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Call of Duty: World at War (Wireless, 2008)


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Product description
Product Information
As in the popular first-person shooter for consoles and computers, players fight through WWII action on two fronts in Glu's mobile edition of Call of Duty: World at War. The game is played from a distant third-person perspective, similar to the style of old arcade shooters, such as Front Line or Ikari Warriors. Armed with a rifle, a limited number of grenades, and at times, a powerful flamethrower, players battle Japanese forces in the Pacific, as a U.S. Marine or British SAS officer, and face brigades of desperate, cornered Nazi soldiers as a member of the Russian infantry. In many missions, the player's character fights alongside others toward a greater goal, to give the player a sense of being a single soldier in the thick of a large battle. Objectives vary from mission to mission and include raids, espionage, and straight-up combat.

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PublisherGlu Mobile
GameCall of Duty: World at War

Key Features

Tech Details
Release Year2008
Game Special Features
  • Inspired by the popular first-person shooter for consoles

  • Fight through World War II on two fronts: The Pacific Theater and Europe

  • Use powerful firearms, explosive grenades, and cover-clearing flamethrowers

  • Missions include combat, espionage, raids and even bombing runs

  • Game SeriesCall of Duty: World at War Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID64149569

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    Created: 05/01/09

    Call of Duty: World at War

    Review For: Call of Duty: World at War (Wireless, 2008)

    I put in tons of hours on COD4 and have already logged over 5 days on COD5. The game isn't perfect, spawns are bad at times, weapon balance could be a little better for the bolt/single shot weapons. Remember that the ammunition used in WWII was much more powerful than what is used today. The 30'06 and 8mm were extremely deadly rounds. The sounds are like they were taken from archives, especially the MG42 from a distance sounds eerily real. The maps I think are truly what sets this apart from COD4, much larger and much more realistic for the time period. I think the vehicles add to the game, I think driving the tank is one of the most fun parts of the game. The flamethrower was a nice add-on, but I think adding the tanks blowing up if shot would of added more realism. The dogs are actually very dificult to kill, more than humans. Being somewhat of a WWII historian some of the times the game play reminds me of actual war footage I've seen. Body parts being blown up was another nice add-on but a little gory, but so is war. Being able to upgrade weapons and add perks like COD4 is nice, there are more perks and add-ons with COD5, plus with prestige mode you can add up to 5 extra slots for different weapons and combinations. It would be nice to be able to have a flash hider and a scope or recticle sight at the same time. The bandolier perk seems to add only a small amount of extra ammo. The reconnaisance perk should be active at all times I think. Instead of three available perks they should have four because of the large number of choices for each. You can't throw grenades as far as with COD4 either. I just saw a episode of Weaponology where they talked about the flamethrower and was surprised how accurate Treyarch was with their implementation. I find playing COD5 harder than COD4 so it's more of a challenge, plus not every person is using granade launchers "noob tubes" like in COD4. Martrydom is probably one perk that could of been deleted. The guns in COD4 seem to have very little recoil as compared to COD5 which adds to the realism. Even people who seem to hate the game while playing and prefer COD4 are amazed at a few of the effects, like watching the artillery come in. My favorite weapon the STG-44 seems to be very slow to shoot as compared to footage I've seen of the real ones, I have to add the double tap perk to make it more realistic, same with the BAR, and MP40. Some people complain the WWII genre is used up but I have to disagree, I think it's important to make the younger players aware and appreciate the sacrifices that were made by our ancestors. There are still parts of WWII untouched, like the assault on Monte Casino and the Italian mountains against the German paratroopers.

    So for those players who like multiplayer shooters that depict some sort of realism, this is the game for them. I still like COD4 very much, but prefer 5. When 6 comes out I may change my mind, but until then I'll keep player COD5. Just remember it's just a game and no game I have ever played is perfect. I grew up on Medal of Honor and loved those games too, but the COD5 just one ups it in nearly every area. Maybe Treyarch didn't have to rewrite the code but at least they spent the time making some great maps and fine tuning the details which really add to the whole multiplayer experience.

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