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Diablo III  (PC, 2012)
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Diablo I...Diablo I...Diablo I...Diablo I...
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*New* Diablo III (PC, 2012) Great PC Game!
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*New* Diablo III  (PC, 2012) Great PC Game!
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Diablo III 3 PC Game U.S. Retail ✔Brand New✔Factory Sealed✔Ships Same Day Free!!
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Diablo III 3 PC Game U.S. Retail ✔Brand New✔Factory Sealed✔Ships Same Day Free!!
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Product Information
After a decade-long absence, Blizzard's beloved and oft-imitated isometric RPG looter returns with more monsters, more randomly generated dungeons, a new auction system for trading, and four new character classes in Diablo III. Gamers can choose to play as a wizard, a witch doctor, a demon hunter, a monk, or a barbarian, with each class offering unique styles of play, and each making use of a different resource system. Set 20 years after the events of Diablo II, Diablo III sends players to Tristram to investigate stories about a fallen star, said to be a sign of the End Times.

As their journey progresses, gamers will be able to enlist the aid of followers, who can join in battles, be outfitted with weapons and armor, and receive upgrades. Artisans and craftsmen can also be added to the party, and, if properly trained, they can take the scores of skill runes, weapons, and pieces of armor players collect and use them to produce stronger items. Surplus items can also be sold off in the new auction house, allowing gamers to accrue in-game gold or real-world money for their fantasy exploits. Now, players who find a powerful weapon only useable by another class can immediately sell or trade that item, instead of having to search for an in-game vendor.

Blizzard has also attempted to improve other areas of the Diablo formula, including a new inventory management system designed to encourage less hoarding of skill points, more defensive abilities for a refined combat experience, more control options, and dedicated PvP arenas for multiplayer combat. And for those who just can't get enough, Diablo III includes classic "Nightmare" and "Hell" difficulty settings, as well as the new "Inferno" mode that offers magnificent rewards to those who can handle its brutal difficulty.

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Product Identifiers
PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
GameDiablo III
UPC020626728515, 1020626728514, 5030917102561, 5030917102585

Key Features

Tech Details
Control ElementsKeyboard, Mouse
Number of Players1-4
Release Year2012
Game Special Features
  • Battle thousands of monsters, hoard gold, and collect hundreds of different weapons and armor sets

  • Return to Tristram as a wizard, a witch doctor, a demon hunter, a monk, or a barbarian

  • Enlist the aid of upgradable followers, or have craftsmen produce valuable items

  • Head to the new auction house to sell loot for in-game gold or real-world money

  • Game SeriesDiablo Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID56246961

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    Created: 06/11/12

    Visually exceptional adventure ! Secure and lots of replayability!

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I have not completed the game yet, but I wanted to chaime in, seeing some ridiculous ratings. A game of this stature, to be given a '1' rating is a obvious fraud. There is no way to rate such a phenomenal game, so low. I do not work for Blizzard nor do I work for any subsidiary, but I have played Diablo 1 and 2, and 3 is every bit as engaging and fun. I am not a 'fanboy/oi' nor do I stay awake at nights fighting hordes of creatures for that last drop. I started playing with a good friend, and we made it all the way through normal mode of Diablo 2 LOD, and had a blast, after some colorful words here and there, as even she as a veteran, would often die.

    We loved the challenge, the amazing artwork and the skilltree offerings. We enjoyed the loot drops and having to find perfect combinations to enhance our armor to have a shot at some of the very tough bosses/creatures in the game.

    I find it amusing, that a game of such high quality would get even ONE '1' rating, let alone any '2' ratings. I can see someone going with '3', and given the childish , snide and uncalled for remarks I've seen on blizzard forums, I can tell you for sure, its spilling over here too, and its lameO.

    Offer opinions, we need them, but let's be honest, not ad hominem. This game, if you are truly honest, deserves at least a '3' rating. To do less is showing your immaturity and distasteful atti'tude'.

    I get that some are angry over AH/RMAH/balance issues, but, those are being worked on from what I've seen from the PATCH news from Blizzard.

    Everyone whined , wondering why its taking Blizzard so long, and now that they released it, its taking more whining. MOst are a very vocal minority group, using childish words and usually not being specific when they say what's 'wrong' with the game. When they are asked to elbaorate they finally do, and then everything changes. If you can't post here, or on Blizzard forums, - and do it respectfully, why bother at all ?

    WHen you post in a childish, rant manner, your post is NOT taken seriously, by anyone, except for the most radical and childlish of your peers.

    That is how life works, like or not, and to take the hard work, yes for profit, of game developers who know Diablo fans 'want a challenge', and want it to be filled with monsters and visual splendor and rate a game less than '3' is obviously dishonest and silly.

    Blizzard wanted players to have a challenge, because we all know that is what games are there for. Fun and challenge. We can't have it both ways, to then 'complain' when its TOO HARD, yet as we speak , such things are fixed in PATCHES.

    Harkening back to the enjoyment I received alongside my comrad, my friend, playing Diablo 2 >LOD, I get the same feeling from Diablo 3's stunning artwork, which is a unique integration of Diablo 2's 2d artwork and now Diablo 3's 3d models. I don't hear that enough honestly, and Im surprised people are missing that, even on Diablo 3 forums.

    IS it perfect, no net yet,but how many games are on release ? Practically ZERO, and if you aren't willing to be honest about that, why are you here ?

    AT the end of the day, its just a game, but its clear the developer did their best to immerse us in a visually enticing world filled with cues from Diablo of yesteryear. Games are there to lift us out of a sometimes oppressive real life &/or have a little challenge and fun with our friends.

    This game does not disappoint , no matter what you may have heard from a vocal bitter few.

