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About XXR 527

Customize, optimize, and socialize: Being in with the "in crowd" is more than just having a set of wheels to get you to the party; it is having the right wheels. Everybody wants to hang with the guy boasting the customized EVO with the super wide XXR 527 wheels in hot habanero orange or cool wasabi green. Since 1976, XXR Wheels factories have specialized in manufacturing alloy wheels that combine lightweight, practical application with the hottest look for custom cars. The wheels have a concave design that boasts unique wheel widths combined with precise offset pairing for massive tire stretch fitment, and the lightweight multi-spoke design means even those fat XXR 527 18-inch wheels can clear large break calipers. The wheels are available in a wide range of colors, so you can bring the bling with some XXR 527 gold wheels, or go for a more understated kind of cool with chromium or matte black. Whatever style XXR 527 wheel you need, the reliable sellers on eBay are here to help. They have a large inventory of new and used automotive spares and replacements to help you "pimp your ride."