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BioShock 2  (Sony Playstation 3, 2012)
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BioShock 2 (Sony Playstation 3, 2012)

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Bioshock 2 PS3 Factory SEALED New! Fast Shipping!
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Bioshock 2  PS3 Factory SEALED New! Fast Shipping!
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BioShock 2 (Sony Playstation 3, 2012) PS3 EUC, AWESOME GAME!!
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BioShock 2  (Sony Playstation 3, 2012) PS3 EUC, AWESOME GAME!!
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BioShock 2 (Sony Playstation 3, 2012)
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BioShock 2  (Sony Playstation 3, 2012)
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Product description

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Product Information
Return to the underwater city of Rapture in this anticipated sequel to 2007's critically acclaimed first-person shooter. Set approximately ten years after the events in the original, BioShock 2 casts you in the surprising role of a "Big Daddy," the prototype for the lumbering giants encountered in the first game. Your nemesis is, fittingly enough, a leader of the "Big Sisters," who plans on returning Rapture to its former glory. The Big Sisters are forming a new army of minions by snatching unsuspecting girls from the surface. Your goal is to put an end to the sinister scheme. Unlike the Big Daddies from BioShock 2's predecessor, you are more agile and have the ability to use plasmids to augment your deadly drill and rivet gun.

Thanks to the Big Daddy's distinctive diving suit, you can also explore the briny depths outside of Rapture, but you won't necessarily be alone. Radio communication from Dr. Tennenbaum will keep you apprised of key developments, while Little Sisters can either be harvested for their powers or "adopted." The latter option has them tagging along to warn you of impending dangers or alert you to potential sources for more plasmids. BioShock 2 also features a multiplayer component developed by Digital Extremes. Multiplayer games take place prior to Rapture's fall, offering a new take on a familiar setting. Experience points earned during multiplayer combat can be used to unlock new weapons, plasmids, and gene tonics to customize characters.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Publisher2K Games
GameBioShock 2
UPC710425375521, 886162474244

Key Features
PlatformSony Playstation 3

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorBlood, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong language
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-10
Release Year2012
Game Special Features
  • Play as a sleek and agile "Big Daddy" to stop a new enemy from rebuilding Rapture

  • Includes new ability-enhancing plasmids and support for dual-wielding weapons

  • Customize multiplayer characters with experience points earned during combat

  • Game SeriesBioShock Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID66745785

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    Created: 02/08/10

    Top notch!

    It's going to be a familiar experience for anyone that played the original, but BioShock 2's improvements to gameplay and its more focused storyline make for a game that's more playable and easier to digest. Some of the sense of awe and mystery is lost in transition, but the strength of the setting and more interesting implementation of moral choice make for an experience that's more consistent and rewarding. Anyone looking for a first-person shooter that offers more than flat, stereotypical characters and copy-and-paste supersoldier plots, one that attempts to establish a sense of right and wrong and loops you into the decision making process, and one that's set in one of the most vividly realized settings around should pick up BioShock 2. It's a game in which story, setting, and gameplay are expertly blended to create an experience that's as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.

    9.5 Presentation
    A focused storyline, strong characters, clear moral choice mechanics, great story delivery, and a well-implemented overall cohesion of theme throughout the entire product.
    9.0 Graphics
    Not as impressive as the first game, but the unmistakable art style prevails, making Rapture one of the visually dense and interesting settings around.
    9.0 Sound
    The effects, music, and voice acting are all top notch and effectively reinforce the mood and feel of the world.
    9.0 Gameplay
    A host of refinements and tweaks, from hacking to the way weapons and plasmids work, to enhance the flow of gameplay and keep you rooted in the action. A great experience from start to finish.
    9.0 Lasting Appeal
    A top tier single-player mode that's entertaining the whole way through and a surprisingly fun multiplayer suite with plenty of unlocks and reasons to keep playing.

    9.1 Outstanding OVERALL

    Full Review by IGN

    Reported by eBay Platinum Powerseller
    eBay ID:mariio128
    eBay Store:Mariio128 Gamemate

    This game is available for sale in my ebay store:

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    Created: 05/15/10

    Bid for BioShock 2

    First, a confession. I thought BS 2 was a mistake.

    As much as I liked the first, I worried about the possibility of a sequel. Though I longed to experience another game with that level of mature, masterful storytelling and with that number of unique, unusual ideas, I seriously doubted such brilliance could be captured again. While I desperately wished to revisit the haunting underwater dystopia of Rapture, I suspected that doing so would ruin, or at least diminish, the thematic significance of the initial trip. To me, BioShock was one-of-a-kind.

    Well, you know what? I was wrong. Somehow, with less than three years of development time and without the direct involvement of creator Ken Levine, the BioShock team has pulled off another masterpiece. One that expands the mythology, but doesn’t lose any of the mystery. One that introduces fascinating new settings and characters, but doesn’t forget or neglect those previously established. One that gives the player devastating new power, but balances that with devastating new fear. One that takes chances and makes changes, but almost always for the better.

