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Barbra Streisand Box Set (DVD, 2008)
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Barbra Streisand Box Set (DVD, 2008)

Barbra Streisand, Sydney Pollack | Rating: R (MPAA)
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Movie synopsis
THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES: Barbra Streisand both directs and plays the lead as Rose Morgan, a dowdy English Lit professor at Columbia University. Jeff Bridges is Professor Gregory Larkin, her foil, who has been burned by love and sworn off sex. The two cerebral Columbia professors commit to a perfectly sensible but passionless paper marriage, based on their intellectual common ground. The earth moves, however, when Rose redesigns her look in order to invoke the hots in her spouse and bolster her sagging self-esteem. This feel-good romance finds Streisand a little older but still the eager ingenue, ready to blush at her suitor's chivalrous blunders or bristle at her crabby mother (Lauren Bacall). THE WAY WE WERE: Sydney Pollack directs Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand in this sensitive and moving tale of the romance of two individuals whose political ideologies are exact opposites. Streisand won an Academy Award nomination for her performance as Katie Morosky, a Jewish student radical who falls in love with Hubbell Gardner (Redford), a conservative privileged writer. The two interact from the beginning of their college courtship through the Hollywood-blacklisting era of the 1950s.PRINCE OF TIDES: Barbra Streisand's adaptation of Pat Conroy's lyrical, passionate novel concerns romance as it emerges from the ashes of a traumatic childhood. Southerner Tom Wingo is going through a midlife crisis: He's got no job, a disintegrating marriage, and a drinking problem. But he gets a jolt of reality when he hears that his sister has attempted suicide. Tom instantly heads to New York to meet Susan Lowenstein, his sister's psychiatrist. As Tom provides Susan with information about his sibling and their dysfunctional family, the two become more intimate and soon begin an affair. As the romance blossoms, the repressed Tom and the guarded Susan find they are able to help each other with their respective problems. In particular, Tom is finally able to discuss a devastating incident from his youth.

Product Details
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rating: R (MPAA)
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 043396284685

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eBay Product ID: EPID70922944
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Created: 04/09/09

Triple Feature 3 Disc Box Set: Great Collection Mix

Review For: Barbra Streisand Box Set (DVD, 2008)

This box set includes 3 of Streisand's beloved romances: "Prince of Tides," "The Mirror has Two Faces," & "The Way We Were.

"Prince of Tides," co-starring Nick Nolte & including Jason Gould (Streisand & Elliot Gould's real life son) is easily the best of the three selections. Based upon Pat Conroy's novel, Nolte plays a South Carolinian, Tom Wingo, who's family was severely traumatized by violence during his childhood. When his sister, Savannah, tries to commit suicide & fails, her psychiatrist, Dr. Lowenstein (Streisand) summons him to come to New York to help her try to figure out what's going on to make Savannah suicidal. There's a whole lot more to the story & film. See my individual review for more details~

"The Mirror has Two Faces" turned out to be a pleasant surprise, co-starring Jeff Bridges as Professor Gregory Larkin. Streisand directs & plays the lead role as Professor Rose Morgan. Lauren Bacall plays a crucial part as Rose's incorrigible mother. Naturally, the romance in this film is between Streisand & Bridges, as two Columbia University professors who've given up on true love for extremely different reasons. Then, they meet. When they decide to enter into a platonic marriage, suddenly & surprising to herself, Rose heats way the heck up, much to Greg's bewilderment. It's nearly a romantic comedy and quite entertaining~♥~

"The Way We Were" is the eldest of the 3 & the most classic as well. Sydney Pollack directs Streisand & Redford as they enter into a politicized romance. Streisand was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Katie Morosky, a radical political Jewish college student who falls madly in love with a very conservative & upper-crustry writer, Hubbell Gardner (Redford). Their romance takes place during Hollywood's 1950's "blacklisting era," the communist witch hunt led by Joseph McCarthy & the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. Streisand also sings the title song, which is a classic & unforgettable (often referred to as "Memories"--not to be confused with Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Memory" from Cats)~

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Created: 01/25/11

The Mirror Has Two Faces

This is one of my favorite Barbra Streisand movies, I bought it in a 3 movie set. I am pleased with the condition, the picture is lovely, but I am hearing impaired and rely on the subtitles. This particular movie has subtitles, but only in French and Korean. I was very disappointed, the other 2 movies in the set are perfect and have English subtitles.

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Created: 09/07/10

Barbra Streisand Box set

I love these films with Barbra Streisand, they are her at her best. She is perfect in the roles she plays, and she is a good director too.The supporting cast is also good,very convincing. They don't make films like this anymore. Thanks for them seller, & ebay.com.

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Created: 01/08/11

I love Barbra!!

I love Barbra Streisand and these three just happen to be some of my favorite movies. I think it's great to sell them in a box set (they aren't copies) and sell them at a reasonable price. I loved watching the movies when I'm alone at home and can enjoy them by myself. Barbra is a joy to watch!

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Created: 09/30/10

Streisand MirrorHas 2 Faces/Prince of Tides/Way We Were

Review For: Barbra Streisand Box Set (DVD, 2008)

I purchased this DVD for my mother. I feel it was a good value for three classic Barbara Streisand movies. The set contained three movies on three separate discs all contained in one jacket. I would recommend this to any Streisand fan looking to add to their collection. The only down-side I feel some people wouldn't like is that the three discs stack directly on top of each other in the jacket, as opposed to having separate sections.

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