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The Bette Davis Collection (VHS, 3-Tape ...
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The Bette Davis Collection (VHS, 3-Tape Set)

Bette Davis | Rating: Not Rated

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Movie synopsis
Includes three Bette Davis classics. "Dark Victory," "Jezebel," and "Now Voyager."

Product Details
  • Number of Tapes: 3
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • UPC: 027616238832

Additional Details

Leading Role:Bette Davis
eBay Product ID: EPID3190370
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Created: 10/03/07

Now Voyager, Dark Victory & Jezebel Davis, Bogie, Fonda

This VHS Bette Davis Collection includes an especially essential group of 3 classic motion pictures from Bette Davis' Warner Brothers productions.

"Now, Voyager" (1942) is doubtlessly Davis' most impressive performance. Miss Davis deploys her famous acting technique of transforming from one type of being into another: shape-shifting. During "Now, Voyager," Davis is Charlotte Vale: at first, a mother (Gladys Cooper) dominated, frumpy, introverted,
'spinster'. After Dr. Jaquith (Claude Rains) intervenes as her psychiatrist, Miss Vale bursts out of her cocoon. She meets Jerry Durrance (Paul Henreid) on a cruise & this changes the rest of her entire life. Many critiques of Davis' vault of films cite "Now, Voyager" as her very best--regardless of what performances for which the American Film Academy awarded her Oscars (Dangerous (1935) & Jezebel (1938)--with 11 nominations).

"Dark Victory" (1939) is a movie that's loaded with great actors including: Humphrey Bogart, Geraldine Fitzgerald, George Brent & Cora Witherspoon. Bette Davis characterizes a noble contemporary heiress who is full of life, known to throw marvelous parties & begins to experience problems with her eyesight. Bogie is her man in the show that has demonstrated it's one of Davis' greatest timeless tear-jerking box office hits.

During "Jezebel," (1938) Bette Davis (Julie Marsden) & Henry Fonda (Preston Dillard) are tenuously betrothed until Julie pulls a 'jezebel' act by wearing a red ball gown to an all white gown & black tux debutant's ball. When
"Jezebel" was made, Davis was almost 30 yo., though she plays a much younger woman. The jezebel, Julie Marsden, is one of Davis' best remembered roles. Davis plays a conniving Belle in New Orleans. Julie's headstrong misbehaviors, for a Southern lady of the plantation & freed slave era, confound the emotions of Preston (Fonda) her fiancé. These are the misbehaviors of a woman that earn her the reputation of a 'jezebel',--a woman who rebels against social mores & men's domineering!

This motion picture is the 1st during which William Wyler directed Bette Davis. Many noted critiques say that the Davis-Wyler affair began then & the romantic intensity of it shows throughout this picture (although it appears that the romantic intensity is projected between Davis & Fonda). Davis received her 2nd & last Oscar for her leading performance. Fonda & Davis collaborated in more films & remained friends for a very long time. Wyler & Davis collaborated in numerous films, as well as a lengthy romance.

This collection is less costly than the 10 DVD two sets that include these 3 movies (in separate sets). If you're looking for a small collection of the greatest actors of all time, Davis, Bogart & H. Fonda, this is a superb choice~

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