Top 7 intriguing, high-priced vehicles

This week we are featuring the top 7 most intriguing, high-priced (over $40,000) vehicles sold on eBay last week. A plane, a helicopter, an RV, a car, a speed boat, a truck, and a sailing yacht--which do you think will top the list? As always, this is a representative list, not a comprehensive list.

Without further ado, here is our list, in ascending order by price:

#7 - $42,900 - Ever since seeing the movie Chef, I have been intrigued with the idea of quitting my day job, buying a food truck, then start peddling exotic Brazilian treats--all to the sounds of a funky Cuban musical beat, of course. Seems as though someone else had the same idea (minus the Brazilian treats part), having bought this Wyss Catering Truck - Lonchera:

I can hear the sounds of Bustin’ Loose by the Rebirth Brass Band (from the Chef Original Motion Picture soundtrack) streaming from the back already! 

#6 - $114,100 - Occasionally we'll see a project car, found in a barn somewhere, make our top items list. Today, surprisingly, we found a project boat. Take a look at this 1996 Palladium 70, aluminum offshore sailing yacht:

It certainly doesn't look like any "barn find" I have ever seen. And what would the equivalent of a "barn find" be on the ocean? A "slip find?" The seller notes he has to sell it because of a "permanent lack of time," so we're guessing the buyer has both plenty of time, and plenty of money.

#5 - $114,995 (Best offer accepted) - From a sailing yacht to a land yacht, specifically this 2004 Fleetwood American Eagle Class A Diesel Motor Home:

Here is another case where the seller is getting rid of this RV because of his "busy schedule." I was under the impression that when you bought an RV or a sailing yacht, you were retired and therefore (almost by definition) had plenty of time? I think I'll need to revise my expectations, should I ever be able to retire.

#4 - $122,888 - There is a debate amongst the seafaring folk:  whether it is better to sail, using only the wind as your motor, or to own a motorboat. Both sides are firmly set in their ways, and unlikely to change their position. The buyer of this 2008 Monterey 350 Sport Yacht has made their choice very clear:

I can't say I disagree with the choice here, although I prefer the sailboat.

#3 - $143,000 - I once flew in a small plane over the Amazon when I was younger. Given the number of loops the pilot made under bridges and over the Amazon forest, once was enough. So this Airplane, a Diamond DA40 with G1000 Cockpit held no interest for me, although the buyer was able to spend quite a lot to pursue their dream.


#2 - $230,000 - I got my son a radio-controlled helicopter for Christmas, thinking he would love to buzz it around the house. It sat for months in the corner, a forgotten and unloved present. Finally I took it out, "fueled" it up (consisting of putting in some batteries) and took it for a spin around the house. I loved it, and now have to fight with my son to fly it. I think we can both see the appeal of buying this Bell 206A helicopter:


It would certainly make my commute a lot easier.

#1 - $225,000 - Speaking of commutes, mine would be a lot more fun in this 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder:


This convertible, with its 6-speed E-Gear automatic transmission w/manual shift, just looks like a joy to drive - especially on the winding roads of my commute. Keeping it under the speed limit, though, could be a challenge - although honestly, the bumper-to-bumper traffic around here would make driving this car more of a chore than a joy. I think I'll skip this and go with the helicopter after all... now, I just need to convince eBay to put in the heli-pad (and give me a 500% raise!).