    For example…
    Being Big Daddy

    Casting the protagonist as a Big Daddy is not just a gimmick, either – the game fully immerses you in the role of the towering, stomping, clobbering monster. Each footstep produces a crunching echo. Each turn of the head sways edges of your diving helmet into view. Each painful hit from an enemy unleashes a wailing, otherworldly moan from deep within your unseen body. Water blurs your visor and steam leaves a lasting fog upon the glass. Occasionally, you’ll catch a glimpse of your own shadow and think, “Whoa, is that thing me?” You may not see your actual reflection very often, yet you’re constantly reminded of your size, your strength and your strangeness.
    With great power… great vulnerability

    See, you’re not the only resident of Rapture who’s evolved in the eight years since BioShock 1 ended. Splicers, the submerged city’s drug-dependent, self-mutilating citizenry, have had plenty of time to gather supplies and further tinker with their genetic makeup. They’re now more likely to carry guns, throw grenades, teleport and team up to take you down, especially if you’re attempting to gather Adam with an adopted Little Sister. And those are just the normal ones. You’ll also encounter Brutes, supersized Splicers that hurl gigantic chunks of debris and charge like angry, frothing gorillas.
    The other Big Daddies have new tricks as well, but the foe you’ll soon learn to fear – far above anyone else – is Big Sister.
    Her hype is justified. She’s a terrifying nemesis, swift and agile enough to dodge your ammo, disappearing from the screen and popping up behind you before you can reload. She’s powerful enough to absorb your plasmids and return your elemental attacks with triple the force. And she’s resourceful, pulling in Splicers (dead or alive) and using her nauseating needle arm to suck their bodies dry for regenerated health.
    You will dread encountering the Big Sisters and the designers know it. Look out a window and you’ll often find her watching you – stalking you – through the dark water. Rescue or harvest a Little Sister and you enter yourself in a dangerous lottery. Sometimes, nothing will happen. Other times, randomly, an ear-piercing shriek that blurs your vision and shatters nearby glass will warn you that a Big Sister is coming – you’ll have several seconds to prepare, but they’re rarely enough.

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    Created: 09/06/13

    I didn't expect much, but was glad I took the chance.

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Being considerably disappointed with Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite, I decided to complete my run with Bioshock 2 in hopes of finding something I liked about the series. The multiplayer aspect was another deciding factor of me purchasing this game.I didn't expect much, but figured if I didn't like the story, at least the multiplayer component would be its' redeeming quality I could, sincerely, enjoy. To my surprise, I, absolutely, love this game and there isn't anything negative I can say about it. Bioshock 2 is, by far, my favorite release of the franchise.

    Unlike its' predecessor, the story-telling style is smooth, engaging, dynamic, coherent, intricate and robust. Playing as a Big Daddy and especially, a Little Sister is a real joy. It allowed me to have a different yet, delightful and interesting perspective of the game. The controls are natural and smooth.The gameplay is made especially fun with remote hacking. It levels the playing field and gives an advantage in hacking electronic devices I didn't have access to in the previous game. The ability to hack security cameras was a great way to fend off attackers and be alerted to potential threats in the area.

    The multiplayer feature is, simply, the proverbial cherry atop this well-crafted game. It offers a multitude of free-for-all and cooperative modes to choose from. Players can select from ten different peripheral characters and primary locations of Rapture. Each character's unique story details who they are, their role in society and how the came to Rapture. Along side plasmids, players have conglomerate weapons at their disposal. The ammo based weapons include revolvers, shotguns, grenade launchers and machine guns, to name a few. The melee items consist of cast iron frying pan, lead pipe, trophy, rolling pine and a walking cane. Each character has a unique melee weapon that is exclusive to them.

    To anyone considering this game, I have two words, buy it! It's worth the money.

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    Created: 02/06/11

    Great game, excellent condition!

    It was a great deal - excellent game for a low price. Condittion is perfect as well shipping )

    The game is set in the fictional underwater dystopia of Rapture, in a biopunk/dieselpunk 1968, eight years after the events of BioShock. The protagonist and player-controlled character is a Big Daddy, a being that has had its organs and skin grafted into an atmospheric diving suit. Among the first of its kind, the player-controlled Big Daddy, named Subject Delta, reactivates with no recollection of the past decade's events, and scours the city in an attempt to relocate the Little Sister that he was paired with. Fearing this reunion will ruin her plans for the city, Sofia Lamb sends out her spliced up followers that she calls The Rapture Family and new Big Sisters in an attempt to deter Delta.

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    Created: 03/08/10

    Bioshock 2 review

    "You can never go home again." This is not true for rapture. Although some of the initial sense of amazement may not be as strong the second time around, but the game does a good job of getting you back on track. You pick up 10 years after the events of the first game as a prototype Big Daddy. The perks are that you can dual wield a weapon and a plasmid now. And if you ever wanted to know what it would be like to take out splicers as a BD, then you are in luck. Another big change is that hacking machines is no longer a pipe laying mini game, but more of a real time rhythm game and you can shoot remote hacking darts as well.

    Whats really new and great is the addition of online multi-player. This gives you a brand new challenge that the first game never had.

    If you liked the first one, and want more, this is it. With DLC already announced, this is a fun game. Get it on ebay for a decent price and you won't be disappointed.

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