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Dripping in Jewels

I’ve always been a girl who loves to accessories. While I go through many fazes ~ sometimes I like big, statement jewelry and sometimes I like delicate, dainty pieces ~ I can honestly say there is not a day that I walk out my door without at least 5 pieces on, and that’s on a light day. I see my jewelry as a lifelong collection. Even if I haven’t worn a piece in YEARS, I love to look at it and remember the times we had together and the stage of my life I was in when I couldn’t get enough of it. Also, you NEVER know what will come back in style! Sometime a piece that has been retired for ages is just the perfect thing for an outfit. So my jewelry is a constantly expanding collection of memories and pieces that I can’t wait to join me for my adventures to come. The items in this collection would be right at home in my jewelry box!