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Black & Decker PHV1800 Handheld Cleaner
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Black & Decker PHV1800 Handheld Cleaner

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Product description
Product Information
Give your home the squeaky clean look with the PHV1800 cleaner. With just 18V of power, this Black & Decker cleaner cleans stairs, underneath your furniture, and inside the vehicles, to give you an extremely clean home. Keep this handheld vacuum cleaner's filter clean with its cyclonic action, such that the suction power lasts really long. You can easily empty the PHV1800 cleaner's system, so your hands do not get soiled by touching the dirt. This Black & Decker cleaner can be easily folded in half, making it so compact that you can easily store it. The pivoting nozzle of this handheld vacuum cleaner can be positioned in 10 ways, so you can clean even hard-to-reach areas.

Product Identifiers
BrandBlack & Decker
MPN2887755436, PHV1800, PHV1800R, PHV1800R PHV1800 2887755436
UPC028877554365, 885911026116, 885911037624

Power Consumption35 Watts
Horsepower0.05 HP

Details and Capabilities
Dirt Capture MethodCyclonic
Tank / Bag Capacity0.09 Gallons
Weight5 lb.
Air Watts35
Filtration Levels3

eBay Product ID: EPID55898948

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Created: 03/03/11

Black & Decker PHV 1800

I bought a USED Black & Decker PHV 1800 a few months ago. I bought it mainly to spot clean (little messes and dog hair mainly) so there would be more time in between using a real vacuum. Here's what I have to say:


Easy to use.
Folds and stores nicely
Extendable portion in front helps get into tight spaces.
Comfortable in hand.
Suction power is pretty good.
Adjustable front makes it nice for awkward spaces.
Adjustable front locks into position, so there is not accidental movement of the front.


Something I didnt account for with a used vacuum was the previous owners, I believe the owners of my vac were smokers and when I start to vacuum and aweful smell emanates from my vac. Ive tried cleaning it and vacuuming lots of carpet cleaner but it still smells horrid. I still have yet to replace the filter...

Battery life is short, I only get about 7minutes of vacuuming before I notice major suction power loss.

It's a bit heavy, which doesnt bother me much, but could for some.

When emptying the container, lots of banging and light tapping is needed to get contents out (to be expected with any hand vac I supose).

The secondary adjustable pull-out on front is a bit flimsy, but it does its job.

I think that's everything! REMEMBER I bought a lightly used vac which may be the cause of some of my cons, but I dont know. Hope this helped! Thanks

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Created: 06/23/09

Good Power for a Cordless

Props: Good suction and comes with accessories
Cons: a little heavy compared to other cordless vacs

I’ve used a lot of cordless vacuums in the past and in my humble opinion, they all lack power. I pretty much gave up on cordless, but this one seems to work well. It’s nothing compared to a plug in, but I’m impressed with the size, weight and cleaning power. It’s perfectly usable for small clean ups around the house, and decent at cleaning the car between the once a year thorough vacuum cleanings.

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Created: 11/21/09

Black and Decker PHV1800 vs Dyson DC16

I have a Dyson DC16 that the battery needed to be replaced. I really liked this vacuum. The problem was that a battery is 50 to 70 dollars. So I looked at reviews and found the Black and Decker PHV1800. I purchased this vacuum and love it. The suction is much better than the Dysons (which I thought was great), and the price for the complete vac was cheaper than the battery for the Dyson. Dyson is a good product, but if they want to stop loosing customers, they need to think about what they are doing (driving away past customers). So if Your thinking about buying a hand held vacuum, I would recommend the Black and Decker PHV1800. I think You will find it to be worthy. As the quality and performance is great, as well as the price.

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Created: 10/25/10

Great vacuum, and an improvement on its successor

I have three of these little vacuums now, and though a bit pricey, they work best of all the dozens of handheld vacuums I've bought over the years. I say "an improvement on its successor" because this model has a charging cradle, so you can just set the vacuum down where it belongs and recharge it. The newer model, while slightly nicer in other respects, requires that you fuss with a power cable each time the thing needs to be recharged. Only real drawback is that the exhaust out the side of the vacuum can (A) hit you in the face and (B) blow dust around in tight corners.

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Created: 03/24/10

Excellent and powerful cordless cleaner!

Black & Decker PHV1800 Handheld Cleaner is the best cordless cleaner I have ever used. It's really powerful and in my case the battery stays on long enough to clean up the tile floors such as entrance, kitchen and bathroom. I'd highly recommend this cleaner to any of my acquaintances.

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