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Acer ICONIA A100-07u08w 8GB, Wi-Fi, 7in ...
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Acer ICO...
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Acer ICONIA A100-07u08w 8GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black

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Acer ICONIA Tab A100 8GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black!!
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Port Chester, NY, USA
Acer ICONIA Tab A100 8GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black!!
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Acer Iconia Tab A100 Black w/accessories, manuals, and original box ~ video demo
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100% positive feedback
Montgomery, IL, USA
Acer Iconia Tab A100 Black w/accessories, manuals, and original box ~ video demo
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Product description
Product Information
Built with aesthetics in mind, the Acer ICONIA A100 (8 GB) is an elegant tab, stylish and compact. While great portability is a given, this Acer tablet PC also boasts high performance, owing to the NVIDIA Tegra 250 1 GHz processor and 512 MB DDR2 RAM. Social networking and enjoying multimedia content is made simple, as the Acer Iconia tablet is pre-loaded with the Google Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" operating system. The rear (with flash) and front cameras (5 MP and 2 MP respectively) on the ICONIA A100 (8 GB) enable photography as well as video chats. With the Acer Iconia tablet 5 point multi-touch screen and 6-axis motion sensor, gaming truly becomes a delight. Connectivity options on this Acer tablet PC include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
CarrierNot Applicable
UPC4717276376215, 4717276507985, 799422658714, 886541001672, 887401011138

Key Features
Family LineICONIA
Display Size7in (17.78 cm)
Hard Drive Capacity8 GB
Operating SystemAndroid
Internet ConnectivityWi-Fi

Processor ManufacturernVidia
Processor TypeTegra 2
Processor Speed1 GHz
Processor Number250

Display and Screen
Display TechWSVGA
Display Max. Resolution1024 x 600
Graphic ProcessorNVIDIA Tegra 250
Touch Screen TechnologyMulti-Touch

Digital Camera
Rear Camera Resolution5 megapixel
Front Camera Resolution2 megapixel

Installed Cache Memory1024 KB
RAM TechnologyDDR2 SDRAM
Installed RAM512MB
Max Supported RAM32.00GB

Connections and Expandability
Networking TypeBluetooth, Integrated Wireless LAN
Expansion Ports5 x USB 2.0, HDMI
Audio InputMicrophone
Audio OutputLine Out, Sound card, Speaker(s)

Height0.5in (1.31 cm)
Width7.68in (17.7 cm)
Depth7.7in (19.5 cm)
Weight1.03lb (0.47 kg)

Battery Run TimeUp to 7 hours

Additional Technical Informations
Input MethodCamera, Touch-Screen
PlatformAndroid, PC

eBay Product ID: EPID109108521

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money

Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 07/23/12

The ideal tablet for someone like me! ...Despite its shortcomings! Awesome!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought this product as a universal alternative to a laptop and a tablet. I knew this baby would satisfy what I need out of a laptop such as browsing, gaming and music production. Giving me total freedom to engineer and record on the go with the swipe/tap of a finger!

First thing you want to edit, Touch Preferences. If you have big or small fingers, you can adjust the point size for precision. I also shorted the hold-tap time for right click navigation so everything can run on the fly. This tablet can also play some pretty good games at minimum to medium/high settings no overclock! Games like Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3 and my favorite, DC Universe: Online (connected external hdd)!

Once you grip the changes from mouse to touch and adjust to the onscreen keyboard, you can really be just as productive as you were on a laptop. Without the Docking Keyboard the Tablet does lack a little. Even with the Dock, I still find myself multitasking from the Docking Keyboard to the onscreen multi-touch taps and navigation. and It's quite fun actually!

The screen itself is great! HQ Resolution! It looks like the same material that they use on most phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2. I personally think the display looks best on 1280x800 (highest)! I can still see the words and everything as clear as if it was on my 17" Laptop. Sometimes, I forget i'm on a tablet! NOTE: SOME HD TV's, using HDMI, may only support 1280x768 and below. Also I can't forget about the front and rear facing camera! That will come in handy on the go. And I hear this baby can be Dual-Booted with Android!

Now for the dislikes with this tablet... This is a great Tab, but the Hard Drive isn't so great. Some are fortunate enough to be left with 20gb after Windows 7 installs itself. I wasn't one of the lucky ones, I was left with 9gb after Microsoft Word and a few essential programs were installed. I plan to upgrade this baby to a 120gb Hard Drive. For the price I paid, I can afford to upgrade it. I wanna say 3hrs & 30mins is great battery life for a Windows Tablet, But I still expect a little more from a TABLET. Next, the USB ports located at the bottom of the tablet. A little inconvenient, but the Docking Keyboard makes up for it with 2 USB ports on each side with an ethernet port on the left side. Forget the little mouse touch thing between G and H. I recommend a USB Mouse. 2gb of RAM is okay, but for the processor, gaming will have to be at a minimum without overclocking. Also, I don't know how to boot into system recovery or BIOS. The tablet loads instantly! Almost directly from "Starting Windows". That's a plus for impatient people like myself but let's just say I'd dread a system related error.

