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About Wig Clips

Finally, you have found the right hairpiece that you absolutely love. You put it on and realize immediately that for it to stay comfortably; you are going to need at least a few wig clips. That?s because heads come in different shapes, meaning not all wigs are going to fit on every head. Temporary remedies include using bobby pins or even using adhesive and double-sided tape to hold the wig to your skin if you have no hair. However, for long-term use, the most convenient and comfortable option is to have ample amounts of wig hair clips on hand to keep the piece centered on your scalp. If you have no hair or your head is sensitive post-cancer treatment, wig clips are a better alternative to surgical spirit, which requires an adhesive remover. If you do have hair, the clips are clamped to the outside of the wig and onto your existing hair. Match blonde, red, brunette, or black hair clips in order to blend into your natural color. They even have outrageous colors, ideal for cosplay. Find new and gently used options from the reliable sellers on eBay. Clip them on and never worry about a bad hair day again.