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Apocalypto (Blu-ray Disc, 2007)
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Apocalypto (Blu-ray Disc, 2007)

Mel Gibson, Dalia Hernandez, Mayra Serbulo | Theatrical release: 2006 | Rating: R (MPAA)
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NEW Apocalypto   (Blu-ray)
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Apocalypto (Blu-ray Disc, 2007)
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Apocalypto (Blu-ray Disc, 2007)
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Apocalypto [Blu-ray], Good DVD, Dalia Hernandez, Rudy Youngblood, Mel Gibson
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Apocalypto [Blu-ray], Good DVD, Dalia Hernandez, Rudy Youngblood, Mel Gibson
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Movie synopsis
Mel Gibson (BRAVEHEART, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST) tackles the downfall of Mayan civilization in his latest turn as writer/director. Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) and his fellow villagers lead a peaceful life in the forest until a savage, unprovoked attack turns their world upside down. After hiding his pregnant wife and young son from the invaders, Jaguar Paw joins in the fight, only to be taken prisoner with the rest of the survivors. Uncertain of what the future holds and taken from his home to a thriving metropolis that might as well be a foreign country, Jaguar Paw has just one goal--to return to his wife and child. Jaguar Paw's journey is a coming-of-age saga running the gamut of love, loss, courage, and redemption.Filmed in Mexico with a cast of indigenous Americans speaking in the Yucatec dialect, this is a tale filled with contrasts. Muted greens and browns define the forest village while the city is awash in bright colors. The wealthy live in opulence, sporting elaborate jewelry, clothing, and hairdos while the villagers wear twig and bone ornaments. The villagers respect both life and nature, but the rulers of the great stone city condone violence in an effort to appease their gods. Gibson's point is clear: the more "advanced" society is corrupt and unrepentant, while the more primitive Mayans have far greater faith and humanity. Gibson also drives home the recurring theme of rebirth with symbolism, including rain, pregnancy, and the arrival of Christianity. Beautifully filmed by Dean Semler and scored by James Horner, APOCALYPTO could benefit from some framing at its beginning to give the viewer a sense of time and place, but otherwise offers a rare glimpse into a lost world.

Product Details
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rating: R (MPAA)
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 786936726145

Additional Details
Format:Blu-ray Disc

eBay Product ID: EPID58914452
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Editorial reviews

3.5 stars out of 4 -- "It's pure adrenaline....Gibson has made a film of blunt provocation and bruising beauty."
Rolling Stone - Peter Travers (12/14/2006)

"[A] model of narrative economy, moving nimbly forward and telling its tale with clarity and force....A muscular and kinetic action movie, a drama of rescue and revenge..."
New York Times - A. O. Scott (12/08/2006)

4 stars out of 5 -- "APOCALYPTO is terrifically made; the action sequences shot with dazzling skill....There's an exhilarating sense of rhythm and a good deal of daring."
Total Film - Nev Pierce (02/01/2007)

"There can be no doubting Gibson's ability to excite. Numerous sequences are breathtaking..."
Sight and Sound - Ali Jaafar (02/01/2007)

"[T]here's much to admire in its component parts..."
Box Office - Wade Major (02/01/2007)

"[A] fresh-faced cast resurrects the captivating ancient Mayans." -- Grade: B+
Entertainment Weekly - Jeff Labrecque (05/25/2007)

4 stars out of 5 -- "Gibson pulls off a cracking adventure yarn; heavily reliant on visual storytelling, and cannily employing universally recognizable archetypes..."
Ultimate DVD - Simon Edwards (07/01/2007)

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Created: 08/25/07

Apocalypto (2006) Movie Review

Apocalypto - Gibson's Thrilling Mayan Achievement

If the cast of unknown actors, the subtitles or Gibson himself have made you think twice about seeing Acpocolypo, think again. It's the kind of movie that pulls you out of your comfy theater seat and drops you into the middle of a Mexican jungle where you become part of the chase. Rudy Youngblood won't be unknown for long, nor will the rest of this excellent cast after proving that you don't need the big name actors to get powerful performances. This film is so engrossing that at some point you don't even realize you are reading subtitles; and as for Gibson, you'll leave the theater knowing one thing for sure about him, he sure can direct.

Apocalypto's story line is easy to follow. Mayan tribal hunters are captured by warriors and one of them, Jaguar Paw (Youngblood), escapes in a desperate attempt to rescue his pregnant wife and son back in the forest where they lived. Youngblood is well cast as this young warrior whose love, strength and determination move this fast-paced film along. We see the Mayan civilization through his eyes from the tribal pranksters in his own village to the brutality of the warriors and their god-fearing leaders in a city unknown to him.

Apocalypto is thrilling and suspenseful and a marvelous achievement in the motion picture industry.

