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Becoming a Master Student by Dave Ellis (2004, Paperback, Student Edition of Textbook)

Dave Ellis | ISBN-10: 061846770X | ISBN-13: 9780618467709

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Product description
The Eleventh Edition of Becoming a Master Student raises the bar for Student Success texts. While the vision and proven content of the text has been maintained, the Eleventh Edition has been rejuvenated with a cleaner, more sophisticated design to address comments that the previous layout was too "busy" and "MTV-like." The new design appeals to both traditional students and adult learners. Other enhancements include: a new, organizational framework that provides structure throughout the text and helps students learn to monitor thinking and learning; career application case studies at the end of each chapter that allow students to apply new skills to the workplace environment right away; improved integration of learning styles within each chapter to make addressing the four modes of learning easier; and expanded coverage of Multiple Intelligences and a new Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic inventory in to help students discover more about their individual learning styles. The long-standing best seller in student success, Becoming a Master Student gives students a framework for examining their lives from a self-discovery perspective. Through a student-created and value-based approach to life and learning, the text inspires and motivates students to acquire and develop the skills needed for success in college and throughout life. Articles, strategies, and exercises help students understand their strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and practice academic and life skills. New! Master Student Map (Metacognitive Application Process) feature provides an organizational framework that introduces each chapter and acts as a common theme throughout the text to guide students in monitoring thinking and learning. A reasoning model based on the Learning Styles Inventory, the map helps students understand why the chapter matters, what is included in the chapter, how they can use the chapter, and what to think about as they read ("As you read, ask yourself what if..."). New! Power Process: "Discover What You Want" establishes the motivation for students to act on their goals. This new Power Process is found in the Introduction. New! Technology chapter (Chapter 10) assists students in mastering learning in an online environment; finding useful, accurate information on the Internet; and taking part in online communities that promote success. New! Put it to Work feature--an in-depth article at the end of each chapter--shows students how skills apply to the world of work. Similarly, the feature discusses how skills developed in the workplace can translate to academic work. The Introduction has been enhanced by the Master Student Map and with the addition of essential advice on making the transition to college and locating campus resources. Goal Setting coverage has been enhanced: The exercise "Divide and Conquer your Goals" from the Tenth Edition has been integrated into a new article and exercise, "Setting and Achieving Goals." Similar exercises throughout the book ask students to re-think and refine their goals. The newly titled chapter 2, "Planning," also covers more on goal setting. Money Management coverage in the new "Planning" chapter (2) helps students get started in planning their finances right from the start. Discovery and Intention Journal Entry System asks students to explain the whys, whats, and hows in their writing, and offers instructors a more specific and measurable form of journal writing than

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Key Details
AuthorDave Ellis
Number Of Pages432 pages
Edition DescriptionStudent Edition of Textbook
Publication Date2004-12-17

Additional Details
Edition Number11
Copyright Date2006

Weight36.5 Oz
Height0.7 In.
Width8.6 In.
Length10.8 In.

Target Audience
GroupCollege Audience

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Dewey Decimal378.198
Dewey Edition22

Edited byDoug Toft

Table Of Content
Table Of ContentContents Note: Each chapter begins with Master Student Map and ends with Put It to Work, Quiz, and Learning Styles Application. Introduction: Making Transitions This book is worthless--if you just read it This book is worth $1,000 Exercise #1: Textbook reconnaissance Get the most out of this book Exercise #2: Commitment The Discovery and Intention Journal Entry system Rewrite this book Discovery and Intention Statement guidelines Journal Entry #1: Discovery Statement Making the transition to higher education The art of re-entry: Going back to school as an adult learner Connect to school resources Connect to community resources Extracurricular activities: Reap the benefits Following instructions Link to the world of work Ways to change a habit Journal Entry #2: Discovery Statement Power Process: Discover what you want 1. First Steps First Step: Truth is a key to mastery Journal Entry #3: Discovery/Intention Statement If you skipped the Introduction. . . Exercise #3: Taking the First Step Exercise #4: The Discovery Wheel Journal Entry #4: Discovery/Intention Statement Textbook reconnaissance, take two Learning styles: Discovering how you learn Journal Entry #5 Discovery Statement Using your learning style profile to succeed in school Claim your multiple intelligences Learning by seeing, hearing, and moving: The VAK system The magic of metacognition The Master Student Motivation Attitudes, affirmations, and visualizations Attitude replacements Exercise #5: Reprogram your attitude The value of higher education Practicing Critical Thinking #1 Master Student Profiles Power Process: Ideas are tools Master Student Profile: Suny Urrutia Moore 2. Planning You've got the time Journal Entry #6: Discovery/Intention Statement Exercise #6: The Time Monitor/Time Plan process Journal Entry #7: Discovery Statement Setting and achieving goals Exercise #7: Get real with your goals The ABC daily to-do list Planning sets you free Strategies for scheduling The seven-day antiprocrastination plan More ways to stop procrastination Practicing Critical Thinking #2 25 ways to get the most out of now Keep on going? Remember cultural differences Time management for right-brained people (. . .or what to do if to-do lists are not your style) Exercise #8: Master monthly calendar Gearing up: Using a long-term planner Strategies for even longer-term planning Exercise #9: Create a lifeline Financial planning: Meeting your money goals Places to find money for school Take charge of your credit card Exercise #10: Education by the hour Practicing Critical Thinking #3 Power Process: Be here now Master Student Profile: Greg Louganis 3. Memory Take your memory out of the closet Journal Entry #8: Discovery/Intention Statement The memory jungle 20 memory techniques Pay attention to your attention Exercise #11: Use Q-cards to reinforce memory Set a trap for your memory Keep your brain fit for life Notable failures, part one Exercise #12: Remembering your car keys--or anything else Journal Entry #9: Discovery Statement Remembering names Mnemonic devices Exercise #13: Be a poet Notable failures, part two Practicing Critical Thinking #4 Exercise #14: Move from problems to solutions Power Process: Love your problems (and experience your barriers) Master Student Profile: Cesar Chavez 4. Reading Muscle Reading Journal Entry #10: Discovery/Intention Statement How Muscle Reading works Phase one: Before you read Phase two: While you read Five smart ways to highlight a text Phase three: After you read Muscle Reading--a leaner approach Read with a dictionary in your lap Reading fast Exercise #15: Relax When reading is tough Journal Entry #11: Discovery Statement English as a second language Reading with children underfoot Practicing Critical Thinking #5 Power Process: Notice your pictures and let them go Master Student Profile: Helen Keller 5.

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Created: 06/08/09

Becoming A Master Student

Review For: Becoming a Master Student by Dave Ellis (2004, Paperback, Student Edition of Textbook)

I really love this textbook! It has helped me a lot with my habits in schoolwork, as well as helped me to better understand myself. This is a great product and I am very glad that I was able to find it on E-Bay! It was very easy to find, review, and purchase on E-Bay. thank you very much for another great product!

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