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Fender Champion 600 5 watt Guitar Amp
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Fender Champion 600 5 watt Guitar Amp

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Fender Champion 600 Guitar Amplifier Amp champ
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Fender Champion 600 Guitar Amplifier Amp champ
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Product description
Product Information
Enjoy listening to your favorite tracks in superior sound quality with the Fender Champion 600 guitar amplifier. The 4 Ohms input impedance of this Fender guitar amplifier provide you with stronger and louder sounds while consuming less power. Moreover, with five watts of output power, this Fender guitar amplifier ensures proper handling of sustained music reproduction. What’s more, with a 6-inch speaker, the Fender Champion 600 guitar amplifier gives you an enhanced audio output.

Product Identifiers
ModelChampion 600
UPC717669544522, 717669544584

Key Features
Amplifier TypeGuitar Amp Combo
Impedance4 Ohms
Instrument TypeGuitar
Power Output5 watt

Technical Features
Number of Speakers1

Height11 in.
Depth7.5 in.

eBay Product ID: EPID78651728

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Created: 06/10/11

Practice Amp in Stock Form / but can be made to Breath Fire

No, I would not recommend this product.

As a Player with technical backgrounds I will state what I truly expected and discovered from the Fender Champion 600.

A single ended tube amp with six inch fender speaker.
a.)Both Chinese power and pre-amp tubes need to be changed out for better quality tubes right off the bat. Many better quality tubes are available (tube education is advisable.)
b.) The speaker though adequate for low volume is not up to the task of good performance when the tubes are overdriven; for better performance at higher volumes a speaker change out is needed. ( again educate yourself on speaker choices.)
c.) The grill cloth should be changed out to a more transparent fabric as the factory fabric resricts air flow which in turn muffles the sound projection to some degree.
d.) The circuitry is developed for cost and performance with the Factory in mind..... a quality mod kit should be incorporated if you want this amp to perform beyond the stock limits, which BTW will become apparent almost immediately when you first use it in its stock form.

In a nut shell......buy this amp if low volume is all you want, then the stock amp will work....if you don't mind some hissing and buzzing at or above 6 on the volume knob.

As a modding platform that with proper materials and proper installations ( Disclaimer.... I am not responsable nor do I recommended you do these modifications yourself.) If you have any doubts about your abilities to perform printed circuit modifications, and dealing with high voltage transformers; then let a qualified tech do all the upgrades and modifications to the amp if you desire to increse the amps performance.

My intent with the purchase of this amp was to enhance its performance and sound quality with extensive modifications to the circuitry, tubes and speaker all of which was completed and turned this little bedroom amp, into a potent deliverer of quality sound; suitable for playing and recording.

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Created: 04/20/12

Modified Fender Champion 600 -sweet little amp!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This is a nice little amp.... no tone-tweaking available (one volume knob and a choice of high-or-low-sensitivity input jack; that's it), but great retro looks and easy to modify. The one I bought on ebay had been expertly modified with an aftermarket 8" speaker, better tubes, and more acoustically-transparent grille cloth. The mods definitely make it a better amp! Modified versions of this little amp appear often on ebay for a variety of prices... this one was at a good price (the price of a new "stock" one from most discount online sources at the moment), so I BIN'ed it... I am glad I did! This amp is IMHO most effective when used with some sort of versatile pre-amp or multi-effects unit between the instrument and the amp, such as a Line 6 pod, V-amp, or in my case, a Roland Micro-Cube. That way, you can add effects and alter the tone.

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Created: 09/20/11

Modification delight!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

OK, these amps are pretty terrible as they come from the factory. Both the cheap Chinese tubes and underpowered 6" speaker are the mail culprits. That said this little amp is one of the easiest and best sounding project amps out there. I like to switch out the 6V6 for a vintage 1950’s RCA or better still Raytheon tube and with a JJ tube as the 12AX7. The next move is to go 8" on the speaker. If you can find a vintage CR8 that's the best way to go, but a Jensen SD CR8 will do just fine as well and you can always find one here on ebay. You can go Alnico or ceramic, but in this case I actually like ceramic better because the amp is already so bright with the new tubes. You will need to modify the grill plate cutting it larger for the new speaker and will need to move the mounting holes for the speaker, but you can use the existing hardware. The speaker needs to go as far left (when looking from the back) and bottom as possible. While you're at it you will need to change the grill cloth to something more passive to sound. Burlap is popular and works well, but there are many options there. There are also many options on the board and I won’t go into that, but if all you do is the tube, speaker and cloth you've got a great little amp! With the tube and speaker combo I'm suggesting above think Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode to Joe Walsh - Rock Mountain Way. A little smoker!!!

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Created: 10/08/09

Great Little Amp

This little amp brings back the tones that amps were meant to sounf like. I haven't heard tone like this since a Super 6 Reverb I Played in the 80's. Plugged it in to a Marshall 4X12 Cabinet an it wails. No pedls, no effects, no0 nothing, but that pure Fender Overdriven Tube Amp Sound . This Amp would be great for practice jam sessions and would also do wounderfully in a small club setting with an extension cabinet of course. I own a 100 watt Marshall, Cavin x-60A, a Fender Solid State 9forgive me my wifes, an ampeg and a new Blackheart 15. I can Imagine the tones you can achieve when you put the Fender and Blackheart in stereo. I tried it a little already, but with some tweaking here and there I believe it will simply be amazing!
Thanks, James Casey

Also Propt Shippment Quality Product I think IO'm im Lovre with Fenders AGAIN!!!

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Created: 08/06/12

GREAT Product for the money*****Highly recommended

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I came to the party a little late, so I picked mine up used. I bought it for the purpose of modifying it to vintage specs, but after playing it a little while, I realized it's a fun little tube amp, that you can play at bedroom or apartment volumes, and get that nice tube/valve tone. There is a ton of simple modifications that can be done, but it's a great little amp in it's own rite.

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