantasy Chronicles for the PS (also can be played on PS2). FFVI is a bit different with the new animated storyline, but it's still the same great game.

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