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Apple iPod Touch
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Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation (64 GB)

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64 GB
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Apple iPod Touch Black 4th Gen 64gb MP3 Facetime Video WiFi - MINT
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Apple iPod Touch Black 4th Gen 64gb MP3 Facetime Video WiFi - MINT
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Apple iPod touch 4th Generation Black (64 GB)
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Baldwinsville, NY, USA
Apple iPod touch 4th Generation Black (64 GB)
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Apple iPod touch 4th Generation Black (64 GB) - Functional Please Read
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Apple iPod touch 4th Generation Black (64 GB) - Functional Please Read
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Product description

Product Images

Manufacturer ImageManufacturer ImageManufacturer Image
Product Information
Enjoy watching videos on the 3.5-inch Multi-touch Retina display of the iPod touch 4G at a stunning resolution of 960x640p. The FaceTime feature of this Apple media player allows you to seamlessly video call your friend just by sending an invite. Equipped with an A4 processor, this digital media player makes multitasking, placing FaceTime calls or editing videos easy while enhancing the battery life. The Gyro+ Accelerometer of the iPod touch 4G enables better motion sensing like full 3D attitude, rotation rate and user acceleration, making gaming even more enjoyable. With a built-in editing feature, you do not have to wait to get to your PC to edit your videos; you can do that right away on this Apple media player. The two cameras of this digital media player shoot amazing videos in HD 720p resolution while the integrated microphone can record conversations or music simultaneously.

Product Identifiers
ModeliPod Touch 4th Generation
MPN MC547BT/A, MC547FD/A, MC547LL/A, MC547ZP/A

Key Features
Storage Capacity64 GB
Audio Supported FormatsAAC, AIFF, Audible, MP3, MP3 VBR, Protected AAC, WAV
Video Supported FormatsH.264, M-JPEG, M4V, MJPG, MP4, MPEG-4, Mov
Battery Run TimeUp to 40 Hours

Audio / Video Capabilities
MP3 Bit-Rate8 kbps - 320 kbps
Max Video Resolution960 x 640
Screen Size3.5 Inch

Width2.3 Inch
Depth0.28 Inch
Height4.4 Inch
Weight3.56 Oz

OutputsHeadphone Jack
InterfacesBluetooth, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi

Additional FeaturesAccelerometer, Built-In Digital Camera, Camera, Digital Camera, Games, Video Recorder
Supported Power SupplyAC/DC Adapter, Internal Battery, Rechargeable via USB cable
Battery TypeRechargeable Li-ion Battery, Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer
Storage TypeBuilt-in Memory
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Number Of Songs14000
Frequency Response20-20000 Hz

eBay Product ID: EPID92269142

Reviews & Research

CNET Editors' reviewExcellent


    Apple's iPod Touch comes with a new color, a new price, and feature-packed OS. It records HD video, chats over video or iMessages, checks your e-mail, keeps your appointments, connects to the cloud, rents movies, plays music, takes pictures, and plays more games than any of its competitors.


    Photo quality doesn't hold up to the iPhone 4's; there's no GPS, and no option for 3G data service.


    The iPod Touch is the best iPod yet, offering all the fun of the iPhone experience without a carrier contract or monthly bill.

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Created: 01/25/11

Best MP3 Player Out There!

Introducing the newest and latest model of the iPod Touch 4th Generation! The latest model of the iPod touch now has Facetime, Retina Display, HD Video Recording, and Game Center! What are all of these new things, you might ask?

To start off, Facetime enables you to have video call sessions between iPod touch. So if you have friends or family that also have the same iPod touch generation as you, you can talk to them via video chat! Retina display makes everything you see on your new iPod more clearer than ever. The HD video recording allows you to share, edit and record with amazing high-definition quality...No more annoying fuzziness! With the help of the new A4 chip and Game Center, you are now able to enjoy playing your favorite iPod games with anyone in the world.

Along with these new fantastic additions, the newest iPod touch is available in 8, 32 and 64 gigabytes. Also, when fully charged, it will last an amazing 7 hours with 40 hours of playback time, which is pretty neat.

This iPod touch is also environmentally-safe; Its display glass is completely arsenic free. Also, The LCD display is mercury free. This iPod is brominated flame-retardant free, PVC free, smaller and lighter than previous generations.

