DeLorme Earthmate PN-40
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DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 Handheld

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Product description
  • Integrated 1 GB SD memory card
  • WAAS retains satellite link even at difficult areas like canyons etc.
  • Sunlight readable TFT display
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life
  • IPX7 Waterproof standard
Navigate your way through every situation. The DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 has an effective double center processor for lightning-fast execution. It incorporates a three-hub electronic compass, usable while held in any position; and a barometric altimeter for dependable elevation readings. The PN-40 puts the most cutting-edge topographic maps in your hand. It accurately shows current landscape and land spread points of interest. To assist you while you are in the midst of navigation, the DeLorme PN-40 displays road and street information; everything from interstate parkways to remote byways. It provides you with additional menu items of supplemental information, including detailed aerial views, USGS 7.5-min. quad maps, and NOAA nautical outlines.

Product Identifiers
ModelEarthmate PN-40
MPNAE-7985-201, AE007985201, AE007985201 AE007985201 AE007985201BUNDLE AE-7985-201 AE007985201BUNDLE AE-7985-201, AE007985201 AE007985201BUNDLE AE-7985-201, AE007985201BUNDLE

Key Features
System TypeHandheld
Screen Size2.2"
User InterfaceKeypad
WAAS FeaturesWAAS enabled

Technical Features
FeaturesAltimeter, Built-In Altimeter, Built-In Barometer, Geocaching Mode

GPS System
Accuisition Time - Cold60 sec
Accuisition Time - Hot45 sec

PDA Features
Plug-in InterfaceSecure Digital (SD)

Battery Life14 Hours

Height5.25 in.
Width2.43 in.
Depth1.5 in.
Weight0.33 lb.

eBay Product ID: EPID77531089

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Created: 04/14/10

Great GPS - even for a beginner

The PN-40 has a few setbacks, but after some research, nothing else came close to handling the needs I expected out of a GPSr.

My uses are mostly biking, hiking, and other recreational activities. It still works great for navigation, but since I haven't tried other GPSr's I cannot rate it against anything else.

It comes with Topo8 USA and a free month premium membership at It also comes with 40 dollars of selectable maps, which quickly ensures that the 30/year for an unlimited download subscription is well worth the price.

The learning curve on the software, and to less of an extent, the receiver itself, is pretty high compared to what I was expecting. I dont expect the average person looking solely for a navigation system to put the time and energy into learning how to use it properly and get full use from it.

There have been a few issues. Once or twice it has restarted on its own while I was in the middle of a task. This happens under 50% battery life and usually while there is a lot of information on the screen. The batteries also die pretty quickly and I wouldn't recommend regular alkalines or you'll be donating limbs to keep the thing powered before a few months time. I did put some NiMH re-chargables in it, and they last longer, but it appears they still need to be removed to be charged. After having it hooked up to my usb port on my computer the batteries never seem to charge.

In the end, I knew what I wanted long before my purchase and was happy with where I put my money. I would have rated this excellent but it obviously has some flaws. This unit has a lot of potential (think graphing calculator vs basic calculator), but not everyone needs it all.

Delorme's website has user forums and plenty of options for customer support. I hear they also take recommendations from customers on a regular basis and incorporate them into later versions. So even if your not 100% happy, they may meet your needs in the future if its possible.

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Created: 07/26/10

BEST FOR PRICE: Great Solution for Hunters

I have just purchased the Delorme PN-40 and although I don't have it yet I am leaving a review now because I also have many friends who have the product. I have already logged probably 25 hours in the field with a friend's unit. It is hands down the best I've GPS I've used. It has no screen glare like other units and can easily be read in direct sunlight, interface is very user friendly, buttons are few but useful and arranged well on the unit, can be operated with gloves in cold weather, highly waterproof, screen is perfect size, blaze orange in case you drop it.
Another often overlooked feature in a GPS is its battery source and life. With the Delorme you have the ability to pack spare batteries to allow for more use on longer trips without the hassle of chargers and a power source allowing you to go even further into the back country. Allows more waypoints than the average person would ever use, routes are easy: able to map out game areas for hunting. Layering of maps including aerial imagery and topography make this unit top of the line, and a perfect solution for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Scout game lands before ever even going there with aerial and topographic maps. Plan routes and campsites, using distances and elevations for ultiamte control. Having been able to test the product, and all these features, before hand made this a no-brainer for me.

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Created: 03/01/11

Good to Excellent GPS

The PN-40 does everything I need it to do. I use it primarily for kayaking trips. I typically put it in track mode and let it track my path. Later I upload the recorded GPX file into Google Earth to see my path. The screen is a bit small but very visible even in bright Florida sunlight. The unit has a full set of cool "extras" like moon phase, sun up and down times, tide charts, compass,and altimeter. Most every time I have used i get a 3D WAAS fix, accurate tracking.

Maps, basically you will want to pay the $29 for the Delorme map library. It allows access to all their maps ( topo, sat, NOAA ) for 1 year. You select and download what you want in the Delorme TOPO program and transfer it to the PN-40.
You can pay another $29 for access to super high res aerial imagery but you will need to be using TOPO9 ( or map X ) program to take advantage of that.

Why not five stars? First and biggest knock is battery life. If you use regular AA's with this thing it will burn through them in 3 hrs of light use. I get somewhere between 6-8 hrs using 2300mAH rechargeable NIMHS. Not bad, not great, acceptable. Second knock, screen could be a bit bigger. Third knock, the contacts for the USB cable are exposed. Should you get some sea water on them you will need to clean them ( eraser method ). I think the design should have at least had a removable cover for the USB contacts.

I paid $120 from someone on Ebay who looked like he was honest when saying he used it twice. Overall I am highly satisfied.

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Created: 11/17/10

Great GPSr

I have owned several Garmin GPS units and this is the first Delorme I have owned. Both makers have excellent units but there are important differences. If your needs are diverse as far as trail use and road navigation - leaning toward road use - then Garmin is the way to go. Their HCx, 60 and 76 series are excellent choices for off road use and much better for driving use. They route like their Nuvi line and meet most trail navigation needs. The downside to Garmin is lack of off road detail and maps much be purchased seperately at significant cost. This is where Deldorme truly shines. The detail of their Topo series maps is far better then Garmin for off road use and they include these maps with the unit. You can purchase more detailed maps for a reasonable annual subcription which again makes Delorme a better bargain for trail use. Their road detail is quite good but the routing engine they use is not as good as Garmin. Their POI database is also not as complete as you will find with City Navigator. Battery life is another consideration. The newest Garmins (colorado, oregon) are hard on batteries as well, but the etrex line will keep you going for a long while on a set of AAs. It all comes down to your specific use. Both makers build quality GPS units but for geocaching and off road rec use I believe Delorme is the more complete package. Hope this helps.

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Created: 06/14/10

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 GPS Receiver

This is an over priced GPS. I called the company DeLorme and spoke with a technician and was told by him that lat/Lon positions could be imputed to go to that position. False. Download of maps is not only a challenge, but when done by the numbers there are errors which cause the maps not to be displayed.

The best I can say about this GPS is that it turns on and off, and you can pinpoint where you have been.

Had I know that this Earthmate PN-40 had so many quirks as to make it unusable I would not have purchased. The demo films that are shown on the DeLorme website are misleading and in some instances fabrications.

The TOPO 8 that came with this GPS works great on the computer, but you can not download the same on the SHSD card as it indicates you can. The TOPO 8 is slow slow slow. Just to do a small area can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. (I have an i7 processor) which is not slow.

If I had to do it all over I would not purchase this product until DeLorme could guarantee that it would operate like their website shows.

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