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Astal  (Sega Saturn, 1995)
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Astal (Sega Saturn, 1995) Near Complete Great Shape--------FREE SHIPPING
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Valley Stream, NY, USA
Astal  (Sega Saturn, 1995) Near Complete Great Shape--------FREE SHIPPING
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Astal (Sega Saturn, 1995) Game only**
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Astal  (Sega Saturn, 1995) Game only**
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Astal by "Sega of America, Inc."
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Astal by "Sega of America, Inc."
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Product Information
Astal is a 2D side-scrolling platform game in which players traverse ten levels of forests, volcanoes, plateaus in the clouds, and ice glaciers. Astal must rescue his girlfriend, Leda, from the evil god, Jerado. Astal can jump on enemies in order to stun them, perform a midair, overhead fist attack, and a super-breath attack. The game supports two-player cooperative play as well, with the second player controlling Astal's avian friend. Standard attacks for the bird are beak and wing strikes, while special moves include arrows and a high-speed dash attack. Working together, two players can execute an attack that will damage all enemies on the screen.

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Key Features
PlatformSega Saturn

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorMild Animated Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-2
Release Year1995

eBay Product ID: EPID4192

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Created: 10/06/10

Astal - US Sega Saturn version

No, I would not recommend this product.

Astal is a solid arcade-quality action game for the Sega Saturn.

Controlling Astal, you are able to lift huge hunks of rock and hurl them towards your enemies to smash them into jewels. The story goes that everyone and everything are made of the same material, jewels. You smash the natives to collect the jewels! Dling!

But don't eat them!

The aim of each level is to bounce about from platform to platform solving small puzzles and to find the next location. Oh yes, and to collect jewels. (and not eat them?)

Did I mention that you collect jewels? (Yes, and hush it you!)

True. True. I will hush it too, and my reward for doing so is to listen to the music and sound effectualisations(??), which are excellent throughout the game. Voice acting is also put to great use to further the story and to give you things to repeat to your mates without boring you to death (or jewels). The game also features some of the most fantastic art and animation. All of which are a joy to collect jewels (or death) to.

Well, I hope you like collecting jewels! (Of course we do. Everyone wants jewels)

My personal problem with Astal is that there wasn't ever a PAL release. This is a real shame, because the American boxes (or 'jewel' case - chortle) are over-sized, and made of fragile plastic that can shatter just by opening them. Also, of all the games released in America, this is the one missing a printed title on the spine. So, once its on your shelf, good luck when you want to find it again. Thankfully, Astal was the only American game lacking in the spine department. (Groan)

The American version of Astal features English language, which is good if you are English and don't want to learn Japanese. This is also true of all games featuring the English language. (Nick, will you shut up!)

I won't be recommending this product to my friends, because I am selfish and want to buy them all myself. Seriously though, its a great buy!

Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy it from the guy! The guy who's shy to try my pies fly through the sky tie! ...or something

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Created: 12/09/08

Great Saturn Game

Astal is a great platform game for the Sega Saturn. All of the levels in Astal are colorful, detailed, and look great; Astal is probably the best looking 2D game on the Saturn. Most of the levels are fairly easy and the game can be finished rather quickly, but it is still very fun. Some of the levels can get a little challenging but most of the time they are easy. Astal plays like a traditional platform game but does incorporate some features that make it unique. For example, instead of jumping on enemies (like Mario or Donkey Kong) to defeat them, you have several options regarding how to dispose of them. The standard attack is to throw enemies. If you are being swarmed by a group of enemies you can make Astal inhale and then have him blow them all away. Another interesting aspect of Astal is that you can use your bird to perform special attacks on enemies. You can also send him to fetch items for you that you can use to restore your health.

Overall, Astal is an excellent game that every Sega Saturn owner should have.

- Excellent 2D graphics
- Well designed and fun levels
- Great music and sound effects

- Too short

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Created: 03/22/10

A must have

a brilliant, gorgeous side-scrolling adventure game that is memorable for its captivating look and methodical platforming. As the super-strong Astal, you must pound through hundreds of crystalline enemies to rescue Leda from the evil demon Jerado. Astal is aided by a bird companion that can interfere with enemies and bring back items. The game came out early in the Saturn's lifespan and was largely ignored- A must have IMHO

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Created: 08/07/09

A tranquil journey through Saturn's 2D brilliance.

This game is simply beautiful. Its gameplay is really nothing new, but the actaul gameplay is balanced and fairly challenging, you go though it at a pretty mellow pace, as was intended by the programmers. But its style and atmosphere just showers radient energy out of the screen, with its vibrant but subtle colours and relaxing music, one just drifts away with it all.

You will not find better graphics of this type of game today, perhaps because these games are not made anymore for the latest console systems, but still I've never really see anything look like it again, in terms of its art work and animations, It looks hand painted to me.

At first glance this game seemed quite normal to me. But after a short while I felt it was something special. It really is a pleasure to play and watch this moving art piece.

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Created: 06/20/10

Beutiful and Fun

A platformer game that is easy to get into as well as beutiful. The art and story is something that brings it's world to life as the background and music take you ainto a world beyond like that of Nights Into Dreams, as a Sega Saturn game it's nothing short of wonderful.

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