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About USB Charger Cables

One of the joys of living with a family that loves technology is the number of different devices that fill your home. It does not take long before you realize that each device needs its own USB charger cable because every manufacturer uses a different type of connector. A universal USB charger cable solves this problem because it comes with several interchangeable connectors so you can be sure that you always the right charger for your phone, tablet, or e-reader on hand. A USB multi charger cable plugs into a single USB port, but the cable branches into several different connectors, making it possible to charge multiple devices while only using one USB port. Fortunately, sellers on eBay offer a variety of mobile parts and accessories so you can always find a USB charger cable for your mobile device, even if it is older and discontinued. You never have to worry about running out of battery juice when you keep a USB charger cable in your home and vehicle.