This iPod is practically like a mini-computer that can fit in your hand! This is by far the best generation of the iPod touch ever. The only thing that I don't like about it is the chrome backplate. It collects fingerprints and scratches so easily...Apple should really do something about that. So be sure to get a protective case so that you can prevent scratches and fingerprints.

Other than that, this is a pretty awesome mp3 player.

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Created: 04/30/11

great product

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation (64 GB)

Body: Aside from moving the sleep button to the right and making the back of the device slimmer and more flat, not much has changed. Yes, the chrome back is still there erg! It was so pretty for the first 30 seconds.

Ram: The Ram on the iPod Touch is only 256 MB, so do not believe the talk of 512 MB, it is simply not true.

Wireless: Fully supports A/B/G/N

Vibration: There is no vibration, so do not expect that.

Multitasking: Works real well and very smooth transition

Display: While the display on the iPod is not IPS like the iPhone do not think it suffers in anyway. This display is so beautiful and crisp to look at. I cannot even distinguish the pixels, and text on a website is like you are reading out of a book, it's so refreshing. I played a digital copy of "UP" on here and the colors practically jump off the screen, very nice. Apple's icons are so much more vivid and sharp, while 3rd party developer icons who have yet to make an upgrade for the new displays shows what a step up this new screen has to offer.

Speaker: I am not sure of the quality of the speaker on the 3G iPod Touch, but on my 2G iPod Touch it was very tinny and I only used it for game sound. Here on the 4G there is a new spot on the bottom left for the speaker and it has risen in clarity. Music is very listenable and clear, however nothing replaces a good set of earbuds, but when you're in a jam, you won't be gritting your teeth with this speaker.

Processor: The new Apple processor is a sure win for this device. Everything loads very fast and switching from one screen to another is very swift and smooth. Crash Bandicoot finally has a nice framerate to play with on this iPod and for once I did not regret buying that game.

Front Camera: This is the camera that is primarily used for Facetime. It's resolution is at 640 X 480. After taking a few pictures with it, you will notice how it is really not for taking stills, but works fine for videochatting (which I have not tried, but did run some video tests with it). Obviously Facetime will work better in well lit areas, but then again, doesn't any camera?

Rear Camera: Again stills are just so so. What really bugs me is when you go to take a picture, you see how crisp the preview is, then you take the picture and you can see it blur. The tap to focus works nice for adjusting exposure and well lit photos look very decent on the display. It's when you upload them to your computer when you notice how not so decent they actually are. While this may be a negative for many people, if you are like me, you want to just upload photos with this device to FaceBook and capture funny moments with the video camera. If I want to take a really awesome picture, I'll pull out my DSLR, but for me this iPod's capabilities are more than adequate for my quick shooting of certain events. The video captures quite nicely, while not superb like an actual HD camcorder does enough for me for again, capturing fun moments. Don't worry, you don't cringe while watching the video, it's more than adequate and produces vibrant colors and a fast framerate. Some may complain on this, and believe me those reviews will be here shortly, but then again why not buy an HD Camcorder that is made for HD content? (I'm not ignorant to HD quality either, I'm a huge fan of it. I run a 3D 65'' 1080p display with Blu-ray and Dolby Tru-HD decoding surround sound system)

Microphone: Testing out Skype my friend told me I was coming in loud and clear

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Feature ratings

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  • Features
  • Design
  • Overall Value
Created: 04/05/11

Almost as good as an iPhone 4 but not quite!

-Don't need any contracts with wireless providers to use any of the features on iPod touch all can be accessed using WiFi
-TWO camera's, front camera for video chat (facetime, skype etc), rear camera is for regular picture and video recording (you can also take pictures and record videos with front camera too!)
-High resolution 720p video recording from back camera at 30 fps and 960 x 640 still photos.
-high resolution retina display for sharper quality on the interface
-very light weight and even skinnier than previous generations, 101 g (3.6 oz), 111 × 58.9 × 7.2 mm (4.4" × 2.3" × 0.28")
-flat back so no more wobbling when laying on a flat surface unlike previous generations of iPod touches which had a curved back.
-Microphone next to back camera to use while video chatting or for audio recording.
-Even though it doesn't have the instant 'Phone' capabilities of the iPhone you can still use the microphone with a social networking app like Skype or Facetime to make the iPod function as an iPhone 4
-Processor and all features is same as 32/64 GB 4th gen iPod touches, only difference is the storage capacity
-Battery life: 7 Hours video or 40 Hours audio
-Display 3.5" LCD screen (89 mm); 2:3 aspect ratio; 24-bit color, glossy glass-covered LED-backlit LCD, 960×640 px at 326 ppi

