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DeWalt DC825B 18V NiMH 1/4"  Cordless Im...
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DeWalt DC825B 18V NiMH 1/4" Cordless Impact Drill

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DeWalt DCF826 18V 1/4" Compact Lithium-Ion Impact Driver
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Gainesville, VA, USA
DeWalt DCF826 18V 1/4" Compact Lithium-Ion Impact Driver
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Dewalt DC825 18 V Heavy Duty 1/4" Hex Cordless Impact Driver New Bare Tool
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Mesa, AZ, USA
Dewalt DC825 18 V Heavy Duty 1/4" Hex Cordless Impact Driver New Bare Tool
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Product description

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Product Information
An outstanding tool for working with masonry and plastics, this DeWalt power drill is handy and powerful. Contractors and crafters alike will be amazed by the dependability, style, and ergonomics of this DeWalt power drill. The DeWalt DC825B is a great choice for working on a range of situations in the job site or field. Drilling many holes is fun and easy with the 2400 RPM rotation speed typical of the DeWalt DC825B. At just 4.4 lbs, this drill is portable, so you can grab onto it without hassle and drill with it without fatigue. Since this DeWalt power drill comes with a 1/4" chuck, you will be able to accessorize it with different specialized bits optimized for high-precision work. The 18V motor on the DeWalt DC825B makes it easy for you to drill without hassle into hard materials, glass, and metals. This drill is cordless, so you can easily use it for making repairs when the power is out.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers

Key Features
Drill TypeImpact Drill
Drill Speed2400 RPM
Number of Speed Settings1 Speed
Power ConnectivityCordless
Chuck Size0.25 in.

Technical Features
Battery TypeNiMH
Auxiliary HandleWithout

Weight4.4 lbs

eBay Product ID: EPID70610855

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Created: 07/04/10

DC825 - a Holmes on homes tool

I bought this because I have a huge basement flooring project and needed to drive over 1100 Tapcon screws. So I bought two. I'm only 1/4 through the project and so far the driver is the only thing that can drive those 3/16 Phillips head screws. Its got plenty of power, more than enough to find that 10% of the Tapcon screws are weak and break off 1/2 way down the length.

Couple of complaints: The first time I used it, it had a very odd smell. Almost like rotten fish. I bout two of these, and both smelled like that until I used them over a couple of hours. The Dewalt phillips head screw driver bits that are "made for the impact" do not last that long. About every 90 screws you're breaking them. I wish Tapcon made a square recessed screw and could use a stronger bit. I've had to postpone my project until I receive my order of more bits. I also got a bit jambed into the driver by not using one of the extensions since I ran out of full length locking bits. What a real pain to take apart the driver, remove the bit, and get it back together without loosing the locking ball bearing.

I initially tried the driver on a couple of pieces of drywall that I had left to hang. Its not a good tool for soft material as it will over drive the screws if your not taking your time. I'll stick with my drywall gun.

I have a deck project for later this summer. I fully expect these will work wonders on the planking. Much better than a standard drill.

Like anything, you need the right tool for the job and the DC825 filled my need for an impact driver. Kind of wish I had one years ago. But then it would not have been cordless. Batteries have come a long way and the batteries lasted about 2 hours before swapping out with the 2nd. That's pretty good considering the amount of torque these little drivers have to put out.

Conclusion: Buy one if you plan on driving long screws into wood or screws into concrete. Don't buy one for drywall or if you plan on using it to drill holes into things. It's not a drill, its a driver. Great tool for the contractor and the DYI'er. Maybe a little pricey, but its a cordless and well in line with quality cordless tool cost.

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Created: 02/02/11



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Created: 01/08/12

This is a great drill that is small to hold but big on power.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought two of these drills -- one for each of my two sons. Both sons are quite capable craftsman, so quality is important to them. We have always tried to buy DeWalt tools -- they are very well made and are strong enough to handle even the toughest working conditions.

This particular drill is great to use, especially when hanging sheetrock. It is small, so it doesn't wear you out just holding it, but it delivers enough torque/power to drive in the screws. The LED is an added bonus, especially in the tight, hard to reach places where it is hard to get light into. And, it is able to use our 18v batteries, so we didn't need to spend a ton of money buying new batteries. the literature says that the 20v batteries can be used in it if we decide to go that direction.

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Created: 01/12/14

Great tool to have on handyman jobs.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

It great having this cordless impact drill, to work around the house or in my garage on different handyman projects.
I used with my dewalt cordless drill, now I don't have to take out drill bits from my cordless drill anymore & replace different chucks. I can continue working on a project. The light underneath the chuck comes in handy to see hard to see drill holes.

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Created: 12/10/13

Typical Dewalt quality and usability

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

During my 35 years as a cop I worked construction as my moonlighting job. When I retired earlier this year I went full time with the crew so it was time to add some power tools to my kit rather than rely on the communal set. If starting fresh there is no doubt that I would have gone with Ryobi One tools as they guarantee to maintain battery compatibility in future tools unlike all the others who use the time your tools wear out as a "gotcha" and you also have to buy all new batteries and chargers. However I already had a Dewalt 1/2" impact gun with the ni-cad 18 V XRP batteries so I explored getting an impact driver which would use the same. The local suppliers still want a fortune for Dewalt XRP stuff even though Dewalt has the Lithium stuff too so I cast around on eBay and Amazon. The 825 driver I'm reviewing was part of an unopened set with their regular drill/driver and I got the set with two more batteries and another charger for a great price. That gives me four batteries, the minimum number of ni-cads for one work day, with one charger at home and one on the site. My crew has transitioned to screws for everything except basic framing and roof decking and I've worked my new 825 hard. It will drive Spax and timber screws as easily as deck screws. The heavier-than-lithium batteries are slightly noticeable in the balance of the tool but not enough to be fatiguing. And just recently I saw that Dewalt has come out with Lithium batteries with the XRP architecture for retro fitting and they can can use the same chargers too. Very expensive right now but that will ease, so....hooray Dewalt!

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