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Casio G'zOne Type-S
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Casio G'...
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Casio G'zOne Type-S - Silver on black (Verizon) Cellular Phone

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Poor - Casio G'zOne Type-S - Silver on Blue (Verizon) Camera - Quick Shipping
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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA
Poor - Casio G'zOne Type-S - Silver on Blue (Verizon) Camera - Quick Shipping
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Product description
Product Information
It's kind of hard to give something your everything when your hand is tethered to your ear. That's why the G'zOne Type-S comes with Bluetooth.It's so much than a phone. The G'zOne is also a camera or camcorder whenever you need it.The G'zOne is one tough inside is nestled in a protective bed of silicon rubber and surrounded on the outside by a sturdy frame of reinforced plastic coated with polyurethane. Drop it, dunk it, shake it - it's all in a day's work for the G'zOne.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Family LineCasio G'zOne
TypeCellular Phone

Key Features
ColorSilver on black
Network TechnologyCDMA2000 1X
BandCDMA2000 1X 1900/800
Camera0.3 MP

Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity1050 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 203 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 170 hr

Display TechnologyLCD display
Diagonal Screen Size1.8 in.
Display Resolution176 x 220 pixels
Color Depth16-bit (65000 colors)

Other Features
Touch ScreenNo
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardNo
Internet BrowserYes

Height3.82 in.
Depth1.14 in.
Width1.97 in.
Weight4.62 oz

eBay Product ID: EPID100002826

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Created: 08/28/07

Get if you want durability, not for the other features

This phone is all about durability and it is probably the most durable phone available. I am a customer who tosses the cell phone in a backpack or shoves it in a pocket. I've broken hinges in less than a month - usually the face plate is scratched by the end of day one. After almost two months with me, the phone still looks relatively new and nothing is broken.

The phone is a great complete package, but taken individually the features are behind the competition.
The battery gets a "poor" rating from me. If I'm using my phone a lot or travelling in the countryside and losing reception from time to time, the battery barely gives me a full day. If I forget to charge at night, I'm in trouble the next day. Not since the jump from analog to digital have I had to worry about my battery.
The camera/video is adequate, but side-by-side my wife's chocolate is alarmingly better. Casio did have a nifty idea of a video light, but really the light is only bright enough to draw attention to yourself and won't light up anything past about 10 feet. It did help for finding the stairs in a dark theater.
It can't convert voice recordings to ringtones, so if you happen to record something that you want as a ringtone you have to run it through your computer. Then, it isn't listed on most ringtone sites, so you have to guess which of all the listed models is similar enough for it to work - I only sent a few homemade ringtones, but about half worked and half didn't. You can, of course, use your airtime to look for ringtones on your phone and then pay your carrier for the download.
Don't even bother with the GPS. It only works when you can maintain an open call. If you're truly lost and you have to climb to a mountaintop to call, you probably won't get a decent GPS reading. It doesn't make sense to market this GPS feature to the "adventurous types" because most outdoor adventures will carry you out of the service area and render your GPS useless.
I've had several cases of the silent mode button getting bumped and had it ring during meetings. I've also inadvertantly silenced it and missed my calls all day. There isn't an easy way to lock the outside keys without locking the entire phone. This is just tedious whining and would be fixed if I would put it in a case instead of my pocket.

Concluding Remarks:
This is a very rugged phone that will hold up better than anything on the market. The drawback is that Casio doesn't have enough experience with cell phones and they tried to cram every possible gadget inside a compact, yet sturdy case.

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Created: 10/03/07

G'Zone Type S Verizon phone by Casio

Over all its a good phone. To be honest the last product I had made by casio was a mid 80s tape player I think, and if I remember it was pure junk. I was nervous when I read the little letters CASIO on the phone, but I have had it 2 weeks without too much trouble.
Pros. It is a solid phone, stands up to cement hockey, easy buttons, has all the functions, etc and havnt tested the water proof thing yet, but hope I dont half to. Battery life is good.
Cons. First, WHY CANT THE designers get it in there dumb heads to make a phone that you can disable the external buttons for? If the outside volume button is pressed and held it silences all. (verizon tech says tuff) When your "on call" and seconds count and the phone is in your pocket, and an hour later you look at your phone to see you missed 12 calls, this really doesnt work. Maybe there will be a tweek or bitpim will add to its list.
The other minor things is that mine seems like the speaker is a little fuzzy, but that might just be because it is water shielded?
Camera does not zoom in high res, have to bump it down to normal. 3 tech at verizon gave me all different stories about how its fine, but they were all wrong.
Also after you snap a pic, you better wait 2 more seconds. My LG took instant pics in high res, but the phone seems a little slower on the snap.
One other complaint, not really about the phone is the case availiblity. Forget the stingray. Looks cool, but you have to pull the strap through the top bracket of the phone every time you open it, and the fact it blocks the camera, and the fact that you have to take it completely off to charge by either type of charger makes most all of the cases so far garbage.

