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1964, Kennedy Half Dollar
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1964, Ke...
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Product description
Product Information
Add one more to your enviable collection of the formerly used currencies by getting the 1964, Kennedy Half Dollar home. Struck just two months after the unprecedented assassination of the 35th president of America, this silver coin was marked as a tribute to John F. Kennedy. Initially composed of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper, this Kennedy Half Dollar has undergone composition changes due to rising silver prizes. First minted in early 1964, the 1964, Kennedy Half Dollar came as a replacement to the Franklin Half Dollar. The obverse image of this silver coin that depicted Kennedy was designed by Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts, while the reverse image of the coin has Eagle holding an olive branch (peace) and arrows along (strength), was designed by Frank Gasparro. Although this Kennedy Half Dollar entered in commerce in 1964, it did not do the round immediately because of the collectors’ hoarders who kept it for its silver content and as a memento of the slain patriot. The Kennedy Half Dollar, now an integral part of the American currency system underwent various changes over the years.

GeoUnited States
Sub GeoNot Available
Coinage TypeCirculation Coinage
DenominationHalf Dollar
Catalog NumberKM# 202

Coin NameKennedy Half Dollar
Mint NameU.S. Mint
Edge DescriptionReeded.
Obverse DesignerGilroy Roberts
Reverse DesignerFrank Gasparro
Diameter (mm.)30.6
Weight (g.)12.5
Actual Weight (oz.)0.362

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Created: 04/15/12

A MUST have silver asset for us preppers & silver bugs & silver stackers!!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Dear eBay community,
1964 Kennedy 1/2 dollars are 90% pure silver...back when REAL money was coined. It's known now in the industry as junk silver, but it's a great way to own silver. Why?
1). Circulated almost nil -- so, not worn, full silver weight each coin.
2). Guaranteed weight & purity by the US Govt.
3). Recognized the world over.
4). Very hard to counterfeit, with it's detail, size, weight.
5). Very fungible -- meaning easy to sell/convert/exchange in small amounts, but a lot of small sizes still add up to big amounts.
6). Never worth less than 50 cents face value.
7). Has a collector coin angle, so if & when the government tries to confiscate gold & silver billion again, you can maybe use the collector coin exemption & still keep it legally.
8). They are just plain gorgeous silver coins, worth owning, as out government prints dollars endlessly to drive inflation up, up, up.
So, buy & hold all you can. In 3 to 5 years you'll be VERY gald you did!

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Created: 02/05/12

Best 90% coin for cost vs. silver content

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Of the 90% silver US coins, I think the best choice is the half dollar coins for the following reasons:
- The overall wear from circulation is less than dimes or quarters. This could be due to the half dollar not be circulated as much
- The premiums over spot price aren’t as high as the one dollar coins
- If desired, brilliant uncirculated 1964 half dollar coins are pretty easy to find

As for the Kennedy 1964 half dollar, since this was the last year for 90% silver, the coins are in better shape overall than other half dollars. Part of the reason is due to hoarding and not as much circulation wear & tear. This makes 1964 an ideal year to collect because the total weight per coin is heavier than the more worn 90% coins.

7 of 7 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 05/04/13

A Brilliant and Historic Half Dollar

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

(Review for Proof version) The 1964 Kennedy 90% Silver Proof Half Dollar is significant in many ways. First, it was only shortly after President Kennedy was assassinated that authorization was given to produce the coin. Second, it made a short-life of the Franklin half, which started minting in 1948 (coins usually had at least a 25 year run). Third, Jackie Kennedy was very involved in the design. What makes collecting the 1964 so fun is that there is a version described as "Accented Hair," which was a limited minting before a design correction was made. But those coins are out there. (More details on that may be found by googling it.) Finally, it was the last year of a 90% silver coin, until the U.S. Mint started producing commemoratives again in 1982. Thus, there are nice features and characteristics that make this a very collectible coin. It was, and still is, a very popular coin. The mintage was over 273 million, with another just under 4 million proofs produced. This coin has a silver content of 0.36169 troy ounces. The design is fairly simple but quite nice. Kennedy's profile on the obverse with "Liberty" stretching almost entirely around the outside edge, "In God We Trust" at his neckline and the year at the bottom. (Note: this kind of design does leave a lot of room for that mirror finish.) On the reverse, "United States of America" and Half Dollar" run around the outer edge, with "E Pluribus Unum" in a scroll above the Eagle's head. This proof coin has an excellent deep mirror finish sure to please almost anybody. Kennedy fans, historians and coin collectors should all own this coin.

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Created: 01/12/13

The Feeling I Get When I Hold The Binion Hoard 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

To me, there are certain coins that a serious collector MUST have, like the right Morgan dollar, the right Peace dollar, certain gold coins, certain years, stlyes, grades and the like. On can use them to fill or be part of a set, or one can want one just because it is what it is.

I chose to speak of the 1964 Kenndy half dollar (the last of the all silver coins) because it brings back memories of Camelot and all the players, our handsomed President who kept the Russians at bay with their nukes in Cuba, and that most interesting and horrific day in Dallas, 22 Nov., 63 when he was assisnated, Black Jack with reversed boots, Arlington Cemeatery, and the eternal flame. Also, coming into play, is former coin owner Ted Binion, and I believe it's a MUST to own a previously owned Binion coin which is especially true of a HALF DOLLAR vs. a silver dollar. It's the difference, the true rareity! Binion in the Golden Nugget, the World Series of Poker, Las Vegas....put them all together and everytime I see it or hold it, HISTORY is there, in the room with me.

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Created: 05/07/13

1964 proof kennedy low mintage compared to mint state high value in gem67+

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This is the 1964 Kennedy proof,only 3.9 million minted,awesome coin that can still be found in unopened proof sets,beware of fakes make sure the envolope looks 50 years old and is not new and bright yellow those are fake.Coin has future in high grade especially if you get the accented hair variety around 100,000 minted of which probably half melted in 1980's,most are of poor grade at best but there are gems out there found 4 out of over 100 proof sets bought,submitted to P.C.G.S. I think this coin is overlooked by many the proof version has potential especially with Kennedys 50th anniversary from 1964 upcoming in 2014,premiums are already being paid for higher grade proofs pf67 and higher,I think its a good investment in proof ,if you can find unopened sets and or rolls I like the unopened sets because you also get a 90% quarter and dime.Definatly a 5 star coin in my book along with the 64 proof also reccomend the 3 S.M.S. years of 1965,1966 and 1967 these are in between proof and mint state so there called special mint sets low mintage and again an overlooked Kennedy these in higher grade pf65+ are demanding big premiums but are still affordable,20 years from now you'll be happy you have them in your collection.

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