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About XXR Wheels

If you need to spice up your current jalopy, XXR wheels will give that car of yours a new reason to keep on revving. XXR is an aftermarket wheel company that began operations in 1976 and specializes in automotive racing wheels. They offer replica and original wheels designs that are available in 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece variants. These wheels are forged from high quality aluminum alloy. Each wheel design is available in several different sizes and offsets which allow the stance of a car to be customizable. XXR also offers custom wheel lips to give your car a classy look. Install 18-inch XXR 521 wheels on larger bodied vehicles. For smaller cars with shorter wheel wells, consider 17-inch XXR 527 wheels. Set your own preference and find your next set of XXR wheels through the reliable sellers on eBay. Not only do these wheels look nice, but they also offer gains in performance. Lighter XXR wheels on your car will improve driving response from road conditions, as well as increase tire traction. Make your car look and feel refreshed with a new set of XXR wheels.