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Apple iPod Mini
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Apple iP...
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Apple iPod mini 1st Generation (4 GB)

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Rare Apple iPod MiNi 1st Generation Gold (16 GB) Modified Flash Drive
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  Rare Apple iPod MiNi 1st Generation Gold (16 GB) Modified Flash Drive
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Product description
  • 1.67-inch LED backlit color display
  • Stores up to 1,000 songs
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • 20 preset equalizer settings
  • Use Click Wheel to browse and navigate
Product Information
Listen to music in style with the Gold iPod mini, no matter which format it is in, be it MP3, AAC, WAV, MP3 VBR, Audible (6), or AIFF. The 4GB storage capacity of this Apple 1G MP3 player stores up to a whopping 1000 songs. At a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz, this Apple media player gives awesome audio quality. The 1.67-inch backlit screen of the Gold iPod mini displays the names and other details of songs for you. Enjoy content from other devices by transferring it onto this Apple 1G MP3 player with its FireWire and USB 2.0 interface. The 8 hour battery life of this Apple media player ensures you have non-stop entertainment. Organize the playlist, contacts as well as games easily on the Gold iPod mini and get the most out of it.

Product Identifiers
ModeliPod mini 1st Generation
MPN M9437B/A, M9437LL/A

Key Features
Storage Capacity4 GB
Audio Supported FormatsAAC, AIFF, Audible, MP3, MP3 VBR, WAV
Battery Run TimeUp to 8 Hours

Audio / Video Capabilities
MP3 Bit-Rate32 kbps - 320 kbps
Screen Size1.67 Inch

Width2 Inch
Depth0.5 Inch
Height3.6 Inch
Weight3.6 Oz

InterfacesFirewire, USB 2.0

Additional FeaturesGames, Sleep Timer
Supported Power SupplyAC/DC Adapter, Internal Battery, Rechargeable via FireWire cable, Rechargeable via USB cable
Storage TypeHard Drive
Number Of Songs1000
Frequency Response20-20000 Hz

eBay Product ID: EPID48116177

Reviews & Research

CNET Editors' reviewGood


    Best-of-breed design and interface; comes in five colors; excellent playlist features; clean, configurable sound; smooth syncing; organizes contacts; includes games; functions as an external drive.


    No FM radio or recording capabilities; battery not user-replaceable.


    Apple comes through again with a nearly perfect MP3 player.

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Customer Reviews

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    Created: 12/08/05

    Ipod mini - Its a sure Winner!

    But it's not just about looks - the iPod Mini sounds fantastic. After comparing it with my third-generation iPod, tracks definitely sounded clearer on the iPod Mini, as if it were capable of better frequency response. By comparison the 3G iPod sounded positively muffled. A sign of PortalPlayer's enhanced audio chip, perhaps.

    The Mini's packaging is as lovely as ever. The box lid slides off to reveal the mini wrapped in plastic. The box underneath is split in two halves - one for the install discs and one for the headphones, USB cable and a belt holster. As with all the new iPods there's no Firewire cable, no dock, no remote - but they are available as optional extras. There's no AC adaptor either, so you can only charge when connected to the PC.

    There are other missing features that might give pause for thought, such as a radio, recording function and microphone. But if it's just a player you want these absences won't be noticed. For me the only reason I wouldn't want one is that I do want to carry my entire music collection around with me. Or at least more of it than I could fit on a 6GB drive.

    One day of course, a 20GB iPod will be this size, but for now six gigs is your limit. At this capacity it no longer loses out to the Zen Micro and H10, but while Creative and iRiver have both worked hard on improving the look and usability of their players, the Mini is still miles ahead. With its rounded sides and neat click-wheel interface, it feels right in you hand and is easy to control and use too.

    With the new iPod Mini, Apple has increased its capacity by a 50 per cent, battery-life by one-and-a-quarter times and improved sound quality. It's a pretty impressive triple whammy and as long as its capacity is large enough for you, the iPod Mini would be our recommended digital audio player.


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    Created: 02/27/11

    Used iPod 4GB Mini

    I bought the used iPod Mini because I was tired of fighting cheap MP3 players, but didn't want to spend the money for a new quality device. I only use the device to listen to music.
    I love the iPod Mini.
    Sound quality it excellent and the control pad is a joy -- I can now appreciate why folks were willing to pay full price for them. When I made he purchase I was worried about battery life on a used device but mine came with plenty of life stil left. And although I have not done so, the battery is replaceable so the iPod could last forever. The 4GB of memory mine came with is not a lot my current standards, but it is still a lot of music.
    Negatives are that being Apple, it does not take standared USB cables, ect. However, the compatible cables are readily available and inexpensive. And the unit requires iTunes for file loading and maintenance, but iTunes is available for free download off the internet. By current standards the iPod requires a large amount of power and the battery takes forever to recharge off the computer. A charger that works off a wall outlet is required for practical application.
    Finally, it is huge by current standards (about the size of a small cell-phone), and does not have a graphic display or even color. But if you are interested in taking an inexpensive trip way back to 2004, this may be the device for you.

