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Bette Davis Collection - Volume 2 (DVD, ...
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Bette Davis Collection - Volume 2 (DVD, 2008, 7-Disc Set)

Bette Davis, Henry Fonda | Rating: Not Rated

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Movie synopsis
This collection of Bette Davis films includes: JEZEBEL, THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, MARKED WOMAN, OLD ACQUAINTANCE, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE, and a recounting of Davis's remarkable story. Please see individual titles for synopsis information.

Product Details
  • Edition: 7-Disc Set
  • Number of Discs: 7
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 883929010486

Additional Details
Display Format:7-Disc Set

eBay Product ID: EPID65699090
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Created: 10/03/07

6 DVD Box Set: Davis, Fonda, Bogart, Crawford & Durante

Volume 2 of Bette Davis DVDs includes: "Marked Woman," (1937); "Jezebel,"
(1938); "The Man Who Came to Dinner," (1942); "Old Acquaintance," (1943);
"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," (1962); "Stardust: The Bette Davis Story," (2005).

In "Marked Woman," Davis stars as Mary Dwight, a hostess' at Club Intime. When it's overtaken by mobster, Johnny Vanning (Eduardo Ciannelli), Mary & the other hostesses who share an apartment are abused as if prostitutes by pimps. After 1 of Mary's johns is murdered, D.A. David Graham (Humphrey Bogart) questions her; but, she isn't cooperating against Vanning: he's acquitted. When Mary's younger sister, Betty (Jane Bryan), is murdered by Vanning's hood, Mary sings to Graham. The mob beats Mary until she's disfigured. Gathered at her hospital bedside, Mary's roommates agree to testify against Vanning. Davis is 29yo & Bogie's 37yo when this, their 4th movie together, is released.

William Wyler's, "Jezebel," won 2 Oscars & was nominated for 2 more. Davis won a 2nd Oscar for her performance as Julie Marsden. The story that received Oscar fame is set in the antebellum South, in 1850's New Orleans. Julie is a lovely but strong-willed Southern belle. As she tries to outwit & domineer her fiancé, a successful young banker Preston Dillard (Henry Fonda), Julie humiliates & emasculates him. Julie's not insensitive as much as she's atypically assertive & driven to be independent: considered misbehavior by a woman & an affront to men. The movie winds up with Julie in her own civil war battle during the yellow fever epidemic. Magnificent ending!

When "The Man Who Came To Dinner," Sheridan Whiteside (Monty Woolley), an eccentric author & radio lecturer & his secretary, Maggie Cutler (Davis), arrive at the home of a prominent Ohio family, the Stanleys, Whiteside injures his leg, slipping at his hosts' icey entrance. After a doctor (George Barbier) tells Whiteside his leg is broken & he can't leave, the eccentric wreaks havoc by meddling in everyone else's lives; especially Maggie's. She's fallen in love, wants to marry & leave her job. He even bribes the doctor after learning nothing's wrong with his leg! When Mr. Stanley uncovers the fraud, Whiteside blackmails him. Though, his plot to keep Maggie doesn't fool her. It's a delightful Christmas comedy.

In "Old Acquaintance," acclaimed writer, Kit Marlowe (Davis) & housewife-mother, Millie Drake (Miriam Hopkins) are best friends (Ha!). However, Millie has what Kit dreams of: a husband & child. In a sense, the 2 friends (who are nemeses in reality), switch roles: Millie becomes a rich, trashy romance novelist & Kit tends to Millie's husband (Preston, John Loder) & daughter (Deirdre, Dolores Moran). After 20 years of friendship, the women finally feud. In a famous scene, Davis shakes Hopkins & undoubtedly enjoyed every second of that scene since in real life Davis didn't like Hopkins! It's ironically a very good show about friendship.

Davis won a 10th Oscar nomination for playing a psychotic child x-star, Baby Jane Hudson, who tortures her crippled sister (Blanche Hudson, Joan Crawford), in "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" When director Victor Bruno asked Davis to do the show, she asked, "What part?" then lept on the chance to torture Crawford & did, on & off set! A macabre character...on screen.

Watch "Stardust," narrated by Susan Sarandon, for documentary film clips, interviews & newsreels about "The 4th Warner Brother," the greatest one: Bette Davis~

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Created: 03/05/11

Lovin my Bette!

I really love my Bette Davis Vol 2 dvd set. It is a look at the great span of movies she made during her career plus one about her life. The price of the set was great, a good deal and the wait and delivery was quick. If you are a fan of Bette, this is a great investment!

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Created: 02/11/10

Bette Davis

Review For: Bette Davis Collection - Volume 2 (DVD, 2008, 7-Disc Set)

Utterly fabulous, one can't take their eyes off her the wonderfully talented Bette Davis even for one moment. I do declare this collection to be quite stupendous. :-)

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Created: 03/18/09

Bette Davis Rides Again

Volume 2 is highly recommended and considered the best of the 3 Volumes in the Bette Davis Collection. Vol. 2 delivers - it gives a wide range of Davis' work as the ultimate actor.

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Created: 08/08/08

Bette Davis Collection - Volume 2 (2008, DVD)

Review For: Bette Davis Collection - Volume 2 (DVD, 2008, 7-Disc Set)

These is a very good quality collection of some of her best movies. The collection also includes interviews and other commentaries on the life of Bette Davis. A perfect addition to any Bette Davis fan.

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