-Though it says 8 GB, you will actually only have 6.5 GB of free space.
-Primary camera on the back is only .7 megapixel which is pretty bad and equal to the quality you find on any cheap camera phones. You can still download apps to slightly improve the quality of pictures but the hardware can only do so much.
-Does NOT support 3G or 4G data connection only WiFi via 802.11n (2.4 GHz)
-Tough to connect USB recharging Dock connector to the back, you feel like you are jamming it in since the iPod touch is so thin, you feel as though you might be damaging it internally just by having to force it in.

-Speakers are now on the bottom left side of the iPod touch next to the dock connector and a lot smaller (by appearance) than the previous generations.
-Power button is now on top right
-in place of where the speaker used to be in the older generations, now features the back camera lens and a small hole next to it which is the microphone.
-Volume control is now two separate buttons for volume up & down instead of a roller.

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Feature ratings

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  • Features
  • Design
  • Overall Value
Created: 05/08/11

Get one. Buy extra charge/sync cable. buy a silicon case.Enjoy the Apps

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation (64 GB)

As a newbie with no ipod Touch experience and no manual, I am amazed at HOW GREAT this product is! Manuals can be had free at www.apple.com. The charge/sync cable by Apple was the only issue I had. It fell apart. Most cables have two release tabs on the side. This one does not have these. A newbie assumes you pull on this connector from the top and bottom. WRONG!!! Hold the connector on the sides to loosen it since you will have pressure on the plastic hooks inside. The cable that goes into the Touch has two plastic right 90 degree 1/8 inch hooks on the right and left ends of the connector. The wires inside are tiny and easily broken if the connector comes apart. A dab of silicon is the only thing that prevents these hooks from coming undone. I bought 3 non-Apple charge/sync cables on Ebay. I was not going to pay Apple 30 for a crappy cable. This is the only weakness I see.
Music sync was awesome and a no brainer. Just plug it in. There are so many apps for free or .99 cents. I have a Blackberry and Apple is blowing everyone away. I have Soundhound for telling me what a song is that I am listening to on the radio. Awesome. Just search on Google for the best apps and then push the App Store on the Touch.(must have itunes on Windows or Mac first with an account on the store). Downloads are quick.
I am impressed with these apps. Quick list of some I downloaded
Facebook,Mint.com,Google Earth,Netflix,IMDB,Springpad,A​mazon,The Weather Channel,Whitepages,Mapquest,Fa​ndango,Pandora,LoseIt,Ebay,Wik​ipedia,Camera+,Tune-In Radio,Pack and Go,WedMD,Google,wifi Finder,Milpon,Words Free,Mirror,USA Today,GasBuddy,Skype,Mirror. I really like Camera+ app. This camera takes awesome photos. How many times does your camera sit in a drawer?
Get the 64GB touch. No contract. Lots of Space. Great music listening. I had two other ipods(a classic and a Nano) before. This makes EVERYTHING ELSE obsolete. It is a computer in your pocket. Enjoy the apps. The wifi finder app shows you where Wifi signals are. It is LIFE CHANGING. If only Apple had better cables. Have a great day!

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  • Design
  • Overall Value
Created: 04/05/11

Great product. Good price.

Review For: Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation (64 GB)

I've been having a blast getting to know the 64GB iPod touch. Because I bought it used, there was not an operation manual that came with it--which has worked out fine because the controls are fairly intuitive. It did take me a while to realize that I could completely power it down with the button on the top of the unit, but that is relatively minor. My biggest peeve with this unit is that the battery does not last long. If I'm playing one of the games I purchased off of iTunes, the battery lasts only about two hours. I haven't tried just playing music or a video to see how long the battery would last. Thankfully, the battery recharges fairly quickly--it's gone from completely dead to fully charged in about an hour. It would be nice if Apple would include a wall charger with these units along with the USB cable.

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