Dance of the Dead (DVD, 2008)
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Dance of...Dance of...Dance of...
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Dance of the Dead (DVD, 2008)

Gregg Bishop, Jared Kusnitz | Rating: R (MPAA)

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Movie synopsis
If SHAUN OF THE DEAD had a baby with John Hughes, it might look a little something like this charming, celebrated horror-comedy from Sam Raimi's Ghost House Underground. It's up to the dateless nerds at suburban high school to save prom night when the dead rise from the earth to feast on the living.

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Number of Discs:1
Rating:R (MPAA)
Film Country:USA

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Director:Gregg Bishop
Leading Role:Jared Kusnitz
eBay Product ID: EPID70930277

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Created: 08/26/10

Dance of the Dead shows the zombie comedy isn't dead

Review For: Dance of the Dead (DVD, 2008)

It's not a classic like Shaun of the Dead, but Dance is a fun little romp, with a great nod to Cemetery Man opening up the film. The local nuclear power plant is causing the dead to rise. Soon, even the cemetery caretaker can not keep the dead in the ground and most of the town is turned into metal loving flesh eaters. A group of high school students, including members of the SciFi club, must stop the plague from spreading and saving their fellow students as the zombies descend on the prom.

The zombies are fast, exploding out of their coffins on the run in a outlandish, yet jaw dropping sequence. But even if you love shambling zombies, the sequence still works. The film contains lots of great special effects (mostly practical) and you'll see the best reason not to make out with a zombie towards the end. And just wait for the greatest use of a Pat Benatar cover EVER!

The acting is fine, with all the principles looking more like real high school students, rather than cast members off the CW. While the PE teacher (Coach) is a bit too over the top at times, it's a forgivable decision on the filmmaker's part.

A must for zombie fans, all horror lovers will also find a lot to like about this film. Very enjoyable and one of the best Ghost House releases I've seen.

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Created: 10/14/12

Want some Screams & Laughs. This is the one for you

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Dance of the Dead (DVD, 2008)

I Bought this product because it truly is the best of both worlds. It is a comedy & a horror film all in one. This is like a younger version of Dawn Of The Dead. Although some of the parts didn't make scene. But this movie deserves a chance.

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Created: 06/02/12

awesome product

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Dance of the Dead (DVD, 2008)

This movie es awesome. Its a different kind of heroes jaja the movies is funny like shaun of the dead and in some points even better. the actor were good and the zombies too

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Created: 06/06/11

Decent movie One thumb up nothin special

No, I would not recommend this product.
Review For: Dance of the Dead (DVD, 2008)

THis movie was okay. I wouldn't spend more than a couple bucks on it. it's more of a comedy than a horror film. It's kinda like saun of the dead if youre into that kinda film, but overall it was a decent film.

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Created: 05/17/09

typical zombie or not so typical

Review For: Dance of the Dead (DVD, 2008)

i am not a big fam of the zombie type movies at all<but i do like horror movies.this movie is almost the same as any other.a nuclear waste plant,bodies coming to have to shoot them in the head to kill them.i did however like this was a little bit bloodier and gorier then some i have seen in the was entertaining throughout.the movie went by fast before i knew it,the movie was entertained me off that i was not bored and it went by fast..

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