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About Wii Nunchucks

A Wii Nunchuck certainly won't make you a ninja, or any sort of combat master for that matter, and you probably won't look as cool as you think while using it. But what it will do is make playing games on the Nintendo Wii much easier. This contoured secondary controller plugs into the standard Wii remote, providing a secondary set of buttons and an analog stick to navigate with. It draws power from the Wii remote, and it has an accelerometer of its own. You'll find plenty that eBay's sellers offer you plenty of new and used buying options, from an official Wii Nunchuck to a variety of third party products. In addition to white and black, you'll find other colors such as red, blue, and even pink. You can even pick up a Wii U Nunchuck. Although you'll find that boxed systems include a nunchuck standard, you'll need more than one to enjoy multiplayer games, and maybe even prevent some squabbles between the gamers in your house.