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About US Air Force Collectibles

One of the benefits of U.S. military service, whether with the Army, Navy, or the U.S. Air Force, is that housing, meals, and clothing is covered for enlisted members, so they can focus on the mission instead of worrying about their day-to-day needs. It is a tough job with not much pay, but members are given an allowance to purchase their U.S. Air Force uniform items as they need and see fit. One way to make this allowance stretch is to purchase gently used uniform items on eBay. This is one way to get non-standard issue items, like the mess dress uniform, which is the "tuxedo" equivalent for military uniforms, worn for formal occasions, such as weddings and dining ins/dining outs. If your days in the wild blue yonder are behind you, U.S. Air Force patches and insignia are a great way to show your pride and loyalty to your squadron. No matter how many years have passed, reliable sellers carry patches for nearly every squadron and wing. Military style uniforms are often popular for fashion wear, too, but keep in mind that wearing insignia of rank or rating on U.S. Air Force gear without being entitled to it is not just disrespectful, it is also illegal according to U.S. codes. Remember to remove all rank and badges from any used military gear that you purchase, so you can enjoy your new camos or bomber jacket in confidence.

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