Written and Posted by meeshmiami
Originally written on December 8, 2006
Posted on eBay August 25, 2007

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Created: 06/18/07


Review For: Apocalypto (Blu-ray Disc, 2007)

A great story which shows the effects of the blood thirsty Mayan civilization on other indigenous tribes. The main character, Jaguar Paw, does whatever it takes to get back to his pregnant wife and young son. The chase for Jaguar Paw is thrilling and riveting. Rudy Youngblood does a great job in that role. In fact, I thought, the entire casting was superb. The jungle setting has been beautifully captured on film. As for the violence, it is a realistic representation of what is known to have actually occurred. It is nothing compared to some other recent hit movies. The fact that this film uses their original language made it more realistic and the subtitles are really no bother. I enjoyed this movie so much I watched it twice and I would see it again. In my opinion the story, acting and cinematography are all excellent.

1 of 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 01/06/09

Mel's Spell

Review For: Apocalypto (Blu-ray Disc, 2007)

I think the key to Gibson's success as a filmmaker is that he approaches all of a motion picture's elements as if he were building furniture: nothing fancy, one piece at a time, stability from the ground up, everything solid, detail after detail taken care of. It's using this approach to the subject matter he chooses that makes his work remarkable: a medieval Scottish rebellion, the death of Jesus, survival under Aztec rule. In every case, soon after the film has commenced, you find yourself THEN and THERE. 'Apocalypto' is, to date, Gibson's best effort at putting an audience in a time and place they've never dreamt of, providing an experience they could never otherwise have. With Blu-Ray, all of the visual details Gibson has obsessively assembled, as well as the audio effects and dialogue spoken in an ancient language, repeat the in-theatre experience of being there. On paper and in print, Mel's ideas may seem crazy and uncommercial, but on film, he's one of the few filmmakers providing unique, realistic entertainment experiences in a comic-book-driven, computer-graphic-image-dominat​ed industry.

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Created: 07/09/07


I purchased this movie on Ebay, but it was an ILLEGAL COPY which does not play so I had to RENT it to WATCH it. Its really an amazing film. I was drawn to it because of the historical content and also because it is a Mel Gibson project. I appreciate how the partial nudity was handled - VERY tasteful and you really don't notice it. The people are beautiful and there is so much color and nature that it all fits and I felt very confortable, not assulated like so many movies that bombard you with nudity just for the sake of making it dirty. You really do enter into another world for the duration of the movie. You care about the charactors. They are so intelligent and know every inch of their land. Gibson made the charactors so real and so deep. I was horrified by the evil man is capable of, the greed and sick desire for power at any cost. I gained so much respect for the the simple village of people who's dignity was part of their moral fabric. These people would die for a friend or family memeber and see their responsibility through no matter what. We could learn a lot by the values of the village portrayed in this movie about humanity, decency, respect and honor. We can also see how easy it is to literally be posessed by evil when a people seek wealth and power - they forget about anything of real importance and revert to caveman-ish cruelty and child-like selfishness. The movie is very graphic and violent at times, but also very warm and touching. Your adreneline is going pretty much the entire time with few breaks! Very intense and intensely beautiful lush land and cinematography.
WATCH OUT FOR BOOTLEG/ ILLEGAL COPIES!!! Ebay has done NOTHING to help me get my money back and I can not contact the seller as their account was suspended.
I was better off RENTING than buying - should have gone to AMAZON!!!

2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 06/15/07

Enjoyable, but....

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I was engrossed. I laughed, I gaped in horror in certain scenes, etc. But I watched it with a friend of mine who was thoroughly disappointed. We argued about it after, and I felt my friend made some interesting points. 1) Is Mel Gibson trying to say that it's GOOD that white people came and took over this land? Because it certainly seems that the white settlers saved the day in the end. Maybe these Indians deserved to die? (That seems to be the "moral" of the movie, according to my friend) 2) In Braveheart, the lead character's love interest has her throat sliced open, which spurs him into action. In Apocalypto, the lead character's father has his throat sliced open, which... well, you get the point. 3) If you watch Braveheart, The Patriot, Passion of the Christ, and Apocalypto in the same sitting, it's almost like you're watching the same movie. The plots are very similar. Obviously, they're different settings and such, but they're all about a lead character getting tortured, brutalized, and having his loved ones killed in front of him; and then he gets his bloody revenge. Hell, obviously Passion doesn't entirely fit that - but it IS in subtitles!!! :O) Also, that pretty much describes the plot in Lethal Weapon and Mad Max also. I think Mel needs therapy. :O) Lol.

STILL, that said, I friggin LOVED the movie. It was exciting, funny, sad - and not in a preachy way either. The plot may be very similar to his others, and the ending is defintely questionable from a moral perspective - but the action scenes were top notch. The design was incredible. The acting, great. And hell, Braveheart is one of the greatest movies ever made. Who cares if this is similar! :O)


2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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