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D-link Boxee Box Digital HD Media Stream...
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D-link B...
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D-link Boxee Box Digital HD Media Streamer (Latest Model)

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D-Link Boxee Box HD Media Player MPN: DSM-380
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D-Link Boxee Box HD Media Player MPN: DSM-380
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Product description
Product Information
With access to thousands of HD movies and favorite TV stations, the D-Link Boxee Box streamer is an all-in-one product that allows users to enjoy their favorite media via one compact device. This Wi-Fi streamer uses a high-speed Internet connection to deliver Netflix 3.0 films and programs, as well as an On-Demand HD library. This D-Link digital media streamer can also play back personal photos and videos, as well as MP3-stored digital music via HDMI ports that connect to a television of PC. Local TV networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS can be streamed to this D-Link Boxee Box, as can popular video websites such as YouTube. This D-Link digital media streamer can even link to Facebook to share with friends what is being watched and see what friends who use the device are watching. A QWERTY keyboard allows users to search for their favorite movies or programs, while it can easily be controlled via an Apple iPad or iPhone. The dimensions of this D-Link digital media streamer are 7.1 inches tall by 7 inches wide by 7.1 inches deep. The total weight of this Wi-Fi streamer is 2.2 lbs.

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UPC5035276170589, 5052695728979, 744664439096, 777778856626, 790069335631, 790069341809

eBay Product ID: EPID96998681

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Created: 10/23/11

I will give it a 7 out of 10 at this time....

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Tried the ROKU last fall, awkward interface and laggie streaming even on CAT5.... But the bummer was no PC networking compatibility.... Been watching Boxee reviews past 6 months and decided take the plunge.... Personally I think it is kind of cute in it's own quirky way... The interface is very intuitive for a PC interface (Apple fans will think it crude) BUT the silver lining is that I syncs right up with my PC and my multiple PHOTO, VIDEO, MUSIC hard drives..... FINALLY a network internet access devise... VUDU HD is stunning, as good or better than comcast on demand. Just need Amazon to get onboard... I am using a Boxee app for my XOOM to control Boxee some of the time. The Boxee remote is a bit small for my big paws.... Up and running in less than 10 minutes. Networking took a little research regarding going into the properties of the various Windows files and granting access to my home network but once that was set up it recognized all of my media and I had Windows style folder access on my TV....

My oal is to dump Comcast video and just use Boxee and internet shows access..... Amazon and Hulu would be a big PLUS to have and there is talk of those apps coming but not as of 10-20-11...

It also has two USB inputs and a optical audio out....

I will give it a 7 out of 10 at this time....

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Created: 04/10/12

No DLNA is so disappointing...

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This is a great device to stream media to your TV. The box has good user interface, fast respond compare to other. One disappointed is this box does not support DLNA were most of the devices support, except Apple. It does support Apple's Airplay instead. I did have bad experience with my Boxee but I believe because I purchased a refurbished one. The box could not hold me settings. Every time I restart the box, I have to go through the setup again. Then the box will have to rescan my library. I believe I wouldn't have to do that should I purchase a new one.

This box is gears toward normal consumers because it doesn't allow flexibility. For the same full price, I would rather getting a PopcornHour.

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Created: 02/16/13

Great features, but Poor execution. Too many bugs and flaws needs overhaul.

No, I would not recommend this product.

I ordered this unit to mainly watch the movies (avi format and MP4 Mostly) That I have on my the 1 TB storage on my computer, and to have the internet on my main TV. My PS3 can do most of it, but wont play many movies(same for my XBOx). I currently have a WDTV live and is works excellent for playing many formats from my computer server (TVersity), but it does not access the internet and is limited on the other applications it has. After many reviews I read I thought this was going to be the perfect device and it is upon initial use. Once I got into it I found that this device has many bugs. I understand most devices today needs and update or two to get it working on all cylinders but after I did the updates I found many problems. The main one was that this device would just "black out" often during playback. It was able to see and access my server. It even played most of my files, but during every playback the movie would constantly be interrupted with "Black outs" that would last from 3-5 seconds which was annoying. The other big problem I had was that this unit Locked up almost every time I used it and sometimes more than once. It did that when I was trying to use the online apps and internet and when I was switching videos. I contacted the customer service and they told me to hold down the Power button for 8 seconds and the hold it down for another 8 seconds to do a reset. That worked to fix the immediate problems,but they kept coming back and I would have to continue to do it over and over again. I am a techie so I tried to work with this device, but I am not here to fix problems that Boxee should have fixed. I don't know if I got a bad unit or not, but i could not recommend it. It does have great features and would be a great device if they took the time to fix the bugs. I did more research and learned about the Sony Google Internet player NSZ-GS7. It also needed some updates, but once I installed it and made the updates it worked great. It does have some quirks, but once you understand the unit it is excellent. To play the videos from my server (Tversity) I had to add the right app to allow the device to see my server and play my videos. Once I did that it does excellent. Even some files my WDTV can play the sony google tv was able to play. The internet is great and the remote is head and tails above the boxee. the remote can be lit to see in a dark room and it has a bluetooth mouse that you can move the pointer around on the screen with you finger. Again it has quirks as it does not allow you to see all the apps allowed on google play and you have to choose among sub par apps, but once you get the right ones this is an excellent device that has not locked up on me yet knock on wood.

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Created: 08/04/12

A great product for enhancing your Video and Audio pleasures

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This is incredible product for internet Video Streaming.
I use it in conjunction with a sling box hooked up to a Directv Receiver in one town and pick up the Video and Audio signal in another town via Internet and HD on a 60 inch TV. All the remote functions work great and it also plays well on the IPAD.The Boxee Box comes with Numerous APPS either Video and Audio. It really takes watching TV or listening to great music to a new level.
A breeze to Install.
Bob C

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Created: 01/13/13

Great product

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

A great product for streaming, interface is very good, can be updated, even hacked to "BOXEE+ Hacks",
only thing is the language keyboard words only virtualy on the screen and not on the youtube app, but you can use internet to surf http://www.youtube.com/xl to surf youtube in your language (:

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