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  • This auction is for a beautiful vintage brunette ponytail #4 barbie doll. She is in overall excellent condition. The doll was purchased at an estate sale and probably came from the original owner.
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Vintage Barbie Ponytail # 4 doll with original solid body marked Barbie.. she has no bangs.. lips appear to be re-touched, she has blush on her cheeks. Long blonde hair .
3h 43m left
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Here is a vintageBarbie Ponytail #4, with original swimsuit, original black metal stand, and black JAPAN mules, from 1960 (not a reproduction). This doll is in very good condition.
29d 8h 17m left
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She is dressed in my vintage "Soroity Meeting" with the vintage dress sweater, necklace, shoes, gloves, original vintage brown shoes, and Hat no earrings . This #4 Barbie is like new but Used.
8h 49m left
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This item is being sold by eBay Top rated seller.
(I think) Doll is from an estate and has the following issues. Odor, rub to lips, and light green ear that's been removed.
6d 19h 14m left
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This was previously sold, but the buyer returned because she thought it was a #4 as it is not as faded as some #3 bodies are. Not all #1 - 3 fade. I can honestly tell you that this is NOT a #4 body.
9h 35m left
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This auction is forA VINTAGE 1960'S #4 PONYTAIL BARBIE HEAVY SOLID BODY ONLY. This body is in excellent used condition with no flaws that I could see. It has the appropriate markings on the rear - "Ba...
1d 7h 49m left
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Vintage lot!!! American Girl Sidepart legs loose some pin pricks, indented markings with Made in Japan, original swimsuit. Ponytail 4 not sure about hair body is TM, missing pinky fingers on both hand...
10h 2m left
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This item is being sold by eBay Top rated seller.
Includes: Vintage Brunette Ponytail Barbie doll, Outfit, Clear lid display box, Safe pearl earrings. Barbie has original black/brunette hair. Her original wrap restored with soft bottom curls.
5d 5h 15m left
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No nose nip, neck split for green ear. Her bangs are very curly and it appears the ponytail has been cut because her hair is in a bun ( not sure if this was a factory style doll or not).
1d 8h 39m left
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Barbie only bodies. #4 solid body TM pretty pale color!
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They all had original earrings in ears. Perhaps someone can fix this, I hope. Especially the beautiful Titian bubble. Her ears are green too! Vintage #4 Ponytail Barbie jet black Raven hair Barbie TM ...
1d 10h 4m left
13 bids
Vintage Barbie Ponytail #4 - Blonde. This Vintage Ponytail #4 has a heavy, solid Barbie body. She has the look/face of a number #3 but she's not faded. She does seem a little lighter than my other #4'...
13h 19m left
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her rear end says Barbie only. Her one arms swings slightly in the down position, but holds does hold a pose if lifted. Check my other listings this week for more vintage doll items.
1d 23h 27m left
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Here is a nice barbie body. It has no missing toes/fingers and the limbs are not loose and swingy. The body is the heavier barbie only TM body. This body does have play wear and could use a gentle cle...
6d 8h 35m left
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Original Box, Round pedestal stand, Booklet, suit OTs
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1958 Vintage #4 Ponytail Barbie jet black Raven hair. Barbie TM on her bum, solid body is near mint...gorgeous. Her original earrings are in her ears. Her earrings still contain some of the original l...
2d 1h 10m left
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I have to call her an OOAK but she doesn't seem like one, she has the solid body which is in great condition for being over fifty years old, has all her fingers and toes, no green ear, her hair has be...
6d 4h 30m left
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Hair: Brunette. No missing plugs and no trims. The ponytail has been retied. Markings: Barbie T.M./Pats Pend MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc./Right foot marked Japan. This is the correct solid body for the #4 ...
2d 23h 58m left
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This lovely doll is from my personal collection. She is a vintage #4 blonde ponytail Barbie. I sent her out to have her restored so her make up is gorgeous and her toe nail and finger nail polish are ...
3d 7h 1m left
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This Vintage Ponytail #4 has a heavy, solid Barbie body. Her hair has been washed and restyled in its original set. Her ponytail is shorter than it originally was, but still looks nice.
14h 36m left
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TLC #3 blond Ponytail Barbie head with hair cut, no brows and lip touch up. Blue eye shadow and eyes are original and so pretty. TLC #4 raven ponytail Barbie head with nose nip. Ouch, and touch up.
4d 4h 59m left
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This item is being sold by eBay Top rated seller.
Lips possibly repainted, but no brush strokes visible using a magnifying glass! Oak Leaf Collectibles / Your Old Friends Doll Shop. If you order multiple items, please do not pay until we send you a c...
5d 7h 46m left
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You are bidding on a vintage all original number 4 Blonde Barbie , box, pedestal stand, glasses, black open toe shoes, and BW swimsuit.
8h 15m left
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Fabulous!!! Very Hard to Find, braided vintage Brunette #4 Barbie, which appears to be the nipple body.
29d 2h 58m left
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She’s dressed in a vintage GOLDEN GIRL #911 metallic brocade sheath. The zipper is intact and functional. Hems are great. The dress has original tag and the YKK zipper.
5d 22h 39m left
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2d 15h 50m left
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I'm selling my Barbie #4 and 2 1962 Midge dolls! With the Barbie you get a HUGE lot of Barbie, Midge and Ken accessories.
9d 7h 21m left
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This item is being sold by eBay Top rated seller.
Description: All Original Blond #4 Ponytail with an attached PURPLE wrist tag! Who knew there was such a thing? A number 4 with a wrist tag. This must be the earliest known wrist tag, and a truly rare...
11d 7h 6m left
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TM - Hard body
Barbie is in perfect condition, hands and nails, feet, face, body. Her hair has been 'gone thru' (is NOT in original mat).
8d 3h 13m left
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From Singapore
Notes: Doll still retains red nails polish colours, except feet's have little red nail polish colours. This beautiful blonde Barbie needs a loving home! She needs someone who will love and appreciate ...
7d 17h 25m left
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1950'S VINTAGE BARBIE PONYTAIL DOLL PATENT PENDING NO GREEN EAR (#lot 10r) #4. There are alot of barbies on ebay that have green ear and i would advise to stay away from green ear barbies, itsl like b...
4d 2h 10m left
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