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BlackBerry Curve 8900
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BlackBerry Curve 8900 - Black (AT&T) Smartphone

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BlackBerry Curve 8900 - Black (AT&T) Smartphone #BB2
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99.8% positive feedback
Piedmont, SC, USA
BlackBerry Curve 8900 - Black (AT&T) Smartphone #BB2
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BlackBerry Curve 8900 World Phone (AT&T), Good Condition, Clean ESN
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99.4% positive feedback
Rancho Cordova, CA, USA
BlackBerry Curve 8900 World Phone (AT&T), Good Condition, Clean ESN
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Product description
Product Information
A sleek twist on a classic style. You can keep your finger on the pulse of what's important to you with the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone.The striking 480 x 360-pixel screen offers up crisp on-the-go video, images, text, maps and more. With a refined design, the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone is an easy-to-use device that delivers expanded functionality and reliable results.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
MPN 3980228
Family LineBlackBerry Curve
UPC015400017329, 190870904475, 607375052858, 843163041486

Key Features
Storage Capacity256 MB
Network TechnologyGSM/GPRS/EDGE
BandGSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband)
Camera3.2 MP

Supported Flash Memory CardsMicroSD

Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity1400 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 330 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 356 hr

Display TechnologyTFT LCD
Diagonal Screen Size2.4 in.
Display Resolution480 x 360 pixels
Color Depth16-bit (65000 colors)

Other Features
Touch ScreenNo
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardYes
Email AccessYes
Internet BrowserYes

Height4.29 in.
Depth0.53 in.
Width2.36 in.
Weight3.87 oz

Antenna TypeInternal

eBay Product ID: EPID100013503

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Created: 04/06/11

My 3rd Blackberry, my 1st Virgin phone

I used to have T-Mobile, but needed to downsize my phone expenses. When I found out about Virgin's $25 for unlimited messaging & data & 300 minutes of calls, I pricked up my ears - I haven't needed thousands of minutes of talk time in over a year, communicate mostly with text messages, & WANTED a data plan but it was always too expensive before. Since I had a Blackberry 8320 before, & the reveiws for the 8530 were good, I went for that. I like the trackpad better than the trackball, which had started malfunctioning from getting squished in my back pocket (oops). The QWERTY keyboard is fine & feels good, though if you get a hard cover like I did you'll find it a bit difficult to press the outside buttons. The screen looks great, nice & bright. If you don't like the theme you can check online for free alternatives - I downloaded Skylark :)

The Blackberry software neatly transferred all my contact info to my new phone, plus I have a 2gb card (that's PLENTY of room). When I plug it in to charge, i get an analog clock screen saver (can be changed to digital) - looks kind of like an Omega. 2mg camera, no flash (nuts) but the pictures look fine, plus I have 5 different light settings, which eases the pain a bit. The touchpad zooms in & out with no glitches. Lots of features - video cam with sound! Notepad, calender, alarm, different tones...I've heard that you can't make your own ringtones from sound clips because Virgin wants you to buy downloaded tones, but that's not a big deal to me, I just WON'T.

And HEY, I never had a data plan before! I have Internet, & mapping! The GPS seems to work OK - I haven't used it much yet. There are lots of apps to download from App World, many of them free. What I DON'T like is the way the Blackberry site keeps ending the session before I've had time to do much more than find ONE thing that sounds interesting - seriously, folks, eBay lets me stay logged in for a whole day, & even my bank at least ASKS me if I want to continue my session. Sheesh,

What I also wasn't counting on was that I HAD to pay the extra $10/mo. for the Blackberry email features, which is really just a collator for your various email accounts. So instead of $25/mo I'm paying $35/mo (not including taxes etc) :/ I like the email feature, but not sure I like it $10/mo worth, so now I wish I'd gone for an Android phone. That said, if you're a Blackberry fan, this phone keep you happy & Virgin's plan will save you money. NO the coverage probably isn't as good as Verizon, but it's as good as T-Mobile (looks like I left just in time, as they just got eaten by ATT - poor T-Mobile, I really liked your service & you were good to me!). It's not like I NEED to have phone access while 10 miles offshore on Lake Michigan. I get signal pretty much everywhere I need it. Oh, and call quality is fine too, and the battery is good for...I don't know, all day or so depending on what I'm doing; I usually plug it in when I got to bed & there's always at least 50% left. Absolutely no complaints about this phone, it was a good deal.

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Created: 10/05/09

You do not need to sell your soul (buy an iphone)

Personally, I believe tactile interfaces are a waste of battery. I might succumb to their allure someday, but for now I prefer to keep my fingers of the screen and my charger tucked away for about a week at a time. That said.

