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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black


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Product Information
Watch your favorite movies and TV shows, read books, chat with friends, and do lots more with the intelligently designed Amazon Fire HD 7-inch e-book reader. As this black Amazon Kindle tablet supports Wi-Fi connectivity, it lets you instantly download all digital content on-the-go. Boasting a 1280x800-pixel resolution, this Amazon Kindle tablet offers a comfortable reading experience. What’s more, thanks to the 16 GB internal memory space, this 7-inch e-book reader can store a huge amount of data in it.
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Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
CarrierNot Applicable

Key Features
Family LineKindle Fire
Display Size7in (17.78 cm)
Hard Drive Capacity16GB
Operating SystemAndroid
Internet ConnectivityWi-Fi
Supported File Types3GP, AAC-LC, AAX, AMR-WB, AZW, BMP, DOC, DOCX, GIF, HE-AAC, HTML, JPEG, MIDI, MP3, MP4, OGG, PCM, PDF, PNG, PRC natively, TXT, Unprotected MOBI, VP8, WAV, non-DRM AAC

Processor Speed1.2 GHz

Display and Screen
Display TechIPS
Display Max. Resolution1280 x 800
Touch Screen TechnologyMulti-Touch

Connections and Expandability
Expansion PortsUSB 2.0
Wireless capabilitiesBluetooth, WLAN 802.11a, WLAN 802.11b, WLAN 802.11g, WLAN 802.11n

Height7.6in (19.3 cm)
Width5.4in (13.72 cm)
Depth0.4in (1.02 cm)
Weight0.87lb (0.39 kg)

Battery Run TimeUp to 11 hours

Special FeaturesSpeakerphone

eBay Product ID: EPID127573348

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  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 01/03/13

Kindle Fire HD...Read...Watch...Listen...With Extreme Pleasure

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black

I have never owned an iPad, though I have used them. I have also used various other tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus. I have owed the Toshiba Thrive 10.1” tablet. I must say, for the money, Kindle Fire HD 7” (without special offers) is the hands-down winner for my specific purposes.

I am not a gamer, so I cannot comment on the comparison there. My needs for a tablet device, are, and the review reflects usage, as follows: reading while traveling; easy access of email (my yahoo, Hotmail, gmail personal and my business godaddy accounts) which are all loaded and synched and ready to go; listening to my favorite few hundred songs; to watch the occasional movie; to be able to view my own photos and videos whenever I wish; accessing my facebook and twitter accounts; surfing the web when not in front of my Mac or my laptop.

Yes, I know it may be limited, but those are my parameters. I originally thought my Thrive would replace my laptop but it did not. I believe that I will always have a laptop for various things I need to do. The Thrive was, in essence, my learning curve on exactly what I wanted, and needed, in a smaller portable device to use mainly while traveling. I carry my Kindle and my 15.6” laptop (with all cords, chargers and a variety of other items) in my Wenger 16-Inch Legacy Checkpoint-Friendly Computer Case.

The Kindle Fire HD has fantastic WiFi capabilities; never an issue. Near a hotspot? Connect. Easy as that. I have not yet had it lose a connection. The device has fantastic optics; brilliant colors that are alive and pop. It is a pleasure to show my photos to others on the Fire HD. I did match it directly against the iPad, Thrive and Galaxy and the visual is better than the competition. Dolby Digital Plus definitely delivers the goods. The sound is great. And when you plug in a good (not cheap) headset be prepared to fill yourself full of high quality sonic. Word docs, pdfs, and spreadsheets have all been viewed successfully.

When I got the Thrive one of the reasons is that I thought a 10 inch screen would be better to read books when I travel. And, in many ways, it is. But I am more than satisfied with the Fire HD 7" screen when I read. It is easy on the eyes and the form factor is also more comfortable when reading.

I am getting pretty close to the advertised 11 hours of operational battery time, which is excellent. That means when flying coast to coast I am able to use my Kindle while sitting in the terminal, during the flight, sitting again during a layover, and then the continuation flight, without having to worry about running out of juice (and/or searching the airport terminal for the sometimes elusive outlet).

As the Amazon Kindle PowerFast (for Accelerated Charging) was on sale when I got my Fire HD, I purchased it. I am glad I did. At first I was a bit disappointed that it was not included with the device, but, at this price-point, it makes business sense that it is not. Amazon has delivered an outstanding device. Yes, it is all tied to their content, but that also makes the Fire HD very attractive due to all of that content.

All in all, the Kindle Fire HD exceeds all of my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone with the caveat that I have not used it with any games.

