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Barnes & Noble NOOK 1st Edition 2GB, Wi-...
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Barnes &...
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Barnes & Noble NOOK 1st Edition 2GB, Wi-Fi (AT&T), 6in - Black

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Barnes & Noble NOOK 1st Edition 2GB eReader, Wi-Fi + 3G 6in - Black Text
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Kaysville, UT, USA
Barnes & Noble NOOK 1st Edition 2GB eReader, Wi-Fi + 3G  6in - Black Text
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Product description
Product Information
Now you can take your entire collection of books with you, on the Barnes & Noble NOOK 1st Edition tablet PC. With its 16-level gray scale display that prevents glare, this Barnes & Noble tablet PC enables you to read the eBooks and other text without any hindrance. To increase your book collection, this Barnes & Noble eReader offers you direct access to its database of 2 million books to let you browse and buy ebooks. This Barnes & Noble tablet PC permits you to store up to 1,500 books, magazines and newspapers, on its 2 GB memory. On a single charge, this Barnes & Noble eReader's long-life battery runs for nearly 10 days, without any power crunch. The Barnes & Noble NOOK 1st Edition also supports Wi-Fi network, which enables you to connect to the internet through AT&T hotspots. The Barnes & Noble NOOK 1st Edition tablet PC makes a great traveling companion and keeps you company when you are alone.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
BrandBarnes & Noble
Model1st Edition
CarrierAT&T (US)

Key Features
TypeeBook Reader
Family LineNOOK
Display Size6in (15.24 cm)
Hard Drive Capacity2 GB
Operating SystemAndroid
Internet ConnectivityWi-Fi
Supported File TypesBMP, GIF, JPG, MP3, PDB, PDF, PNG, ePub

Processor ManufacturerARM
Processor Speed667 MHz

Display and Screen
Display TechE-Ink ® Vizplex
Display Max. Resolution800 x 600
Touch Screen TechnologyMulti-Touch

Connections and Expandability
Expansion PortsUSB 2.0
Wireless capabilitiesWLAN 802.11b, WLAN 802.11g
Audio OutputHeadphones, Speaker(s)

Height7.7in (19.6 cm)
Width4.9in (12.5 cm)
Depth0.5in (1.3 cm)
Weight0.725lb (0.343 kg)

Battery TechnologyLithium ion

Additional Technical Informations
Input MethodTouch-Screen

eBay Product ID: EPID109505460

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Created: 10/30/10

My own Nook Experience. Love borrowing from libraries!!

I purchased my Nook when they first came out in Dec 2009 so it is the 3G/Wi Fi version. It has been my constant companion since then. It fits in my purse so I can easily cart my entire library around with me. Books take up space and weight in a suitcase when you are traveling. WIth the Nook, I had my entire library in my purse and room in my luggage for another pair of shoes instead. :)

Battery time is going to depend on an individuals reading habits. I read aLOT so I generally plug my Nook in to recharge at night so I'm always at optimal charge. On airplane mode, I was able to go an entire 3 day cruise without a recharge. Others tell me they only have to recharge about once every 2 weeks.

The Nook is not backlit as it uses E-Ink technology that mimics reading an actual page of a book. I had been worried that the Nook could not replace the experience of reading an actual book, but I haven't found that to be a problem. I have a nice cover for my Nook to help protect it in it's various journeys via my purse and it very nicely feels like holding an actual book. No eyestrain, I can read my Nook anywhere, even at the beach. I do require additional light to read at night, etc. but I found that my years of experience reading paperback books at night helped me figure out how to read at night on my nook too. Already had my light set up and in optimum reading position so I was all set. The Nook is not waterproof but I discovered that a clear gallon size baggie allowed me to read my Nook and keep it water tight at the same time.

After I owned my Nook for about a month, I discovered what has since became my favorite feature of the Nook. I could borrow ebooks from public libraries. From my own home....even across state lines. WOW! It took me awhile to find libraries that were set up with good quality digital libraries. Overdrive helped me locate many of them. Many of those libraries require you to apply for a card in person. Some allow you to apply by standard mail, fax or emails. Some allow non-residents to apply for a card, some do not. Some have hefty fees for non-residents, some are free. Barnes and Noble has discussion groups where one can go to find libraries and for help learning to use them.

Though I had originally been swayed by the Lend Me feature that allows one to loan out a book from another person, I haven't used it yet so can't comment on how that works.

I get a minimum of one free CURRENT ebook a week through Barnes and Noble and I am NOT talking about the free google ebooks. I've been introduced to many new writers and even new genres through the weekly give away. I've also been thrilled to get free ebooks from my own favorite authors. Many Nook owners will share links to other good freebies when they find them as well.

Newly published ebooks generally cost between $9.99 and $15.99. But then the HC edition is going to cost about twice that. Just like regular books that get price drops after they've been out awhile, prices on Ebooks drop after awhile as well, may dropping as low 99 cents to maybe $8.99 for a book that remains very popular. Cost really depends on how badly you have to read an ebook NOW and how long you are willing to wait for the price to come down. Many PUBLISHERS (NOT bookstores!) set the prices on the ebooks and that's a pain, but not B&N's fault.

