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Canon EF 35 mm F/2 FD Lens
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Canon EF...
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Canon EF 35 mm F/2 FD Lens

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Canon EF 35mm f/2 Wide Angle Lens for SLR Cameras New
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Canon EF 35mm f/2 Wide Angle Lens for SLR Cameras New
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Product description
Product Information
Canon 35mm f/2 is among the fastest Canon lens in the 35mm focal length, and among the least bulky. This fast lens is about 25 percent shorter and 29 percent lighter than its nearest predecessor. This wide angle lens features Canon's Floating System, which maintains high performance from its closest focusing distance of 0.25 meter (0.8 ft) to infinity, and eliminates aberrations. The portability, speed and natural perspective of Canon 35mm f/2 makes it a popular lens with photographers. The advantage of this wide angle lens is that it allows you to get within a few inches of the subject and still get a natural-looking photograph. Another advantage of this fast lens is that you can open the aperture really wide to f2, to create a background blur that makes portraits flattering and memorable. The wide aperture of the Canon 35mm f/2 makes it possible to get a good picture with natural light, even in low light conditions.

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Product Identifiers
UPC0082966212710, 013803134186, 082966212710, 4960999212715, 5050053083531, 870410042538

Lens System
TypeMacro/Close Up, Wide Angle
Focus TypeManual
Focal LengthFixed/Prime
Focal Length (mm)35 mm
Min Aperture22

Compatible BrandCanon
Camera TechnologyDigital

Diameter2.5 inch
Weight7.41 oz

eBay Product ID: EPID101658124

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Created: 03/10/10

Good for available light

My f/3.5-5.6 super zoom is great for nearly any situation, but it can force me to use unacceptably long exposures when I'm shooting indoors under available light. This f/2.0 lens covers that gap, and I can "zoom" it very effectively by just stepping forward or back a little bit. Canon's 55mm alternative is cheaper, but at typical indoor picture-taking distances, its narrow field of view would usually restrict it to head-and-shoulders shots. This 35mm lens is much more of what we used to call a "normal" lens in the days when film SLRs came with a single, fixed focal length lens. I wish I never had to switch lenses at all, but with the two lenses I now own, I can carry just the super zoom for most situations, and just the normal lens for indoor events where I know that the light will be subdued.

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Created: 12/26/10

Crisp, okay bokeh

I really love the lens' crispness and color contrast. It also seems to be of high quality build, including a metal mount. My only complaint is that the bokeh is not extremely smooth due to the 5 blade aperture. Works well as a general use lens on an APS-C sensor camera due to the 1.6x focal length magnification. Does well in low light due to the large f/2 aperture.

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Feature ratings

  • Picture quality
  • Size / weight
  • Value for money
Created: 10/29/13

A Great, Sharp Lightweight Prime Lens for the Price

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

One of the best buys going around right now especially for the Canon APS frame DSLR (that's practically all of them unless you have a 1D, 5D, or 6D, with which this still works) is the Canon EF 35mm f/2 lens. (Unlike what the title above says, this is NOT an FD mount lens, but the newer EF mount that fits the digital models including EOS Rebels.)

Ever since I got my 50D I've been missing the 50mm f/1.4 that used to be my favorite "art" lens with film cameras. For the APS format, this 35mm f/2 prime lens fills that void economically, although a step down from the image quality of the 1.4, to be expected. For the cost, it's a very workable lens with a good coverage (so-called "normal" lens) and has decent image quality especially at f/4 and smaller. In most shooting situations my shutter speed is faster than 1/60, so I don't miss the image stabilization either. Overall a fun lens to use without breaking the bank until I save up for a 35mm f/1.4L.

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Created: 02/13/11

Very sharp but manual of course

I did a lot of research on this lens prior to buying and wasn't disappointed in the sharpness of it - between f2.8 and f16 there is hardly any difference in sharpness (my own tests using tripod and analysing the image in PS) - of course the big issue is the fact that it is manual focusing (helped by half shutter press on my Canon 5DII - which gives an infocus beep) - for some this will be a problem but I am now hooked on primes and like my 17mm TSE, prefer to focus as even some Canon L lenses produce inaccurate focusing and often on the 'money' shots! The Zeiss 35 has a lovely smoothe, long focusing barrel and is used by videographers too who want to play with focus during shots - highly recommended for that. Overall this lens features on nearly a 1/3 of my shots now (many here http://www.flickr.com/photos/g​aryhayes/ ) and is my default lens for travel images.

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Feature ratings

  • Picture quality
  • Size / weight
  • Value for money
Created: 04/11/13

Very smooth and detailed images from this little lens. A True Bargain!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I am amazed at the difference in detail and color with this prime wide angle on my Canon 6D. Light Weight and fast focus. Soft backgrounds and still sharp at F/2.0

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