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Apple iPod Classic
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Apple iPod classic 6th Generation (80 GB)

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80 GB
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Apple iPod classic 6th Generation Silver (80 GB) Refurbished MB029LL/A1238
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Everett, WA, USA
Apple iPod classic 6th Generation Silver (80 GB) Refurbished MB029LL/A1238
Top pick 
Apple iPod classic 6th Generation (80 GB) - One Side Audio Jack Doen't Works
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100% positive feedback
Pompano Beach, FL, USA
Apple iPod classic 6th Generation (80 GB) - One Side Audio Jack Doen't  Works
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    Product description
    • Stores up to 20,000 songs or 25,000 photos or 100 hours of video
    • 2.5-inch LED backlit color display
    • Plays up to 20 hours of music and 5 hours of video
    • Windows and Mac compatibility
    • Use Click Wheel to browse and navigate

    Product Images

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    Manufacturer ImageManufacturer Image
    Product Information
    Carry along your entire video and music collection loaded in the Apple iPod classic 6th Generation player. Enjoy crystal clear sound output with the 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency response of this Apple digital media player. The lithium ion battery of this Apple media player provides with an incredible music playback time of up to 36 hours and video playback time of up 6 hours, on a full charge. Share digital media files instantly from your PC using the 2.0 USB port of this Apple digital media player. View flicks with great clarity on the LED backlit LCD screen of this Apple media player. Access applications in languages familiar to you, using the multilingual interface of the Apple iPod classic 6th Generation player.

    Product Identifiers
    ModeliPod classic 6th Generation
    MPN MB029LL/A, MB029ZO/A, MB029ZP/A

    Key Features
    Storage Capacity80 GB
    Audio Supported FormatsAAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, Audible, MP3, MP3 VBR, WAV
    Video Supported FormatsH.264, M4V, MP4, MPEG-4, Mov
    Battery Run TimeUp to 30 Hours

    Audio / Video Capabilities
    MP3 Bit-Rate16 kbps - 320 kbps
    Max Video Resolution320 x 240
    Screen Size2.5 Inch

    Width2.4 Inch
    Depth0.41 Inch
    Height4.1 Inch
    Weight4.9 Oz

    OutputsHeadphone Jack
    InterfacesUSB, USB 2.0

    Additional FeaturesAddress Book
    Supported Power SupplyInternal Battery, Rechargeable via FireWire cable, Rechargeable via USB cable
    Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium Battery
    Storage TypeBuilt-in Memory, Hard Drive
    Number Of Songs20000
    Frequency Response20-20000 Hz

    eBay Product ID: EPID62596569

    Reviews & Research

    CNET Editors' reviewExcellent

    • THE GOOD

      The iPod Classic is just like the fifth-generation iPod with video, only slimmer, tougher, and injected with a more visually rich graphical user interface.

    • THE BAD

      Video output now requires a proprietary cable; audio quality has not improved; some older iPod video accessories may not be compatible; users are required to use the latest version of iTunes, which may not work on some older computer systems.


      The iPod Classic is a refinement of the formula that put the iPod on the map. Few can match its combination of storage capacity, battery life, and advanced user interface.

    • (C) 2014 CBS Interactive., a CBS Company. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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    Created: 02/09/08

    160gb 6 gen ipod!

    First off let me say that I do not believe there is any portable mp3 device with this much storage.This is one of the main reasons I purchased this one, my 5.5 gen 80 gb ipod was almost full.

    I've seen some reviews that say the sound quality isn't the same.I personally do not notice any difference.Think about where you listen to music and on what speakers , earbuds.I think these people are just being picky..There is always backround noise no matter where you are.

    The more advanced munues are ok if you like flash, but they make the hard drive run while just scrolling through menues.This will of course put more wear on the hdd. and run down the battery. Not Thrilled! I didn't like that at all, but I usually look through genres to find what I want to hear and that doesn't start the hdd, until you pick the artist. Save the cover art scroll for when you show it to someone else.It's really only for flash!It takes many hdd starts to go through 900+cds.Even browsing by artist starts the hdd.

    The battery life is very good though, even with all of the hard drive starts.I ran it for about 5 hours so far and the battery meter is still full. I did put it on the charger today and it charged for about 45 mins.

    Now to get to the biggest thing to concider about this new generation of ipod.
    Apple has disabled the video output capibilities UNLESS you use their cables. 50$ plus tax and shipping for the cable and wall adapter.I, having owned other ipods have a sonic impact to play my ipod videos through.It has a nice 7" screen and very good sounding speakers...I can still play music on it, but the movies only play on the ipod screen.I find this to be a HUGE drawback to this ipod.The video ipod got all of my dvds out of my car for trips while holding 80 or more movies, all without skipping on bumpy roads.If this is important to you , also I would say that the 5th gen 80 gb is your best option.I haven't purchased the cables(50$+tax and shipping),and will use the older ipod for this purpose.If you need the 160 for it's size and you want the video output, as of this review, you'll have to get the apple cables.