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    Created: 08/12/06

    Apple iPod Mini MP3 Player

    I was looking for a basic MP3 MUSIC player with a convenient size. This iPod Mini fits the bill perfectly. I'm still learning how to use it and get acquainted with the new system (I had a Dell DJ prior) but my wife and I love the shape, size and design and the quality is top notch. We didn't want or need a video display, just wanted to hear some tunes. We also got a nice bonus with the iPod we purchased because it came with all the original boxes, software, manuals, cables and lots of extras that are very nice. And, the previous owner/ seller obviously took immaculate care of this and has been very helpful with great communication and keeping in touch if we have more questions so we really had a great purchase experience. As for the basic product itself, I do recommend it highly if you just want a basic music player that holds plenty of music at 4gigs and is very portable in size (just a bit larger than the Nano but more memory). The only issue I have to date is with the function wheel that is on every Apple iPod. It really takes some getting used to and practice to master it. My wife is very good with it, I'm still practicing! But it is a great little machine and Griffin and other companies make a ton of cool extras that work with the Mini, such as a double headphone adapter, an FM iTrip attachment that programs to a radio fm station so you can play the iPod through a stereo or in the car, and a great extra long lasting power adapter with ports that can be used to hook up other small devices like cell phones, etc. If you are considering a basic small MP3 player, then I really think you can't go wrong with the Apple Ipod Mini. If you have already built up a large library of music using Windows computer and Musicmatch Jukebox, then I'd also recommend the Dell Pocket DJ MP3 player. It is no longer made or sold by Dell, but you can find them on Ebay. It is a simple player and very easy to use. Happy shopping!

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    Created: 02/09/08

    Apple iPod mini silver 4gb

    I love this product for the fact that i have finally realized he craze for ipod. They are so much better than your standard mp3 players. I have owned countless mp3 players ranging from 128 mb gas station specials to 1 gb walmart specials. Half of them worked. the other half were not user friendly. Now the Apple iPod on the other hand is reliable, easy to use, and holds enough music where you wont hear the same song again twice in one day(unless you want to of course). the battery life is almost rediculous. 8 hours of play time. Good luck getting that out of most cell phones nowadays. The iTunes software that allows you to sync your iPod is so very easy to use. No more drag and drop crap. Just put a check in the block of the songs you want and hit sync. And your golden. Also the expandability of the Apple iPod is so vast that you could look all day and not find all the accessories for this product. The best one in my opinion is the radio transmitters for vehicles. I mean wow. You can go jogging with your iPod then hop in the car and continue to hear your favorite playlist.
    I liked this product so much i bought one for my mom. Now thats trust. I trust that this product is good enough for my own mommy. Yes mommy. Im 25 years old and i still call mommy mommy. If that action doesnt explain how i trust this product. Then i have no idea what would convince you.

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    Created: 11/28/05

    Great value when Nano gets all the attention

    Of course, as most of you all have probably known, Apple has discontinued the line of Ipod Mini as Nano has been emerging into the market quick, and quickier. Since I'm not entirely convinced that Nano is any better than Mini, it's probably the best time for you to grab one Mini if you're seeing a price that seems affordable to you.

    Really, the way I see it, Nano and Mini are not so much different except in size, and perhaps it's 'cooler' to have Nano around these days. But who knows when Apple will be coming up with Pico? Obviously, what we all need is a MP3 player that stores a reasonable amount of songs and able to play whenever we want. Thus, I recommend going for a not-so-much different product but a much less price, which seems more logic to me.

    I've been owning Mini since it first released and I've tried Nano but decided to return it. Several reasons are as follow:

    1) Nano is too small for me to realise if there is anything in my pocket before I put the clothes in loundry. Seriously, the device is so small that makes me think it's not really practical for its intended usage.

    2) I prefer the battery life in Mini much more than Nano. Typically, my Mini lasts about 15 hours of continous music playing whereas my ex-Nano lasted about 11 hours.

    There are still several other personal preferences over why I chose Mini instead of Nano, but I believe I've made my points acrossed in this review. If you're making a choice between Nano and Mini, I'd certainly recommend you to try out Mini before purchasing Nano, especially when the price is sinking right now!

    7 of 8 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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