This one's more of a warning.. Don't forget this is still a Windows PC in tablet form! Remember it's prone to viruses, malware, browser failures, etc. Since this is a tablet though, I'd recommend taking extreme precautions to where you are going and what you are doing on the net!

This tablet does exactly what I was expecting, no hassle! There are other great Windows Tablets out there. Especially the Samsung Series 7! But the Series 7 has a top of the line processor but a stock GPU! Expect fast gaming on that tablet but not much spice! I got this tablet for $260, given the lacking HDD I'd say $300 is about right for that tablet! The $499-$599 price tag is horrendously ridiculous! If you can't get a deal on this baby, I don't recommend a Sticker Priced buy...

My 1st Review, Thank You! :-)

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 01/06/12

The a100 is a wonderful surprise, Definitely the most bang for your buck.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Acer ICONIA A100-07u08w 8GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black

I believe Demographic and how good you are with computers is important in a review. I'm a male in my 20's and after I graduated from Stanford I now attend UM's Miller School of Medicine. In my first two years of College I was a Student assistant when it came to all the computers in the largest Media Room. About the A100 8GB with 7inch Screen. This is a gift I received on Christmas from my Grandmother, The most sophisticated computer she uses is a electronic Calculator. I'm not sure how much she paid for it, however since she spends around the same amount every year if I subtract the value of the gift cards I would guess $240-$270 including Tax. Well, my grandma did not know that I had an IPAD2 64GB WIFI/3G. If I didn't have a rule about not returning presents I would have, my only exception to that is to return it for the same item if the item given to me doesn't work right. In this case, I'm glad I have that rule. A 7" Screen sounded way to small, my phone has a 4.3" Screen, so my tablet was only going to be 2.7"s larger? Is that even worth it? I thought. Turns out, it is worth it. I was very surprised that this Tablet ran HoneyComb, a pleasant Surprise. According to Acer this is also the first android tablet that runs Android 3.2 It's 7-inch (1024 x 600) display, and the fact that it's back is slick and its' less than half a inch thick means my large hands, well, skinny but Long Fingers made it where even though in landscape mode some with smaller hands might need some practice using it with one hand, portrait mode is great for people with smaller hands. A Great Surprise is the Camera's, it has 2, a 5MP and a 2MP. Both take extremely Great Photos for a tablet. It's skinniness along with my large hands meant that I feel more comfortable with it having a rubbery Back. Performance wise, if I didn't know better I would think it had twice the processing power, as there is absolutely no lag, part of this is probably due to the fact that it's running Android 3.2/Honeycomb/and it's no Pre-installed apps or widgets that you don't want. The Screen is nice and bright, It's compact size makes it less of a burden. There is also a 10inch version of this tablet, and there is a 16GB 7 and 10" version. I like the 7" version, 4.3" of cell phone screen is HUGE, in fact, I cannot think of another cell phone that has anything bigger than 4", I don't know what size the new 4S Variant of the Iphones' screen size is, but it's less than 4", I think it's 3.5", however I may be wrong there. My point is even though my phone has a HUGE 4.3" Screen, this 7 inch tablet looks to be at LEAST twice the size of my 4.3" Cell Screen, As Far as I know, 4.3" is the largest Screen on any phone. Much larger than an Iphone Screen and my HUGE cell screen of 4.3" seems tiny compared to the 7" tablet. I love the Micro HDMI connector which allows you to connect this to your TV, assuming your TV has an HDMI port. The 16GB 7" versions RETAIL price is only $20 more. Most Android apps aren't that large and the A100 has a Micro SD Card slot for expandability, so if you buy the 8GB version you can purchase Micro SD cards from 256MB to 64GB, I have a 32GB Micro SD Card in mine. It also runs better as a reader than most Tablets. Bottom line, Normally, when I want something I don't buy it till I can get the best This may not be considered the "best" but,I LOVE it. this came as a wonderful surprise, as I now use my IPAD2 & the A100 about the same. I have found this a100 an essential now.

