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About YSL Lipsticks

Yves Saint Laurent, known for his fashion house and stunning couture goods, brings lip lacquer that makes lips look lovely. YSL lipstick is known for being buttery and smooth, while dressed up in packaging that is as designer as the pieces from YSL runway collections. The vast inventory on eBay allows the lipstick lover to find the color she fancies in the line, including hard-to-find and discontinued shades. The range includes YSL pink lipstick in shades like "Lingerie," a true cotton candy shade of pink, which lends itself to the mod era of fashion, or "Sugar Cafe Mocha," a pink with slightly nude undertones. For a more dramatic lip, YSL red lipstick in shades like "Rouge Narcisse" and "Rouge Desir" will bring a scarlet kiss to lips with rich pigmentation and long-lasting color. Some YSL lipsticks contain SPF 15 to protect them from sun damage and keep them kissable day and night.