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Age of Mythology: The Titans  (PC, 2003)
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Age of Mythology: The Titans (PC, 2003)

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Product Information
Age of Mythology: The Titans is an expansion pack for Ensemble Studio's Age of Mythology real-time strategy game. A fourth culture, the Atlanteans, with three new gods -- Gaia, Cronos, and Oranos -- is available, and the existing cultures have been modified with new god powers, human units, and mythological units. As the title suggests, however, the fearsome Titans are available as well. Players must build a pricey underworld portal -- much like the expensive wonders -- to summon the 7000-hit-point monstrosities.

The Atlantean civilization offers some gameplay twists; players will be able to use god powers multiple times, as opposed to the one-time powers of the Greeks, Norse, and Egyptians. All Atlantean human units can be converted to heroes, for a price, which can be invaluable in beating back attacks from mythological units. As Gaia, players can utilize an undergrowth that grows around all of Gaia's buildings, granting them defensive advantages. Kronos allows users to move buildings anywhere on the map, at minimal cost. Oranos gives his vassals sky passages, which can be constructed all over the map, allowing players to rapidly deploy their armies in far-flung locations. All Atlantean villagers have mules, allowing them to work much more efficiently, but they also cost considerably more.

New maps, a new campaign, and an additional multiplayer mode are also included. Players can participate in multiplayer games through Ensemble's included matchmaking service, accessible from Age of Mythology's main menu screen.

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Product Identifiers
GameAge of Mythology: The Titans
UPC0805529486461, 5017783025705, 805529486478

Key Features

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorRealistic Blood, Realistic Violence
Control ElementsKeyboard, Mouse
Release Year2003

eBay Product ID: EPID6474473

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Created: 01/05/07

nice expansion pack

And here I was thinking that it couldn't get any better. I mean, really, how could Age of Mythology possibly get any more interesting, exciting, addictive, and fun? Well, the long-awaited "Age of Mythology: The Titans" does just that. It is, simply put, AMAZING! Everything you loved about Age of Mythology is back, but this time it's all BIGGER and BETTER. The new culture, the Atlanteans, adds tons of new myth units, cultural attributes, god powers, maps, buildings, upgrades, characters, gods, heroes, and the deadly Titans which can overpower all other units if created and can be created by all cultures. You can even play around with time! The new graphics and music help to enhance game-play to a level not previously reached by Age of Mythology. Ensemble Studios have also polished basic aspects of the game. The new "repeat build" button will continue to supply you with units as long as long as you have the resources. If found this to be very helpful as I got to concentrate on other aspects of the game (such as destroying all enemies) instead of constantly commanding "create new unit" every time I lose one. The new campaign dwarfs that of Age of Mythology. It focuses primarily on the Titans and is so incredibly involving that you can easily play for six hours without noticing. The story is much better and the scenery and construction of the various landscapes is far more detailed and realistic. This is a 5 star game that isn't to be missed by fans of the original Age of Mythology or the Age of Empires games. It's all well worth your money, I assure you. Once you pop this CD into your disk drive you'll open the door to hours, days, weeks, months, years of exciting new game-play. Don't miss it.

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Created: 11/23/08

Great expansion pack choice for Age of Mythology

An expansion pack to the much beloved Age of Mythology, this purchase arrived on a Saturday late morning, and 24 hours later, my 11 year old son and his friend have not tired of playing it.

Very recommended for tween boys as it has no bad language or situations - it encourages strategic thinking and facilitates learning about history.

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Created: 03/03/09

Age Of Mythology-Titans

one of the best games i have ever seen, you need to get the colection, for me it's none stop, hope it's the same with you. if you want to know more go to www.microsoft.com and look in to it.

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Created: 04/15/07

AOM: Expansion is a great game

Age of Mythology is a great game, and introduces a new civilization to the mythology. The game is very interactive and detailed, and the campaign is very fun. The game is definitely worth the price.

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Created: 01/17/11

Somehow, it got MORE epic!

Age of Mythology was a great game on its own, but the Titans expansion only made it better! A new campaign, a new Civilization, and three new Major gods, along with a slew of new technologies and units, make this a great addition to the base game.

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