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Experiment in Terror (DVD, 2003)
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Experiment in Terror (DVD, 2003)

Blake Edwards, Lee Remick | Rating: Not Rated
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EXPERIMENT TERROR (DVD, 2003) Rare / OOP / New / Factory Sealed / Free Shipping
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EXPERIMENT TERROR (DVD, 2003) Rare / OOP / New / Factory Sealed / Free Shipping
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Experiment in Terror (2003) Classic 1960's Thriller GLEN FORD Lee Remick RARE
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Experiment in Terror (2003) Classic 1960's Thriller GLEN FORD Lee Remick RARE
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Movie synopsis
Glenn Ford stars as FBI agent John Ripley in Blake Edwards's only foray into the thriller genre. When bank teller Kelly Sherwood (Lee Remick) is confronted in the garage of her San Francisco home by a mysterious man (Ross Martin) suffering from asthma, he threatens to kill her teenage sister, Toby (Stefanie Powers), and possibly her if she fails to deliver $100,000 to him from the bank where she works. Although nearly paralyzed with fear, she calls the FBI and is told by agent Ripley to cooperate with the stranger's demands. Knowing the extortionist to be an ashmatic, Ripley is finally able to identify him as Red Lynch, an ex-con who did time for murder. But his attempt to extract information from Lisa Soong (Anita Loo), Lynch's ex-girlfriend, falls flat, since the criminal had paid the bills for the medical care of her crippled son. As the police slowly begin to close in on Lynch, he abducts Toby, intending to hold her until his demands are met. Edwards's skillful daytime noir takes maximum advantage of the San Franciso locations, especially for the Candlestick Park finale. Martin's turn as the wheezing psychopath is especially notable, as is Henry Mancini's brooding score.

Product Details
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 043396078642

Additional Details

Director:Blake Edwards
Leading Role:Lee Remick
eBay Product ID: EPID3439079
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Editorial reviews

"...EXPERIMENT IN TERROR gave director Blake Edwards his only chance to make a pure chiller and composer Henry Mancini a rare chance to score one..."
USA Today - Mike Clark (06/13/2003)

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Created: 06/19/09


Review For: Experiment in Terror (DVD, 2003)

BLACKMAIL WAS NEVER CLEAN~ Ross Martin Shines as the "heavy breathing" blackmailer who wants a girl to steal some money from her bank~ Scared even in the daylight~ EXCELLENT MOVIE~

CLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE GEM~ Blake Edwards (THE PINK PANTHER SERIES) directs this scary GEM about a PSYCHO who blackmails for a "good cause" ROSS MARTIN (THE WILD WILD WEST) SHINES and gives one of HIS BEST performances as the NUT who needs money for a friends disabled son~ so he "threatens" 2 girls~ Lee Remick who works at a bank he promises to HARM HER SISTER Stepanie Powers~ this moves along very well and never DRAGS as Martin starts his psyco phone calls~ well filmed in black and White with excellent used of SHADOWS which adds to the TERROR soon the FBI G MAN GLENN FORD~ who is hot on the trail of Martin who is is ELUSIVE and smart~ one excellent scene where MARTIN DRESSES IN DRAG as a woman to get to Lee Remick in a ladies room is outstanding~ the clever angles and use of shadows keeps US on the EDGE of our seats~ I GIVE THIS A 20 OUT OF 10 for THRILLS, SCARES AND GREAT PSYCHO for a cause~ ROSS MARTIN~ ADD the Hery Mancini Theme which ONLY adds to the tension AND HORROR~



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Created: 01/08/09

Experiment in Terror....Fabulous and thrilling...

Review For: Experiment in Terror (DVD, 2003)

This is a really great film that brought together such huge talents that were superbly cast in their roles...Glenn Ford is the perfect "G-Man" of the FBI who must put together the pieces of an enigmatic puzzle to catch a very sadistic terrorist played by Ross Martin...Lee Remick who was such a stunning beauty, really did such a polished performance of the victim in which she was targeted by Martin to steal $100,000.00 from the bank where she works...he had her life all scoped out and even kidnaps her sister, played by Stefanie Powers, in order to enforce his demands when he becomes more desperate...The movie has a fabulous music score by Henry Mancini that adds such a mystical and haunting dimension...Mr Edwards really knew how to add shock value by his masterful use of cinematography...i would highly recommend this film!....brian musgrave, Fresno, Ca.

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Created: 01/31/08

Experiment in Terror fantastic flick!

Review For: Experiment in Terror (DVD, 2003)

I bought Experiment in Terror because Ross Martin is my favorite actor of all time. I will admit that I was afraid to watch this movie because of memories of my grandmother watching horror movies all day on Saturday when she babysat my sister and I...I am sure this movie was one of them!

I was pleasantly surprised when I found that I could handle the suspense (the beginning is where it is really scary, when he...oops, that would spoil it, wouldn't it?).

I love how the viewer doesn't see who the attacker is at first, and he is only shown in "increments"...a dark shadow and just a voice at first (his foot is shown clearly in the second scene in which he appears), a silhouette without a clear look at his face, a mouth, a face being rubbed as he wakes, then finally we see it is Ross.

Stefanie Powers as Kelly's sister is wonderful in this role. She is really scared for her sister and this emotion gets her in hot water. She is fabulous playing the terrified young woman, and Ross is equally terrifying!

The end of the movie is suspenseful, but the final scene could have played out differently and been more believable, in my opinion. If this movie were to be remade it would look nothing like this version and would be ruined.

Henry Mancini's music is beautiful and sets the mood so well. I live near his hometown and my own band instructor in junior high was a classmate of his. His music has been an influence on me for years because of this. I am contemplating buying the soundtrack for this movie as well.

Buy it, rent it, see it somehow! You won't be sorry!

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Created: 08/09/09

Excellent Classic Glenn Ford and Lee Remick Film

Review For: Experiment in Terror (DVD, 2003)

This was an excellent movie thriller. The only non-comedy film made by Blake Edwards (The Pink Panther). This 1962 picture reminds us of an older 1940's detective film. The fact it's produced in Black and White helps. Ross Martin (Artimus Gordon on TV's 'The Wild Wild West') is terrific as the movie's bad guy. You believe that he is capable of doing the crime. Stephanie Powers (Hart to Hart) is seen as Lee Remick's younger sister. Another familiar face is Glenn Ford's detective partner who played the bumbling sheriff in the 1976 Richard Pryor/Gene Wilder movie "Silver Streak". Glenn Ford at his incredible best. A must see movie.

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Created: 01/03/07

Experiment in Terror (2003, DVD)

Review For: Experiment in Terror (DVD, 2003)

Experiment in Terror great movie very underated film by blake edwards.
great suspence and drama. the film also takes place in the city by the bay san francisco.

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