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Cobra M Speed Driver Golf Club
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Cobra M ...
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Cobra M Speed Driver Golf Club

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Escondido, CA, USA
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Product description
• Large 460cc face area • Milled rhombus L face insert and laser weld construction • Widebody sole design with dual weighting system • Fast back crown design • Offset design for straight to draw-bias ball flights • Player profile: Ave Drive 210-250 yds, Ave Swing Speed 76-97 mph, Ave Ball Speed 110-140 mph

Product Identifiers
ModelM Speed
Club TypeDriver

Shaft MaterialGraphite
Head MaterialTitanium


eBay Product ID: EPID50418004

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Created: 09/13/08

King Cobra Drivers...from a geezers point of view

I got invited to attend a rehab program for disabled vets called the TEE Tournament in Iowa City, Iowa. They take blind/disabled vets, give them a little one-on-one with course pros and put them on the course. I had never played golf before and didn't think it was possible to play after becoming blind. I won't go into the rehabilitative aspects of it, but let's just say it was nothing short of amazing.
I was using borrowed clubs. I didn't own clubs as I'd never played before. I was surprised that I hit it as weell as I did, but had a tendency to go right. One of our foursoeme, and experienced player, let me and the other blind vets borrow his 10.5 degree offset King Cobra. Every shot was straight and long with that club. Now, a year later and some many, many lessons under the belt, I decided to upgrade. My choice? The King Cobra offset driver. Being mobility impaired as I am, and with a swing speed of under 60 mph, I opted for the 12 degree in a tuned senior flex, to give me a little whip and higher loft to get the ball out there, which it does extremely well. The club is very forgiving, the ball bursts off the head of this club and I get loft you wouldn't believe as well as about 30-40 yards greater distance. If a crippled up guy like me, who can barely bend, has a weak and restricted follow thru and a slow swing speed of only 57 mph can hit this driver 200 yards consistently, then you know it's a great club.
I just got home from this years TEE Tournament. I let a LOT of people try my brand new driver. Some experienced golfers, some new golfers and some novices. The average age of veterans at the tournament this year was 61 years old. My driver in the hands of a 62 year old man with degenerative spinal disease and in leg braces took the longest drive in the tournament at 253 yards.
The offset really helps bring the ball back to center, for those who tend to hit or curve right. It isn't the cure all...but it certainly helps. Work on your grip a little and use an offset club and you'll get a tremendous benefit. Some people complain about the loudness of the Cobra clubs, but I find the sound a great benefit to me. Being blind, I depend a lot on sound. I can hear the shot that I make with this, since the sounds are loud and distinctive. I can hear a toe shot, a heel shot or when I top the ball. When I hit the sweet spot, I definitely know it. I think it helps you keep your head down because you can tell by the sound what kind of drive you've hit without having to look up.
In summary, it hits further (for me) than any club I've used (Bazooka, Titleist, Toaylor Made, Ping and Cleveland). The offset keeps me from curving right as I tend to do with a standard club. The distinctive sound gives me feedback instantly. It's also a very fogiving club and much easier to hit straight than many of the clubs I've had experience with. If you have a slower or weaker swing, as I do, the 12 degree loft will definitely get that ball off the ground out there for you. They're a little pricier than some you can find, but the enjoyment and performance you'll receive outweighs the added expense. If a blind and crippled up newbie like me can hit 200 yds consistently, it's gotta be the club doing the work.
(REQUEST) You can help disabled vets rehabilitate and find joy in life once again by donating your used golf equipment. The Golf for Injured Veterans everywhere (GIVE) program. Contact aharleyryder4u@hotmail.com on how to donate.

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Created: 05/09/07

Cobra LD M Offset Driver

Fantastic Driver. I bought this after playing the 3 wood, and testing or owning almost every recent OEM driver, including Callaway FT-5, Ping G5, Nike Sumo, Taylor R7. The large head makes off center hits very playable, and boosts confidence. The M series is 2 degrees closed, and combined with offset really keeps the fades and slices minimized. I have the 9 degree, which results in a really nice higher than average trajectory, but can be knocked down easily into the wind. The M series uses the 50 gm Aldila NVS shaft, which is great for golfers who prefer lighter shafts, or want to create slightly more clubhead speed and higher shots. I use the stiff, which works out very well for my near 100 mph swingspeed. The LD series comes in 3 different head choices and various shaft combinations, and no doubt there is one that will work for almost every golfer. The stock club is 45 inches long, which seems to be best for accuracy with distance. I have nothing negative to say about this club. Several friends and others have commented about not liking the sound, which is rather loud and something like an aluminum bat. It does not bother me at all. I must say, each time I have been to the range other golfers have come up to me to ask what I was hitting, which has never happened before (I am a 9 handicapper, and only hit the ball 240-250 yds). This interest is due to a combination of perfect drive after drive, the sound, and the interesting head/club design. I strongly urge any golfer looking for a new driver to demo this club, or just pick one up, as they are so fairly valued, and the bang for the buck is amazing.

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Created: 03/20/07

It's all about confidence

Before buying I did a little research on a lot of drivers. I tend to fade to the right and wanted more control. The offset immediately corrected this issue. I also tend to hit flatter drives. The 10.5* gave me a better angle for a longer flight. You must use the extra long tees though. As I age my club speed is going down so I tended to try to swing faster and harder to get the same distance. We all know the results of overswinging. Choosing the M speed was a better "fit" for my realistic speed, yet it has maximized my distance. It has a very forgiving face for a weekend golfer like myself. It is the perfect driver for me in every way, I love it. Easy to swing, accurate, and long. I look down at the head, then the ball and I have all of the confidence in the world it will go where I want it. I think 3/4 of the battle is having confidence in your equipment. Matching the club to your unique swing is the rest. If you hook, hit sky high drives, and swing 120 mph this is the wrong club for you. This driver targets a specific golfer and delivers. You will undoutedly still have poor drives but don't blame this driver.

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Created: 10/01/08

Cobra offset driver and fairway woods.

Before I bought this driver, I had a bad slice. This driver has been a big help in keeping my drive in the fairway and has also adding about 25-40 yards to my drive. I love this driver and in fact have added to my set of clubs the King Cobra Offset 3, 5, and 7 woods, which I also have found a big inprovement in my distance and ability to keep them in the fairway. I have also ordered the King Cobra irons, but have not recived them as of this writing. The last time I played golf with the new driver and fairway woods I went from a normal score of a low 100s, to an 87. Best day I have ever had. Course my putting was also at its best. Think the confidence I gain in my woods helped my entire game.

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Created: 10/02/07

Cobra M Speed Driver

Almost like new.It fits my golf swing. The ball flight, after hitting with it is straight and the launch is higher. Since it is a 12 degree, off-set club, it will hook or draw greatly, with a faster swing speed. It is an easier club to use, than my previous drivers(Calloway and Titlelest. I haven't gotten the distance that I expected it to have.It's about the same distance as my other drivers. I tried a golf club similar to this one. This is the the older generation or the first generation of the Cobra F speed series. The new one, the LD has a lower profile.

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