I will skip the list of features, since you can find them anywhere and stick to some more nuanced impressions. Buy this product unlocked. I have used it with both a Cigular simcard and an Orange simcard. Absolutely no problems. There are some features like GPS and push email that will not work unless one subscribes to a data plan. As a student I don't produce that kind of income, so I do not use those services. One can use Pandora with the WiFi though. The Wifi support is great, but be aware that if your network requires some kind of application for access on your regular PC (like CleanAccess) then you will have to ask the network administrators to allow your phone to bypass the security when using the internet.

The battery life is completely dependent on usage. It will last about 2 days for some heavy duty usage. About 3 days for regular usage and about 4 days for light usage. Be advised that the yellow (low) and red (drained) battery notices last a long time, so don't fret the moment the indicator turns yellow.

I have the Blackberry synced with Outlook which is synced with Gmail Calendars. So the device is a great portable agenda. It can sync via Bluetooth or the data cable. I have issues sending files from my computer to the device, however I believe this is more of a personal problem with vista and my Bluetooth module (I own a Dell M1330, amazing machine, different story), however, I can stream music from the device to my computer via bluetooth. Call quality is excellent, user interface is easy to understand and everything has options to be tweaked.

Use the Desktop software provided with the device, it is useful and may be the best way to sync with Outlook or a couple of other supported applications. There are now fifty trillion applications for Blackberry, but most of the ones available have a purpose. It is also great to be able to increase memory with the Micro SD card reader. Unfortunately applications are saved to the on board memory, which is not trivial, but it is fixed.

Once again, buy this product unlocked. This model has a Simcard slot (some Blackberry's do not) meant for "business travel abroad", but once unlocked you can use it with any carrier in the US or Europe (I can attest to these two). I would buy it again. Ebay is your friend, as are unlocked products.

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Created: 05/17/10

very very good

Its project name was Javelin. The first official release network/company for the 8900 in North America was Rogers Wireless in Canada. The official release on T-Mobile USA was on February 11, 2009.[1] The phone has been released on most UK networks. It was first thought to be a part of the latest 9000 series phones; however it was revealed to be an 8900 series due to the lack of 3G, unlike the BlackBerry Bold, and was officially named the BlackBerry Curve 8900.[2] The Curve 8900 is a quad-band GSM/EDGE phone, unlike the BlackBerry Tour which is an EV-DO device, with A-GPS. In the BlackBerry model lineup, the device appears to be a replacement for the older BlackBerry Curve 8300 and is an upgrade in all aspects and features. The most significant differences to the recently released and related BlackBerry Bold is the Curve's smaller size, better camera, and lack of 3G connectivity. Additional differences include the smaller but higher resolution Curve 8900 screen (480×360 vs 480×320), different USB port (mini on Bold vs. micro on 8900), smaller keyboard, larger internal memory, slightly slower processor, and a lower price. Several months after the 8900's US debut on T-Mobile, it was released by AT&T Wireless as well.

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Created: 01/02/10

Curve 8900

The Curve 8900 is also called the Javelin. Its a lightweight compact blackberry that has a wonderful and very sleek design. It packs all the features of the older Curve 8300 series plus more. The Javelin has 256mb ROM vs 64 in the 8300. It also has 3G capabilities and a better camera. The operating system runs faster with its 512 mhz processor and onboard memory has been expanded.

Overall, this is a nice upgrade to the older curve.

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Created: 10/15/10

Stylish companion.

Review For: BlackBerry Curve 8900 - Black (AT&T) Smartphone

It was long time since I was planning to get a blackberry phone. I went through many reviews on the net. Finally I had a list of 4 BB phones which I thought I would be comfortable with. On ebay I could find BB curve 8900. That is when I decided I would get this one.
Everything went through fine, and then the day came when I received my parcel. Opened it with great pleasure.
It was a beautiful piece of device. Fits in the hand comfortably. Keys are well separated. Nice screen. Camera and flash worked perfectly. The picture quality is excellent. It can be said that when I compare the same picture taken by another 3.2MP cam doesn't look as good as it looks on a BB curve 8900. Internet works fine. I faced some problems with this device. 1. I could not find where the settings for internet connection should be made. I am connecting through my WiFi. I could not find a way to connect it through my service provider.
2. I mostly need a VOIP service for my internet calls. Almost every phones in Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other companies have the voip facilities. But BB lost it there. No SIP client available for the BB software. Nor does any VOIP service have their downloadable program for BB. 3. I do not understand one thing, How dusty particles can go under the screen. Yeah, that is what I have seen on this device. IT is maybe just one month since I started using this phone. Around 1 week back, I noticed dust under the display screen. 4. It is hard to find excellent softwares for BB on the net, where as other most companies have a lot of softwares available.
Yes, the looks, sound quality, picture quality and the battery back up does work good for me.
This is a review based on just one month of device usage. It had worked well till now except for the problems I mentioned above. Later on how it is going to be is one thing I will have to wait and watch.

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