    10 of 18 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 06/07/13

    Awesome, I recommend

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    The game is awesome, I already played for hours and I'm pretty pleased. Diablo III is an action role-playing game that takes place throughout the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary.

    You play a hero who engages in fast-paced combat that tests your reflexes and rewards tactical decisions. As you slay hordes of monsters and challenging bosses, you grow in experience and ability, learning new skills and acquiring items of incredible power.The demons of the Burning Hells have long desired to invade the realm of men. To this end, a powerful group of demon lords known as the Lesser Evils exiled their brethren, the Prime Evils, from the Hells and sent them to the human world of Sanctuary.

    War came with them. The Prime Evils—Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal—began corrupting humans, twisting them into dark servants, and poisoning their minds with false promises of power and wealth. They planned to use these souls in their ongoing battle against the angels of the High Heavens.

    Brave heroes banded together and managed to slay the Prime Evils, though the demons’ influence left parts of the world scarred and broken. Thousands of people perished, towns were burned to ash, and an entire nation fell to ruin when the Worldstone was destroyed. This ancient relic once kept Sanctuary safe from the armies of demons and angels, but it has been shattered, and its protection is no more.

    Today, few survivors tell tales of the Prime Evils, and many people on Sanctuary are unaware that the Worldstone ever existed. They remain ignorant of the growing danger that the Worldstone’s absence places them in, content to till their fields and sell their wares in relative peace. But those who saw the Prime Evils’ devastation firsthand remember that two of the Lesser Evils yet live in the Burning Hells…Azmodan, the Lord of Sin, and Belial, the Lord of Lies. These great demons have not forgotten the world of Sanctuary—indeed, they see a chance to seize it for themselves.

    Now, a star has fallen from the heavens—a grim omen that heralds the End of Days. Sanctuary’s frightened inhabitants are turning to abandoned legends and prophecies for answers. They have no hope against a full onslaught from the Burning Hells. The heroes of the past are gone or dead.

    A new champion must rise…

    Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 08/09/12

    Bottom line, decent dungeon crawler, for the price..., let you decide...

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    A great fun, dungeon crawler, that adds a lot more depth then your typical style.

    I truly enjoy it and as a Leveling up Demon Hunter, truly love the game in its glory, decent replay value (but after a while can wear on you).

    Though, many will disagree, I have been a Diablo fan since the first one, second and the expansions and beyond.

    A Diablo fan will truly appreciate the attention to detail that Blizzard put into it and of the environments and story pulling you in and Love the voice-acting (I recognized a few folks in the industry right away, a few took me a minute).

    though, still can be a bit expansive, I cannot complain as if you keep an eye out over time there are always deals popping up all the time, ^_^ (but, just happy as the others there is not a monthly fee, though, its all Online (not all a bad thing), sometimes I wish I could play through the whole game offline as well and then after upload and unlock all the achievements (and auction house, nice touch...) (though, years from now, hard to say what will be available, but at the moment, fun. ^_^

    0 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 08/17/12

    Bad.SPEND MONEY ELSEWHERE (TorchLight 2 / Diablo 2 maybe?)

    No, I would not recommend this product.


    Diablo series developer, Blizzard(Its owners) fired most of the geniuses that created the classic,innovating video games of the past that we love and still play, to create this,long awaited,very disappointing,very dumbed down ARPG.

    Me and my friends waited years for this to come out.Good graphics dont make up for the horrible itemization,automated customisation(skills/stats), sound , replayability,mandatory online connection..not to mention that the game (and item drops) are bases on the Real Money Auction house..I dont feel like going into the details about how bad it is, but do some research...

    2 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 05/17/12

    Now safe to buy! Patches and updates have made this the game it should be.

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Hi, and thanks for reading our review.

    This game has been in development for just over a decade. Activision Blizzard has decades of experience in launching online games. Armed with this knowledge, you would think that after millions that have been spent in development, plus a ton more on advertising and marketing that Activision Blizzard would have enough hardware and servers to insure a successful launch of this highly touted game. Well, sadly you and we would be terribly wrong. Save your sixty bucks and wait a few months to get this game cheap and keep checking reviews to see if all the errors have been corrected. As of this writing, the game is completely unplayable and here's why;
    1) If by chance you are fortunate enough to actually get logged into one of the servers, you are asked to create a character. Easy enough, but in our experience, we were booted off the server seven times before actually being able to create a character (called a hero in this game).

    2) There is plenty of substantiation on the single player disaster, so allow us to move forward to after 30 minutes to create a hero to the slow motion play. I kid you not, the game plays for an average of 7 to 14 minutes in slow motion before you get exited out of the game. All this plus a plethora of error codes and messages that would cause most people to seek refunds immediately. Obviously Activision Blizzard never bothered to invest in enough server capacity to even come close to the demand.

    3) You can't complain to them, as the company actually took down their "battlenet" common area supposedly to use those servers to help with demand. They didn't help!

    4) The stock price plunged today by .40 cents, which wouldn't have been a big deal other than the stock trades in the $12 - $14 dollar range. Forty cents is significant. Investors figured out quickly that once again Activision Blizzard had ruined the launch of this game.

    If you own this game, the only way I have found to actually send a message to complain is to find the investor page on the website and email them from their. I would encourage everyone that ponied up the $60 bucks and much more for the collectors addition to do just that. Here is the link: http://investor.activision.com​/contactus.cfm

    Again, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read our review. Take care and we hope you find a playable game.

    UPDATE 8-29-12:
    I think it is only fair as I was so direct in my opinion of the terrible launch of this game, and it was TERRIBLE, that I now amend my opinion as the company has LISTENED to the many gamers and have had several updates/patches that have dramatically improved the game. You will find that this game is very rewarding in it's current state, but there is still significant room for improvement. Stay tuned for future review updates, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

    12 of 24 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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