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Apple iBook 12.1" Laptop - M7707LL/A (Ju...
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Apple iB...
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Apple iBook 12.1" Laptop - M7707LL/A (July, 1999)

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Product description
Product Information
The iBook G3 Clamshell notebook is engineered to make your life easier while performing your computing tasks. Get the benefit of fast processing capabilities with the PowerPC G3 300 MHz processor of this Apple 12.1-inch notebook. You can get access to internet from anywhere using the Lucent's AirPort technology of this Apple 12.1-inch notebook. The LithIon battery of this Apple 300MHz laptop provides a battery life up to six hours which is especially useful while traveling. The iBook G3 Clamshell notebook has a hard disk drive of 3GB to store all your data and digital media. TO control and monitor easily, this Apple 300MHz laptop has an innovative touchpad and keyboard.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Product FamilyiBook
Model IDPowerBook2,1
Model NumberM2453

Processor TypePowerPC G3
Processor Speed300 MHz
Number of CoresSingle-Core

Display Size12.1"

Hard Drive
Hard Drive Capacity3.2 GB
Storage Controller TypeIDE

Installed RAM32 MB
RAM TechnologySDRAM
Max Supported RAM288 MB
Installed Cache Memory512 KB

Optical Drive TypeCD-ROM
Optical Drive Read Speed24x (CD)

Graphic ProcessorATI RAGE MOBILITY
Installed Video Memory4 MB

Audio Output TypeHeadphones, Line Out, Sound card, Speaker(s)

Modem TypeModem
Analog Modulation ProtocolK56Flex

Networking TypeIntegrated Wireless LAN, Network Adapter
Data Link ProtocolAirPort Extreme, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet

Battery TechnologyLithium ion

Depth11.6 in.
Height1.8 in.
Width13.5 in.
Weight6.7 lb.

Release DateJuly, 1999
Input MethodKeyboard, TouchPad
Exterior ColorBlueberry

eBay Product ID: EPID78135319

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    Created: 06/21/10

    iBook G3 Clamshell 466 (FireWire & DVD)

    The second-generation iBook Specil Edition adds key lime (below) as an alternative to graphite (above). It replaces the 366 MHz G3 processor with the new G3e running at 466 MHz. The G3e includes an on-chip L2 cache that runs at full CPU speed for improved processor efficiency (the larger backside cache in first generation iBooks ran at half of CPU speed).

    Other big changes include a DVD-ROM drive, FireWire, and video output. Like the original iBook, it has full AirPort support and a battery rated at six hours.

    The iBook Special Edition is the least expensive DVD laptop in Apple's line, and it offers nearly the same speed as the PowerBook G3/500.

    Other than the new colors, the most visible difference between the second-generation iBooks and the first is the colored button by the trackpad on the newer models.
    Key Lime iBookDetails

    * introduced 2000.09.13 at US$1,799; replaced by dual USB iBook 2001.05.01
    * requires System 9.0.4 through OS X 10.4.x
    * CPU: 466 MHz PPC 750CX (a.k.a. G3e)
    * bus: 66 MHz
    * ROM: 4 MB, NewWorld ROM in RAM architecture
    * RAM: 64 MB of SDRAM, expandable to 576 MB via one 1.25" 3.3V PC66 compliant SO-DIMM
    * Level 2 cache: 256 KB on-chip cache
    * Video: ATI Rage Mobility 128 with 2x AGP
    * VRAM: 8 MB
    * display: 12.1" 24-bit SVGA (800 x 600) color active matrix, resolution scaling supports 640 x 480
    * video out: composite video
    * hard drive: 10 GB 9.5mm IDE
    * DVD-ROM: 6x
    * floppy drive: external USB only
    * expansions bays: none
    * USB: 1 USB 1.1 port
    * FireWire: 1 FW400 port
    * ethernet: 10/100Base-T
    * modem: v.90 56k
    * WiFi: 802.11b AirPort optional
    * PC Card slots: none
    * size: 11.6 x 13.5 x 2.1" (29.4 x 34.4 x 5.2 cm)
    * weight: 6.6 pounds (3.0 kg) with battery
    * machine ID: PowerBook2,2
    * family number: M2453

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    Created: 06/10/10

    over ten years old, but its still a great compuer

    The Clamshell iBook may very well be the best looking notebook computer ever made, but for being ten years old it will not leave you waiting at the keys as long as you avoid installing newer software. Most older iBooks will need a new battery and you couldn't go wrong investing in a modest RAM increase. This machine is considerably heavier than the newer notebooks, but hey it does come with a handle! The 3.2GB Hard Drive is a joke considering that you can buy a 32GB+ flash drive or an iPod with 160GB of storage space. The Clamshell G3 iBook is a really cool retro machine that is still useful.

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    Created: 07/02/10

    working machine better than parts only

    Actually works, 128MB RAM, 5.5gb drive and 366mhz CPU. This is more than a parts machine.
    Apple iBook G3 (M2453/B) (12.1", 300MHz, 3GB, 32MB) Notebook
    Apple iBook G3 (M2453/B) (12.1", 300MHz, 3GB, 32MB) Notebook
    Apple iBook G3 (M2453/B) (12.1", 300MHz, 3GB, 32MB) Notebook
    Apple iBook G3 (M2453/B) (12.1", 300MHz, 3GB, 32MB) Notebook
    Apple iBook G3 (M2453/B) (12.1", 300MHz, 3GB, 32MB) Notebook
    Apple iBook G3 (M2453/B) (12.1", 300MHz, 3GB, 32MB) Notebook
    Apple iBook G3 (M2453/B) (12.1", 300MHz, 3GB, 32MB) Notebook
    Apple iBook G3 (M2453/B) (12.1", 300MHz, 3GB, 32MB) Notebook

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    Created: 10/10/10

    Apple iBook G3 Clamshell

    These adorable clamshell iBooks are just plain fun. They seem to bring out the creativity in the user too.

    If you're looking for a cheap machine to surf the web, look elsewhere. These models aren't really upgradeable enough run today's web browsers, and the older browsers have trouble with the newer pages.

    If you want to write, draw, email, play some older games and have fun in a tough, colorful package, then the G3 Clamshell iBook is for you. If you want to make a statement, this laptop is for you.

    They are also loads of fun to take apart and work on. You can go to ifixit.com and get detailed instructions with photos about how to take your iBook apart and change out various parts.

    Word of warning: get a keyboard protector. Spills happen, and they can trash the logic board in these things in a heartbeat.

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    Created: 12/26/10

    Still rocks ten years later.

    If you surf the net, write papers and stuff like that, this machine still works as well as when it came out a decade ago, if not better. For best results, get a Firewire model with 10.4 Tiger, maxed memory and at least 20 gb hard drive. Don't go crazy installing software and you have a useful and eye catching machine.

    Pour fureter, rédiger et d'autres tâches quotidiennes, cet ordinateur marche aussi bien que lors de sa sortie il y a plus de dix ans, voire mieux. Pour de meilleurs rendements, achetez-vous un modèle Firewire à 10.4 Tiger, le maximium de mémoire et un disque dur d'au moins 20 go. Ne vous acharnez pas à trop de logiciels et vous voilà un appareil utile et attirant.

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