All in all its seems to be a great phone. I suspect it will be a few months before good cheap accessories hit ebay, but other than the ringer silence, I would recommend to buy this phone.

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Created: 04/11/09

Tough as boot leather.

If you are just looking for a phone which can survive your lifestyle, this is the one. It can be destroyed, but you basicly have to set out to destroy it. This phone will operate under water to depths approaching 6 ft. A stickler point for me is the antennas on these types of phones but this one has the antenna hidden inside. With all the features available these days, another point is the gps capability. With this phone you can down load a program from Verizon which points the way turn by turn for a minimal charge of $10 per month over your regular plan charges. If you sign up for the data plan to surf the web, you can access Google's maps programs and accomplish the same thing without extra charges above the data plan. After destroying a Motorola Razr and a Motorola Krazr I decided to go hunting for a mil-spec phone and this one fills the bill.

What sold me on it was watching a guy on YouTube chucking one down the street to test its ability to survive the shock, then running over it with his car. He then started a call and passed it through a stream of running water under a faucet. At each point the phone continued to work as it was designed to. I bought a used one which shows a great deal of wear so I can tell you about the wear points. Being a clamshell design, the keys meet the screen when the phone is folded up so any grit that gets between them wears on the screen until you begin to see the outline of the keys on the screen. This does not hamper using the phone unless you are trying to read a web page.

Mine has already taken a couple of hard knocks from me and seems no worse for the wear. It has a hoop I have used to attach a clip so I can hang it from a belt loop. When trying to use the camera, if you don't watch it, this clip or strap or whatever you would use can get in the way of the camera lens. The phone is a bit thicker than similar clamshell designed phones but given its purpose to withstand enormous pressures, its certainly understandable that the case is going to be made of much thicker walls and therefore heavier than most clamshell designs. Overall, this phone serves its purpose well. Since I work outdoors in all kinds of weather, this phone is a must have. If you are a motorcycle rider, this phone is right for you because you do not have to hide it from foul weather and with its bluetooth capabilities, it can be used with in helmet headset devices as well. I don't know if it is A2DP capable to play music through stereo bluetooth headphones, but most people who would choose a phone like this aren't looking for all the latest gadgets anyway. Signal strength is about average. It would be an insult to 3rd world nations to say America has a third world cellphone network because 3rd world countries have great cell nets compared to ours. That's an issue with the providers, not the phone manufacturers. Casio has me for a fan again.

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Created: 12/18/10

The dependable Casio G'zOne Type-S phone

I love this phone!!! It takes a beating and comes back for more!!!

I had my first G'z One for three years. After three years of perfect use, it started shorting out and it was time to get a replacement. I looked at a lot of new phones but I just couldn't see myself switching. So, I decided to get another G'z One.

It's great features...extremely shock resistance...water-proof...gre​at flashlight ability!!!

The camera is probably it's weakest link. Close-ups look strangely fish-eyed but most other pictures are just fine.

Accessories...I only use the original Verizon belt clip. It works great!!! I purchase it on eBay. I also use a plastic shield for the front for protection. With these accessories installed, it makes it a bit bulky but it becomes even more indestructible!!!

If you need a very tough phone, give the Casio G'z One a try!!!

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Created: 06/16/10

Casio G'zOne Type-S

This phone is one that can take lots of abuse. I do not need to worry about dropping it, using it around water, dirt, or anything. It can be washed with soap and water if gets really dirty. I had originally owned this phone and bought a touch screen phone with lots of bells and whistles. I did not like the touch screen because had trouble getting the right keys when dialing numbers or texting. I decided to go back with G'zOne and been very happy with it. Since it is an older phone, they are cheap here on Ebay. The battery also seems to last awhile. It does not have a memory slot so have to send pictures by SMS if want to keep them.

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