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Created: 08/24/11

Great, fast, free apps & convenience, long battery life, no regret! Get it~

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Android 3.1+ is one of the great OS for the mobile/tablet.
I would recommended to anyone. If you want ipad2 you can consider this before buying it since A500 is cheaper and they have almost everything that ipad2 has so why bother to pay more for the gadget that does the same thing!
The only thing that is a bit heavier than ipad2, other than that I can say this might be better than ipad2!
What I can benefit from the Acer A500 pad is I can read chinese comic, view flash on stock browser and most of the apps are free and it's very convenience I can just plug in the USB drive and read from it. There is also an app that can view free movie and chinese and foreign TV series which ipad2 can't or they need to pay over ipad2 for such apps.
All these above are far away better than ipad2 that I also owned and it is as fast as and smooth like ipad2 if you still want to compare to ipad2!
Don't tell me ipad2 is better by saying that they have more apps etc, because even they have a million apps, there is no different to me since I will only use a few of them, so why bother to have million apps on the app store?!
Android has more than enough apps and they are all useful & cheap or nearly free.
So just figure out what you really need from a mobile pad (android pad / ipad2) before buying it, don't just listen to ppl, ipad2 is better!
ipad2 has most ppl used doesn't mean that they are better. Most of them just follow the crowd by paying more for nothing!
If you just browsing the web, use word/excel, face video chat to ppl, facebook, and emailing, then android is good & fast enough, don't pay double for the ipad2 if you are only doing these things the most.
Games might be the only concern then ipad2 might be a better choice since they have more games supported.
Acer icronia a500 android pad is the Best bang for the bucks for sure! No regret if you get it!

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 01/13/12

Acer A100-As Mobile as You Wanna Get

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Acer ICONIA A100-07u08w 8GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black

The market has changed and in times like this it is very hard to adjust, especially when sales are dismal and you might have to consider using your working capital to pay the rent. But this is also the time to develop new concepts and perhaps even come up the “widget” that everyone must have. I began to look into using a tablet for "portability". Especially now that I took to using a scooter to get around I want to carry the lightest load possible..
After weeks of looking and studying the concept of the "Android Market" I reached the conclusion that tablets were more of a novelty item and could rarely be used to run a business. I ended up buying an Acer A500 for my girlfriend on her birthday. Of course the A500 was my girlfriends gift but it gave me the opportunity to test a tablet's capabilities and short falls. As I thought you really can't do much on a tablet. I found the 10.1 screen a bit clunky to handle constantly. Holding with one hand and one finger typing just doesn't do it for me. But I had uploaded my sales catalog pictures to my Google based Picassa Web Albums and played with the the concept of presenting those pictures during sales presentations. I also liked the idea of going "paper less" and saw the potential for a tablet after trying to put my laptop on the sales counter and input customer information on it. I found the laptop too big to fit the counter. In due course I concluded that a lighter 7" tablet that I could hold in one hand and bring close enough to easily read would suit me. The 7" tablet is actually small enough to hold and type using your thumbs the same way you would on an iPhone.
As I compared tablets I ran across the Acer Iconia A100 and liked the fact that it had the memory capability of 64 gigs. I liked the finish which seems to give it a very professional look. The tablet also felt comfortable in my hands. It has a number of other features like USB port, mini HDMI and two very good cameras and it's all managed by a pretty reliable processor, this is "hardware" and when evaluating this one must think in physical terms such as ergonomics, expandability, weight and of course the ability to run programs. Overall the Iconia A100 offered better hardware features than the iPad and it became my first choice.
My concept is only as good as the application available. I decided these were the things I wanted to accomplish.
1-One point entry: It’s too much work to enter customer data into a accounting/sales application, then into a customer data applicaion to send mail and contact. Of course you also need to carry inventory etc. I was trying to have everything in one application.
2-Ability to import current customer information from existing applications.
3-When sending customer receipts to be able to attach additional pictures to remind customer of other items you have to offer.
The Acer's pre-loaded applications include "Contacts" that you can import from your "Google" based contacts.
I tried out a number of application “trial editions” here are some:
Docs To Go: Excellent for writing/sharing and editing documents on the go.
Printer Share: For printing out receipts and documents
Gallery (Pre-Loaded): Used to present images of inventory.
Mobile Biz: Sales receipt generator syncs customer info as well.

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Created: 08/06/11

Great tablet with an Awesome price tag.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I purchased this tablet after having a blackberry playbook but needed a device with more flexability. Don't get me wrong the playbook is an awesome device but it's strictly blackberry, something I personally can't use to create programs or run my type of business. Back to my review of the Acer W500, it is a great little table and by little I mean that it's compact but not by weight. This is one of the reasons why I gave it 4 stars. This tablet isn't as heavy as a laptop or even some netbooks, but after holding this up with one hand for some time it feels like your holding a bowling ball. You have to find some comfortable way of holding it or supporting your hand with something so it doesn't bother you too much. The keyboard is a great bonus and like I read in some reviews, it does at times take a moment to recognize it, but that's the same with just about any usb device that is plugged into a computer. Also some reviews mention that you have to have it on a flat surface or it will topple over, this is true but what I do is incline my legs or recline in my recliner with my legs up and that does the trick. Other than these issues, this tablet is great. It runs smooth and the touchscreen is responsive and has plenty of touch points. I can at least get 4 points to show up in paint but when I use 5 fingers it brings up the acer software, so there is at least 5 points which is three more than a lot of other tablets out there. The processor is dual core and it comes with 2 gigs of ram, what more can you ask for. I have a feeling that I will be using this tablet alot and work less on my 9 lb. 17" laptop.

4 of 4 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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