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In a make-believe land, there are endless battles raging ? this is World of Warcraft. This traditionally role-playing game has expanded into WOW TCG, the World of Warcraft trading card game. Now, you do not necessarily need to create the characters, sets and machinery, which is useful when you do not have a lot of time on your hands because, for the most part, you have to paint them yourself. For those new to the trading card version, you can find a WOW TCG starter deck or WOW TCG packs from lots of reliable sellers on eBay. The starter deck is probably a good place to start for complete beginners, while anyone who knows what is what already can grow their collection with additional packs or find storage solutions for their card collection. Just like any other trading card game, the idea is to accumulate a WOW TCG deck that allows you to outplay any opponent. However, they are also collectible, so long as you do not allow the cards to get into any real fights with dirt, dust, and greasy fingerprints.