Hope this was a helpful review. I've loved my Nook from day one!

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Created: 02/09/11

Nook 3G + Wi-Fi

I bought 2 refurbished Nooks from Amazons Ebay store. They were just like new and everything works as it should.

Pro's: You are up and running quickly with the quick start guide and the electronic user's guide covers everything you'd want to know in detail. Content is quick and easy to down load. The application for accessing the Web also works well....much easier than my friends Kindle. The application for playing MP3 audio is also much nicer than the Kindle because you can see the list of available songs or albums.

Cons: The only things I have found that are a minor drawback is that it takes a long time for the start-up when you turn it on---at least a minute which is much slower than the Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi, the scrolling up and down on the slide bar at the side of the touch screen is a bit touchy-- I keep accidently selecting one of the options instead of scrolling. Lastly, I was very disappointed that you cannot access the web function via 3G. You can only surf the web with a Wi-Fi connection. This was one of the main reasons I bought the 3G model rather than the Color Nook which only has Wi-Fi. The Kindle can access the web via 3G but trying to navigate on the Kindle web application is very difficult.

13 of 13 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 01/01/11

The nook is wonderful!

The reason I decided to go with a nook is because you can expand the memory, it has the clearest eInk screen, and because I frequent Barnes and Noble and can take advantage of their in-store features.
I love my nook - it is an easy to learn interface (comes packed with how-to and tutorials), and is easy to transfer documents from my computer to the device.
The eInk display is not changeable, you cannot change the contrast. This is just the nature of an eInk screen however. Also, the touch screen is a bit slower to react than most other touch screens, which makes it hard to adjust, but after tinkering with my new nook for about 20 minutes, you get used to it, and I have no problem switching between devices.

3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 12/26/10

Love the nook!

Since ereaders are relatively new products, I don't have anything to compare them to. I was resisting getting one because I like the whole book browsing experience in the book store or library and I love the feel of a book in my hands. But after buying this one for my husband who likes electronics, I may have to get one for myself. I love that I can get library books from home and they return themselves in 7 days. And with young children, it's hard to browse the library shelves before they start tearing up the place anyway! I can order up a B&N book anywhere, anytime, and the selection is really great if you have fairly broad reading preferences. My husband primarily reads scifi and military history and the selection for those genres is limited. We are hoping it will increase as the technology becomes more widely used. The ability to enlarge the print size is a great thing for people who have trouble with small print and the onboard dictionary is just icing on the cake. The only thing that is a bit off-putting is the slow response time in switching from file to file, but I get impatient waiting for my microwave to melt butter. I bought the nook some body armour I found online because my husband works in construction and throws his books in a bag with his tools. The covers B&N offers for this product are riduculously inappropriate for such readers. He is happy and is even considering expanding his reading preferences, which may be indicative of a trend that would be good news for authors everywhere. To sum up, I can't say whether this ereader is any better than any other, but I can definitely say it is a great entertainment tool and will get lots of use. It's easy to use, convenient, and has technological advantages you can't get with paper. One problem I had was setting it up with Adobe Digital Editions (free but necessary for library loans). If you buy it and have problems with that, google the problem and the solution is available. The solution worked for me first time.

8 of 9 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 09/10/11

Great e-reader and best in the price range for the features.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I needed something for my daughter who was hauling around too many books for elementary school. A Tablet or Slate was too expensive for an 11 year old, and the battery life wasn't sufficient for lasting a full day at school.

So it was between a Kobo, Kindle and Nook. Kindle and Nook had many great reviews but two things stood out in favor of the Nook; the epub format which eliminated our late book fees at the library and the price which was consistently cheaper than a Kindle.

Now all the books she needs for school are tucked away in the Nook including dictionaries, Spanish to English dictionary, thesaurus, all her reading books, etc.

The few downsides are that like with many e-ink readers - there's no backlight - so she has to read with her lights on. Easy fix as we'll simply buy a nook LED light. Also, the Nook can be particular about some of the book conversions; it's ok with some PDFs, but not with others or sometimes it doesn't show a newly converted to epub book in the Nook, but will show up in the computer as being in the Nook. For the epub books that don't show up when on the Nook, you have to convert them to PDF in order for it to be read. This isn't too big of an issue since there's a plethora of free e-book converters online.

Lastly, sometimes it does get a little buggy where you'll have to hard boot it, basically turn it on and off. It's done this when my daughter was reading a PDF, and when I loaded about 500 books into a 2nd Nook my wife uses.

Overall, the battery life is superb and makes up for any 1st gen Android issues, and e-book conversions are a snap online. For $80 you can buy a cheap Android 2.2 tablet with a color touch screen but with dismal battery life, but if you're looking to be able to read a book nonstop without having to plug-in for the same price, the Nook 1 is excellent.

11 of 11 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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