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Bernina 930 Electronic Sewing Machine
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Bernina 930 Electronic Sewing Machine

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The Bernina 930 gives you good-looking patterns for your embroidery, quilting, or basic sewing projects. The adjustable needle position in this Bernina embroidery machine provides 14 basic stitches and 12 fancy stitches. The thread cutter in this Bernina sewing machine allows you to get cleaner finish with professional look. The Bernina 930 has an automatic bobbin winder that wind by itself so that you get greater convenience. The 5-step button in this Bernina embroidery machine lets you create the kind of button you require with ease. The free arm in this Bernina sewing machine allow you sew things like pant, shorts, pull over shirts and skirts. The Bernina 930 has a mechanism of quick and continuous reverse stitching that lets you produce your stitch effortlessly.

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Created: 10/18/10

Bernina 930 Record Electronic Sewing Machine

I HAD to have a Bernina Record 930 Electronic Sewing Machine when I found out all their special features, and that they are so reliable that people still pay as much as $1200 to $1500 on Ebay for a 25 year old Bernina 930 with the case & all accessories!

My favorite features -

High quality, heavy duty mechanical machine, precisely engineered and built of nearly all steel in Switzerland.

Automatic tension doesn't need changed for different thickness fabrics or threads!

Non jamming bobbin saves HOURS of frustration! Automatically stops with the needle in the UP position, completing the bobbin hook revolution, so you don't tangle up the bobbin thread in the hook when you try to remove your project.

Though it only numbers 26 stitches on it's stitch design section, it actually does 30 different decorative embroidery & utility stitches!

Free arm for convenient circular sewing such as sleeves, armholes, hemming pants, also has an extension table for big projects.

Extra long Basting stitches- choose from 2 lengths! Saves a ton of time when fitting!

Huge variety of presser feet available to make professional tasks fast & easy! Walking foot, cut'n sew (makes overlock stitch) & more

Built in buttonholer

The manual is a treasure trove of extremely helpful sewing information, including tips for sewing stretch fabrics!

Wide variety of precisely engineered presser feet make complicated tasks easy!Change presser feet with just 1 hand, clearly designed by people who actually sew!

If the serial # starts with 24 or 25, and it has the correct pedal, it has the "heel tap needle up/down" feature, so when you need to turn a corner, for example, you just tap the back of the pedal with your heel, and the needle goes down. Both hands are free to turn your project. Tap it again, and the needle goes up!(930s built before 1984 do not have this feature.)

5 needle positions

Adjustable feed dogs up for sewing, down for darning

Heirloom quality machine is easy to clean & maintain.

2 power settings- High Speed, or 1/2 speed to make complicated techniques & embroidery easier

Electronic version gives you the same strong needle piercing power for tough fabrics on both low speed & high speed.

Bernina designed and organized complete "sewing systems", so besides the sewing machine, the 930 System included a protective carrying case for storage and travel that was specially molded to hold & protect the machine, power cord, pedal, & each of these included accessories-

1. Toolbox with built in pin cushion, divided spaces for each of the included basic set of 10 presser feet, needle removal tool, screw drivers, cleaning brush, bobbins, & a fantastic darning hoop!

2. Extension table

3. Bernina 930 manual

4. Knee lift lever- raises presser foot, keeping hands free

If you are serious about sewing, and you hate dealing with finicky sewing machines, the Bernina 930 Record is what you need! The carefully engineered features will save you HOURS of time & frustration, one reason Bernina's are preferred by professional tailors & seamstresses.(940 professional & 950 industrial versions)

A free Bernina 930 manual can be downloaded & printed from

*You can join a free yahoo group called BerninaThirtySomethings to learn from other Bernina owners, and members who are Certified Bernina Technicians, who generously help members troubleshoot problems

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Created: 08/05/11

Legendary performance, iconic top of the line machine, a future heirloom.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Bernina machines are a little like a Rolex watch, you are buying exclusivity, prestige, oh and it also sews. And sew it does, very well. The stitch formation and selection is top-of-the class, but it is full of other pleasant surprises. Needle up, and single cycle of the stroke to bring up the bobbin thread are nice bonuses. A hidden bobbin winder that stops the motion of the rest of the machine to just wind bobbins, is a joy to use. A Basting stitch, or tailor tacking with stitches almost an inch long, is available at the flip of a switch. The "Red/Green" stitch switch makes for convenient changes between a straight stitch and a more complicated edge finishing stitch. Handy when you are doing multiple takes of the same 2 stitches. Finally; my real reason for buying this one, the Bernina "Knee Lift", allows you to keep two hands on the work and raise or lower the presser foot with a little side push of your right knee. Often it is mistaken for a speed control, and overlooked, but once you've begun working with two hands, you'll want to continue. (This is a standard Knee-lift feature on the big commercial machines). There are two versions of this machine, I own the earlier version. The later version has two more desirable features, a thread cutter in the back corner of the free-arm (it looks like a little silver button. Also, in addition to "Needle up" it has a heel press feature that brings the needle down, and stops (useful for turning corners). With 20 useful and decorative stitches, a built in world class 5-step button hole feature, this machine will spoil the user. Spoil yourself and get one while they are available.

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Created: 03/07/11

Bernina 930 Sewing Machine - Mechanical Wonder!!!

This is my first mechanical sewing machine purchase as I have always owned computer models minus my first sewing machine which was a mechanical basic no name machine. This Bernina sews like butter and puts all my other machines to shame. It has 30+ beautiful stitches and smooth sewing. I love the quality in this machine. It is all metal except the plastic knobs outside and is it heavy! I don't like that there isn't a lift handle for carrying but I guess at 40 or so pounds, I won't be moving it around much. There are some nice decorative stitches but the basic sewing stitches are really the best part of this machine. Every stitch you might want for sewing jeans to stretch fabrics. Bernina feet are well known for their versatility and solid construction and I was able to purchase whatever I wanted on Ebay. The feet clip right on but in a very stable way so no wiggling occurs. I love that this machine will be here at least another 50 years and running strong.

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Created: 04/03/11

Fabulous purchase

First, the machine itself is amazing. But, what was even better was all of the goodies that came with the machine! There were tons of filled bobbins in their own bobbin caddies, everything was wrapped and packed impeccably and there were sewing needles galore! I felt like it was Christmas morning when I opened the box. This was my best purchase ever!

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Created: 12/08/13

My precious Bernina 930

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Many years ago, a young woman owned a Bernina 930 sewing machine. She taught her daughter to sew and that girl won many ribbons and awards. But alas, the girl grew up and went to live in her own family, taking her childhood sewing machine with her. The mother became very sad. Every new machine that appeared in her sewing room had quirks and squeaks and made birdnests under the fabric. Her heart pined for her old Bernina. One day as she browsed Ebay, she beheld the auction of a Bernina 930. Eureka! She outbid everyone in her quest to own another Bernina 930. She won! Soon a large box came to her front door. As she opened it she thought she heard a soft purring sound. As the last piece of tape snapped, "Kitty" practically jumped into her waiting hands. They went joyously together to the sewing room. "Kitty" nestled into the old cabinet as if she had never been away. Now the woman has smoothseams, her stitches have perfect tension, the large bobbin holds twice as much thread as the others, and the only sound coming from the sewing room is a soft purring and a gentle sigh. And they lived happily ever after.

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