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 02/21/13

Kindle Fire HD~ Newest Version~One of my Best Buys

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I was just sitting here thinking why not write a review on my kindle. Personally I love it. I received it for Christmas. I personally love it due to being able to do everything I want to do just as on my laptop, I think the only thing you cant do is play the actual games on Facebook directly from the website. "{Like farmville, you can only play the express mode} That is the only thing that the iPod has over this item. This is a great size, not to big, not to small, perfect. I can also save files to my kindle from my college and access them from my app "officesuite". I have noticed that there is a camera but, you have to upload a camera app in order to use the camera. Also there is no option to reverse the camera, such as front view or back view. There is only a front view, not something to easy to use. IN other words, you can only use the tablet holding the screen towards the object and take pics, not from the back of the tablet. Excellent sound, but you cant upload wallpapers, there is no option to change a wallpaper, screensaver or anything. I am still searching to be able to change the fonts. Excellent picture, excellent video, and like I said the sound is great. Reading a book is just wonderful, you can dim the screen if needed. There are anti virus's you can upload to protect your kindle, a good one is "lookout". You will receive notifications just like a phone. You can upload skype, and textplus to keep in contact with friends, plus all social sites. You can shop, play games, read books, play music, and upload music, watch video's, read newspapers, magazines, surf the web, and go into websites just like your laptop would, upload photos, documents, and they will send cute little offers if you want to grab them up. Lock screen, password protected. There are also beautiful kindle covers, cute little pens, screencovers.

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 05/24/13

Best at: Watching Movies, viewing pics-Worst at: device OS compatibility

No, I would not recommend this product.
Review For: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black

Kindle Fire HD 7, my personal review.

This particular model is the 16 Gigabyte model, which to me, even though I do a lot of media: pictures, videos, etc, is plenty of storage. I have about 30 app loaded on my Kindle Fire HD, approx 200 songs, and 100 JPG's, and I'm still not to the halfway point of my storage capacity.

The Ease of Use category for the Kindle Fire scored high with me. It runs a version of Android Gingerbread operating system, but with a .apk limitations of using the tension .kdl instead. Once you get over the slight learning curve using the Amazon Marketplace (if you're not already familiar with it), the platform is pretty straight forward and self explanatory. the applications screen is the first screen you come to (after initial setup). All of your apps are displayed in a "carousel" of icons type display, with you 'favorites' easily accessible from the bottom of almost all screens. The categories of the short cuts are mixed together such as apps, bookmarks,and recent history. Apps are very simple to uninstall and delete as well.

The Kindle Fire HD is capable of WiFi, bluetooth, and MTP connections. I thought they could have made Android Phones more compatible, since it is running an open source Android OS. The Kindle Fire is Not capable of mobile data, but VOIOC is possible.

The screen resolution is outstanding, no question is high definition. Very compatible with Netflix and Hulu, but not so much with flash and java while in the Silk browser that comes stock on the device (to which I have found no alternative, free or paid that will run on this system)

The camera has something to be desired, especially since it does not come with a camera program. It has one front facing approx 3mp cam with no flash or auto-focus.

Since like I mentioned the Kindle does run the Android operating system, it does not support Google Play and most of the apps in it. Plus many many more apps cost, even the ones free in Google Play.

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 12/03/14


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.


But all the same, grab this Fire if it is still available in various venues. (One good thing about buying a discontinued product is that it can be a real bargain!)


1. Very easy to set up and use. If you have an issue, you can e-mail Customer Service and they will get back to you right away.

2. The Home Page is very well set up and thought-out. There is a Search Option right on the Home Page that will help you find a specific item on the device.

3. Colors are vivid and sharp. Graphics are excellent.

4. Movie and video resolution is excellent. Movies and videos run very well with no "stuttering" when there is a good wireless connection.

5. Easy to find a wireless connection and link it with the device.

6. Fast and responsive.


1. Does not use Flash, so if you come across a video requiring the Flash Plug-In, it won't play.

2. Silk Browser is not quite ready for prime time. There are times that it hangs and crashes, especially if the web page in question is "busy". The browsing has to be "managed" in that the cache has to be frequently cleaned out (this does not happen automatically). Fortunately, you have an option as to how you wish to view the web site (Desktop or Mobile). Usually Mobile works best when the site is an especially busy one such as

3. There are some games that were originally desiged to run on a PC that are offered in the "Apps for Android" store. You have to be careful which ones you buy because some of them are fairly big and, depending on what you have on the device already, will not run. So be very careful when selecting games.

4. Does not use a true Android Operating System, but a modified one. So some games available on Google Play, for instance, will not necessarily be available for this device.

5. Not great battery life, and if you play games it can go down pretty fast.

Even with these caveats, I would still highly recommend this tablet for basic use and "non-fancy" web use.

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Created: 05/04/13

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

No, I would not recommend this product.

I bought the 8.9" HD Kindle, after having owned a first Kindle Fire for over a year. I was thinking it could be a substitute for a laptop. I was wrong, it is just like the smaller kindle, but not "purse size" Yes, it is bigger, but not that much, as the border around the screen is an inch wide. I bough a small bluetooth keyboard, and it works like a phone keyboard, but for someone like me who does not text frequently, the words often came up incomplete and if I made a typing error I would have to take time to edit. So now I basically have two reading devices,and I take the smaller one when I am going out. The bigger one works great, and I can get the same books I purchased on both at the same time, but I wish I had put the money on a laptop instead.

3 of 4 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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