    All in All I like the ipod and I'm hoping for a lot of good times using it. But if you don't need the space the 5th gen 80 gb ipod would give you much better value. I dont see any real advantage to the new menues and wouldn't have bought the new one for that reason.Size does matter...lol and at 160gb it has more storage size than many home computers.I hope this was helpful.

    17 of 21 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 12/14/10

    Ipod classic 80GB

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 6th Generation (80 GB)

    I bought the 80GB ipod classic after months and months of searching. I don't need 120GB or 160GB of memory on an ipod. So I was disappointed when Apple discontinued the 80GB completely, in favor of the 160GB. This product is perfect for those of us who may not have enough room on the older 30GB ipods for their music, videos, etc, but don't need more than 100GB. It is the perfect in between ipod, and I am immensely satisfied with it. With the ability to hold 20,000 songs, 30 hours of playback, and the new cover flow feature, who could ask for more? So if you're looking for an ipod classic but don't need 160GB, and if you especially don't want to pay the 160GB ipod price, then the 80GB ipod classic is for you. Easy to use features for ipod veterans, and for newbies, I would definitely recommend this item.

    11 of 11 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 10/25/07

    Apple iPod Classic (80GB)

    I just bought an iPod Classic and let me tell you I think it may of been my best purchase in a long time!

    The main screen interface is not only visually appealling but extremly easy to understand and use(unlike some other mp3 players). The Classic has a new outer skin from the older iPods which isnt as shiny but I think is more resistant to scratches.

    Of course with 80GB of space you could never truly fill it up with songs(20,000) but with movies it is possible(just time consuming).

    With the this new generation of iPods come new games which might add some excitment to your day.

    The games are:

    Vortex-(much like the older pong like game but with very good graphics and a better gameplay experience)

    Klondike-Basically Solitare reworkwed

    iPod Music Quiz: I personally love what Apple has done with the new version of iPod Quiz...this isnt just one game, it is 4 games under 1 title. The four quizzes are: TV Show Trivia, Music Trivia and Movie Trivia which are all just quizzes about modern day entertainment with all of them having four multiple choice answers for you to guess from, with points rewarded for each correct answer. The last game is Music Quiz 2(my favorite) which is a very cool way to quiz your knowledge about your iPod. You have to answer questions about the song titles, artists, albums and even release dates. There are multiple rounds and different bonus games at the end of each round to boost your points. All in all the games are 10/10 for me.

    The only thing about the 80GB and 160GB iPods are that they have some lag time between operations. This being because they store information on a hard drive(like a computer) instead of a flash drive which is very fast data recall and is used for shuffles and nanos. I was fully aware of this at the time I bought my iPod so it didnt bother me one bit but I'm sure that some poeple who might of upgraded from a nano to a classic will be annoyed by the extra millaseconds that it takes to retrieve song information.

    I think if anyone is looking to buy an iPod they should deffinatley look inot getting a Classic, not only is it very affordable($250CAN) but can be very useful and enteratining.

    17 of 17 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 11/15/10

    Still the best

    the apple ipod classic is the rolls royce of mp3 players i have been an apple fan for the last 5 years and let me tell you i bought this after i dropped my one one in the river all i had to do was sync to itunes wait 30 min (i have 8,400 songs) and done was like it never happened i couldnt be happier the onley difference is that i had the newer one and the old gens battery lasts 6 hours longer on music (46 total) and 2 hours longer for video (9 hours total) o and did i mention its apple made if you were ever skeptcile about ipod take it from me i used to be and im kicking myself for it lost out on a long time of not fighting the inferior os if your looking for an mp3 player buy an ipod end of story

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 09/08/10

    Apple iPod classic 6th Generation Black (80 GB)

    Compared to the 4th and 5th generation 80gb iPods there is a sleeker user interface. One of the biggest being the option to view music in a "Cover Flow" form where you cycle through the album cover art to select music instead of names. It is slightly smaller than previous generations, and the plastic covering the front is not as sleek and shiny as previous models. The 80gb iPods are not manufactured anymore, even though this size iPod is a good size for avid listeners. The only "classic" model iPod Apple makes now is the 160gb for $250. This is way more space than is needed by the average listener and it is more for those who would want to put multiple TV series to watch. The used 80gb models can be purchased for $100-150

    5 of 6 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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